Episode 60 - Pet Birds the Best Worst Pet
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Episode 60 – Pet Birds the Best Worst Pet

Pet birds are a tortuous experience. I discuss this in today’s podcast. Parrots, to parakeets, conures, any bird that people keep as pets are miserable and I talk about it in this podcast. I had a pet bird, actually a couple over the years. My aunt bred birds and regretted it till the day she died.

Parrots are an amazing animal that has a spectacular life in the wild, but domesticating them means taking their greatest freedom away. We clip their wings, cage, and confine them and then wonder why they are miserable. They scream and bite and people don’t understand. I talk about the life of my bird Ryu and how sad I felt for her almost every day I looked at her.

Please listen to this podcast if you’re thinking about getting a pet bird. You know my thing is dogs, but I care about all animals and love to help out people who have a sense of caring.

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30 Thoughts to “Episode 60 – Pet Birds the Best Worst Pet”

  1. terrierized

    Yes this is rather complex. I’ve always kept dogs and mostly believe they choose to stay with me Although if the door blew down who knows… Dogs in modern times only know domestication, they’re kept in crates and yards, and we decide everything for them Therefore they are essentially stuck with us whether they like it or not. Just like clipping wings, and fishbowls, even humans are constricted in many ways

  2. Blitznstitch2

    What’s your opinion on falconry? I have parrots. They are not a pet for most people. They are wild animals. They are loud and become attached. My birds fly. I don’t clip their wings. My quacker is bonded to me, she is standing underneath me right now snuggling with me and making kiss sounds. My bird can literally fly anywhere in my house but chooses to be with me.

  3. Jacqueline O

    In tears. My sister has always had birds. Always saddened me to their lack of freedom, what a bird is all about, what I aspired to. Thanks for this video. Going to forward to my sister. 🙏🏼

  4. BJ Bumblebee

    All I can say is Amen!

  5. Magearon

    I had a parakeet as a kid. One of the biggest regrets of my life. Bought it from PetSmart, so it was basically doomed from the start.
    I live in Michigan and once we moved into a new house, I unknowingly put it in a room with bad insulation. The bird got too cold first night of winter weather and died. R.I.P. Zing.

  6. Claire Abbott

    Watched this just as I am saving up for a parrot. How strange is that? It has made me pause for thought. I cannot disagree with anything you are saying. I admit I want to argue – I will be going to a breeder for a baby and have no intention of clipping its wings. But do you have to physically clip them – for them to be clipped all the same? Many thanks for sharing Robert and preventing me from making a mistake.

  7. Theodore Hyatt

    You need to know that in So America Macaw and other birds are killed regularly because they are considered a nonsense they also have different sections of the rain forest to live and we are cutting them down very soon they will be endangered and like Catalina and other hybrids don’t exist in the wild we have killed off so many animals for nothing it’s sickening

  8. Milena Taylor

    Holy smokes, this was one of the BEST animal related podcasts I have heard 👏🏽 …so many lessons. Robert, to me, no topic you ever wanna cover of off the table. I will listen!

  9. RaniaMoon

    I grew up with parakeets. They had total freedom around the apartment. They brought so much joy to our lifes. Still…. I couldn’t agree more. I would never own a bird as an adult. Its just cruel. I feel the same about all exotic animals. I have 3 cats now and we just got a German Shepherd puppy. She will be raised the Robert Cabral way. Thanks for everything you do!

  10. Deborah Anderson

    I couldnt agree more,breaks my heart.

  11. Jen Wicke

    Our pet birds are wild ringneck parrots that come to our feeder (up to 10 at times). It’s enough for us to see them in the wild and watch them with their social groups in the trees and at the feeder. They all have their own personality and are great to watch. I would never keep a bird in a cage. 🤙🏼🌺🦜

  12. Positive Pamela

    I’m sharing!👏💙

  13. CEE Cee Collins

    I have to agree with you 100% I’m soon to be turning 60 I have never been to a zoo, I have never been to sea world I have never been to a circus where they put chains around for elephants angles. And now that you got me started what about the poor carriage horses that go in 95° heat pulling a carriage

  14. BillyMadisonsShampoo

    I have 5 birds. Sun conure, two cockatiels, and 2 budgies. You should see my house, flying birds everywhere!!

