Episode 55 - Getting the Right Dog for You, Pet Dog Working Dog, Rescue Dog
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Episode 55 – Getting the Right Dog for You, Pet Dog Working Dog, Rescue Dog

When it comes time to choose a dog there are several things to consider.

What kind of dog is best for you? Not only the breed but the temperament, drive, and age of a dog.

Some people do well with purebreds from breeders, others may prefer a rescue dog.

In this podcast, we talk about a lot of issues – some tough choices and some bad ones as well.

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23 Thoughts to “Episode 55 – Getting the Right Dog for You, Pet Dog Working Dog, Rescue Dog”

  1. Robert Cabral

    Be sure to check my online dog training at:

  2. C F

    Just got myself an English bulldog. Having trouble with crate training, we had to resort to using a play pen instead but he still is getting bad separation anxiety. Defecating twice per night inside the pen, which we did make quite small to match his size. Besides that though he’s an absolute joy, very friendly and we have him already doing sit – come – down with your videos. No food aggression and thankfully he would rather sleep than bark at anything. ( unless he’s in that playpen of course!)
    Thanks for the great content, we and Winston appreciate it.

  3. Doug H. in VA

    Gary Wilkes insists to ‘get the best dog you can’ since every dog needs a home and training. Some breeds (working breed especially) are NOT for most folks since nearly no one knows how to do even basic command teaching. Very useful video to hear the truth that most folks refuse to hear.

  4. Sue Leigh

    You have so much wisdom. I’m relieved that I found this vid today that made me realize the mistake I was going to make. Thank you for helping me be realistic in time.🌻🌻

  5. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    So many people get the wrong dog. I am seeing loads of working line dogs being purchased as Pets. The owner can’t be bothered to train it. Then we have charging off lead/leash dogs running all over the place, no job, unfulfilled. Well said about high drive dogs. My girl needs hours of exercise and training every day. I love it but she’d be far to much for most people.
    Great topic Robert, thank you : )

  6. V I

    Such a good and needed topic. I took several years before I decided on getting a dog again and then thinking about what breed to get but still I didn’t know and understand it all. I love watching Goofy and your training videos.

  7. Magearon

    It seems like I’m seeing more and more pit bulls or reactive type dogs being listed as labrador mixes. It’s so misleading and can be dangerous if the wrong person gets this dog. I don’t like the fact that there are so many pit bulls in the shelter, but it doesn’t mean it’s okay to lie about them to get them adopted.

  8. debn n

    not suited to person andor lifestyle. My adult child is developing a free spirit lifestyle while shackilng me to her very large velcro dog. I am angry with her and annoyed with the relentless dog sitting and providing good for it as well .

  9. sepehr bagheri

    Thanks for this great video
    Im asking those who have dogs does having a dog mean NO TRAVELS?

  10. Aliasger Dahodwala

    You should definitely do a podcast with Joe Rogan.. It would be amazing

  11. Aliasger Dahodwala

    Keep up the Good work Sir.
    Love and Respect from India.

  12. LittleNinjai

    Another exceptional podcast. Thank you for all the lessons in this video. Would you consider doing a video or podcast and sharing all the socialization and training things you did with Maya to help get her to be the dog she is today?

  13. Virginia Pursley

    Thank you very much for your honesty, caring and insight. When we got Gretel from the shelter 8 years ago, they said she was a lab/german shepherd puppy who was 5 months old. Took her to the vet she was two months old. She turned out to be a short haired Newfoundland/german shepherd.

  14. Roux Chat

    This video should be mandatory for anyone wanting to get a dog. Thank you, Robert. LOL, what do I do in my day? Well, as soon as I wake up I get dressed and walk the dog (I’m a full time nomad so no yard). Then after our walk I feed him and the two cats. Only after that can I sit down to my morning cup of coffee. Throughout my entire day the needs and wellbeing of my pets is my priority. You have no idea how often I’ve declined to go somewhere or do some activity because of my pets.

  15. Derek Edwards

    Awesome podcast! Thank you for your honest, direct and no nonsense approach.

  16. Donald Dj

    Robert, Very well said 🐶….You’re videos are getting better and better you are glorifying God🙏…

  17. Jeannie patterson

    It seems the problems with dogs are the humans! The bad behavior of dogs are created by humans! Misinformation about dogs is from humans!

  18. Jeannie patterson

    I have four dogs right now, finding the right one is the hardest part. I have had several dogs in my lifetime. I have a 17 year old Chihuahua, a 12 year old Rottie, a 6 year old Rottie and a 2 year old GSD. I lost a 15 year old GSD that was devastating. I don’t know my favorite breed. I love all the breeds that I have had the privilege to work with.

  19. BJ Bumblebee

    Thank you for reinforcing structure, patience, balanced training, and every moment reinforcing the desired behavior. Sherman is 16 months old, just got his second years vaccinations and the vet staff asked if I could help with their gsd. He was well behaved with his vet and followed commands. Thank you for not candy coating training you are the best and so is my gsd. I am starting scent training now. Neighborhood kids love to watch me train him and I teach them how important structure and communication is with their pets

  20. SKPRD

    Great stuff Robert, nice of you to put the reactive/excited dogs bit as well. I was reading your mail again today and that has helped me a lot along with your video in the members section. 🙂

  21. WeeStrom CO Guy

    Insta like. I know it’s going to be good.


    getting a dog is like marrying and having children..

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