Episode 56 - Dangerous Dogs and Tough Decisions as a Responsible Dog Owner
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Episode 56 – Dangerous Dogs and Tough Decisions as a Responsible Dog Owner

Dangerous dogs, dogs who bite or attack are hard to own.

People who try to undertake this task are often overwhelmed by the task and sometimes have to make some really difficult decisions that I don’t envy having to make.

In this podcast, I talk about these decisions and in particular one viewer who wrote me an email about it.

I share it with you in this video.

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21 Thoughts to “Episode 56 – Dangerous Dogs and Tough Decisions as a Responsible Dog Owner”

  1. Robert Cabral

    Join me at my Online Member Team:

  2. Donald Dj

    ROBERT, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE VIDEO…. Please do all about the DOG FIGHTS…. That would be the perfect video, I feel most people doesn’t know the history, it’s been going on since the 1800s, and even today on the News, GOD, DOGS, GUNS,

  3. Doug H. in VA

    own not won. Aggressive dogs have to be reviewed by a rehabber of troubled dogs

  4. Margaret Baker

    Thank you for this video. There are a lot of great dogs in shelter’s that need a family. I know this was a hard video to do, and even a harder decision for the couple to make.

  5. Tokage G

    Thank you deepest.

  6. Anita Culp

    God Bless you and them. I’ve had to do it and it hurts but it hurts worse if that dog hurt someone else.

  7. Phillip Leal

    The toughest decisions for animal to do whatever it maybe is your the voice, the aggressive ones were raised and don’t know better those are the ones I feel for

  8. Robbi B

    My heart was broken for this family. Excellent excellent video Robert! We’ve owned some wonderful Pit Bulls. Now we have Showline German Shepherds. The work and the responsibility is real…

  9. terrierized immortalized

    Tremendous respect and empathy for such courageous humans

  10. E Dounce

    What a good Podcast! Thanks a lot.

  11. Magearon

    I’m volunteering at a municipal shelter soon and I think watching your videos is really going to stop any illusions I have about the dogs. I want to be super realistic about each dog I come across and spend time with so that when I do adoption consultations (after I’m trained by the shelter of course) I can be really honest with the potential adopters. Hopefully my knowledge can help people pick the right dog for them!

  12. Lee Grass

    Why doesn’t the shelter know the dog IS aggressive? Do they know and don’t tell people??

  13. Eric Martinson

    WOW, extremely controversial but in my opinion 100% accurate this should be a mandatory listen to anyone anyone thinking they have fur babies that their dogs don’t bite and they can save the world sometimes you have to do the right thing may not be popular but in this country sometimes you have to do something unpopular to do the right thing.
    I asked this question what makes change happen??
    Good people doing the controversial or right thing and following through!!

  14. Doug H. in VA

    An owned dog is the responsibility of the owner. Any damage the dog does is the owner’s responsibility. If you are sued… a judge can order the dog destroyed and you still have a civil suit to deal with. You must get real help or take a very large risk.

  15. Maria H

    Thank you for your honesty, Robert. This brought tears to my eyes, very powerful. A year ago I adopted a male Lab-Hovawart-Mix (a Hovawart being a German Schutzhund breed) from a friend, because he cared for him very poorly. I was still vulnerable, because not long before I took him in, I lost my wonderful Golden lady at the age of 17. It literally broke my heart into a million pieces because she meant the world to me, so I thought I could help this dog and somehow myself as well. He came to me with several issues (brought up on a farm, no socializing whatsoever and my friend didn‘t do anything fun with him either): On and off leash aggression out of insecurity, lashing out at little kids (especially kids on skateboards, scooters…) and strangers, pretty strong prey drive, leash pulling, you name it… we worked through so many of his issues and he‘s turned out pretty great, *but* the biggest issue is still there… his lashing out at other dogs… here in Germany (Munich) it is so hard to find a balanced trainer, I really am at a loss, I‘m in desperate need for someone, who can help me with it. My current trainer just let him run off leash in the park yesterday and as soon as he saw another dog, there was nothing able to hold him back, he ran to this dog, knocked it down while making a big fuss and then almost happily turning around and coming back to us… it was like a drug addict, who got his shot and then could calm down, you know? I was so mad at my trainer for letting this happen, because I never want to put others (people and animals alike) in any kind of danger. Even though he‘s never bitten another dog (the dog yesterday was fine, too, but screamed in fear, of course!! This dog was with his elderly handler, who was so scared that something had happened to her dog – of course!! I would’ve been the same and felt so sorry for that lady) and is just this unacceptable in the first seconds of meeting a dog (after he‘s met the dog, he‘s totally fine with it… it‘s unbelievable), it‘s still something that bothers me to the core. I am so angry at my trainer for giving him the chance to do this yesterday, because it didn‘t help anybody.🤨 If you have any recommendation, Robert, I‘d be forever thankful for any advice. Of course I‘m a member as well, but unfortunately I couldn‘t find that much regarding insecure dogs with behavior issues (esp. aggression towards other dogs…) I don‘t want to give up on him, because we‘ve come so far, but I need a good trainer and here in Germany, it‘s almost impossible to find one, because the positive only trainers really seem to be on the rise.🤨 Your videos have improved our relationship in so many ways, but I think that for this particular issue, I need to have someone by my side to train him with me. So sad that you don’t live here 😉 (seriously, though🥴).


    Thank you for your great contributions: this is what I call social responsibility, you really use the social media for the benefit of both humans and other animals.

  17. kickn-aDead-cat

    My daughter got a rescue pit bull mix and it was about 2 months old. So basically a puppy. It grew up with my older lab she would be over the house 3 to 4 times a week. This went on for about a year or so. She moved away for another year and then came back. We can no longer put her dog in with mine because it constantly attacks him. She’s fine with her and her husband and now the new baby which worried me. But she’s wonderful with the baby. The baby is over a year now and the dog loves her. But can’t be around other dogs chickens or farm animals. And the only way my daughter can leave the house for a few days as if one of us goes over to take care of the dog. She brought her over her mother in law’s house which has a beautiful gentle but very big German shepherd. That of course she attacked the German shepherd which was more than able to defend herself. Goes to show you that without training even a dog raised from a puppy can turn out aggressive. When no aggression was ever given to it.

  18. Perfect Weather

    Great video. I wish this was common knowledge. Thank you

  19. Roux Chat

    Thank goodness your sound advice got through to these good people. They are doing the right thing as sad and as difficult as it is.

  20. Jacqueline C

    love your podcasts!❤️

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