  15. saramations

    Do a podcast on how outdoor cats is just a plain terrible idea and how we should stop letting our cats roam outside.

  16. Donald Dj

    Mr Robert, I loved this video…… Robert you never let us down ,You’re video’s keeps me interested ,focused and entertained, KEEP DOING GOD WORK!!!!!🙏

  17. Bruno

    Completely agree. I feel similarly with people keeping reptiles in small vivariums where they live their entire life basking on the same one branch or rock.

  18. Jeff K

    I had a cockatiel and I can definitely say he hated being in his cage. I think they are happy when out and interacting with their owner but they definitely are miserable when alone with nothing to do.

  19. Lisa Hopkins

    Captivity goes against nature

  20. Hector's Kmetija

    I have two canaries who have full access to the whole house. Rescue bunnies 4 have 160 square metres to live, 1 bunny has an acre. In my country the vast majority of people keep dogs on chains or in outside cages. They think I’m crazy for having dogs that can roam around outside with me, get taken for walks and live in my house. It is normal for households to raise pigs in small inside pens for meat. These highly intelligent creatures dont every get to run or see the light of day. I’m not a veggie but believe animals should have a good quality of life what ever their purpose. This includes putting an animal to sleep if it becomes too unwell or infirmed, don’t just keep it alive because we will miss it! That’s my rant done sorry!

  21. C B

    I absolutely agree. But, for the record, I rescued once a magpie and that bird, being so smart, flew everyday around the neighborhood and came back to eat/sleep at home. One day she didn’t come back and I hope she found a mate and was not captured by somebody. She was a lot of fun and knew her name. Again, I fully agree we should not keep as pets animals that are born to be free. I hate animal circus. As for zoos, I am not sure but I read that some zoos do some conservation work, and that would be good if it actually worked, which I don’t know for sure.

  22. Lillie Mooney Haven Henson

    So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘

  23. Jeje Wa

    So can you answer this question I did ask the RSPCA! Why is it ok to catch and release fish. I have no problem people catching fish to eat but cannot understand the cruelty of this ” sport” in Oz if I kick a dog I can be fined and even go to prison but to be unecessay cruel to fish is acceptable and seen on TV programs, Magazines, competition etc… I thought cruelty was cruelty regardless of the species.
    Oz= Australia

  24. Avican Training Academy

    all true

  25. Ron M

    I rescued a cockatoo 7 years ago that someone put in boarding and never came back for him. He was very depressed and had plucked his entire chest. He loved me instantly but would bite everyone else. He has a good life now but I agree 110% with you Robert. I believe it should be against the law to captivate birds. Very well said. I will give this bird the best life I can since the cycle has started but I wished the poor bird could have been free to fly. I clip his wings to protect him now because as you said he cannot survive on his own. Inconsiderate selfish humans.

  26. Settings Settings

    If i was the Prime Minister of Canada i would ban and shut down all zoos, ownership of exotic pets and sea worlds. how can we profit off the suffering of animals.

  27. Shannon Davidson

    You have so much depth. It makes me reflect of what kind of owner I am for my dog and what kind of person I am to people around me.

  28. Theodore Hyatt

    I have two Macaw and Cockatoo their wings aren’t clipped and their cages are open I have had them 20 years actually rescued the Cockatoo when it was only 6 months old because I was afraid of what would happen to him I have Bullies and Maligator we try to live together

  29. C D

    This was all so well said, everybody should see this

  30. alipetuniashow

    Your right it’s all about at least for me, when it comes to owning animals it’s about commitment, responsibility and knowledge.

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