Episode 52 - Dog Sports for Any Dog - Robert Cabral Podcast
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Episode 52 – Dog Sports for Any Dog – Robert Cabral Podcast

Dog sports can be fun for almost any dog.

Regardless of age, breed, size, or ability, there really is a sport for almost any dog.

In this week’s podcast, I talk about MANY, but not ALL of the dog sports I’m familiar with including protection dog sports such as IPO, Mondio Ring, agility, AKC obedience, rally, dock diving, lure coursing, barn hunt, nose work, fly ball, herding and so many more.

If you really want to have fun and spend quality time with your dog, check out some of these dog sports.

photo courtesy: @Terralyx via Twenty20

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15 Thoughts to “Episode 52 – Dog Sports for Any Dog – Robert Cabral Podcast”

  1. Robert Cabral

    check my online dog training lessons at:

  2. Constance MacAllister

    I don’t eat animals, but lions do. You photo is beautiful!

  3. CEE Cee Collins

    I am trying to get into a protection club . My GSD is a year and a half old she has some protection training as a beginner .every club that I call they say I’m a beginner and I don’t have experience so therefore they are not interested in me. I am a hard worker both of my dogs are excellent in obedience on and off the leash I have 25 acres. But I don’t wanna do anything with his sleeve because I don’t know what I’m doing and I don’t wanna do the wrong thing with my dog. I’ve done all the training myself starting with a long line then to the prong collar and out to an E collar. I am extremely fair with my corrections. And your videos have helped me be a balanced trainer with my two girls. Just would like to take it further but it seems nobody wants to help. Is there a way I can find beginner clubs?

  4. stuckntrfk

    Looking forward to the PODCAST on RAW FEEDING. We’ve Raw Fed for over 7 years. Amazing results.

    Love the channel, love your work. We just found you! Added a new puppy on May 2nd and your tips are truly helpful beyond belief.

    Dog sports! We went to Schutzhund this weekend to see what it’s about. Next week is Obedience and then Canine Good Citizen and beyond,

  5. shreks other daughters

    Gteat photo

  6. M F

    Robert. I started watching your channel when you had Bound Angels when I rescued a Cairn Terrier that had all kind of food, cat, etc. aggression issues. I have followed your channel for years. Years later, I rescued a pit mix at 4 months and now at 4 years she has all of her trick titles and with plans to continue to compete in rally, agility and dock diving when Covid fears have blown over. Your channel has helped to give me the knowledge and confidence to think through what could have been a strong, fear aggressive dog into a talented dog that I am so proud to own.. As you can imagine, she took focused daily training. Recently, our county shelter got an underweight intact female Malinois age 3 that after spaying, has been a prefect fit into our home. She is now beautiful and has been amazingly fun to train. Thanks for all the tips for training, the breeds, and the mindsets. I would not have considered her otherwise. So many years of seeing you and Goofy helped me understand the beauty and intelligence that she posses.They are all three taking a nap at my feet as I just finished watching your episode 52 podcast. My little pack loves to learn, play and go places. We have fun no matter what we do.

  7. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    Love that you are open about who you are. We all have issues. I am a very flawed person and I think accepting it is the best way.
    I agree, doing what your dog enjoys is great. I got accused of “attacking ” a dog this morning lol. Err, nope, the usual Grenondale charged this morning and frankly I am fed up with it. I simply used spacial pressure to protect my Service Dog and told the other dog “No , Enough” and the dog has clearly never been told No. I saw lots of teeth and barking, owner never ever calls the dog. It backed down though. That behaviour is exactly what we get with positive only training , thats if any training is given at all…sigh.
    Zed could go all the way with Agility but my severe anxiety around other people stops that though. Feel I let Zed down sometimes because of this. Fly ball has a high injury rate due to the constant slamming of the front paws on the ball pad, which is why the dogs are bandaged. I wish people really understood how much stronger the bond is when you work with and teach your dogs new things. Coming up with new challenges is hard with a very smart dogs. Great topic Robert. Thank you : )

  8. nm moore

    Really appreciate your willingness to share training info, and your perspectives. Thanks

  9. BJ Bumblebee

    I need to find a group north of Seattle for Sherman. He loves to train and work and i love to work with him. He is 15 months . He learns so fast it is scary sometimes

  10. Xandra The Tibetan Mastiff

    I really want to do some scent work and nose work with X. Tibetan Mastiff’s don’t typically do such things but I think it would be really fun to try and explore.

  11. TVinson 2001

    What’s the best way to train a dog to NOT attack a smaller dog…?GSD vs Malichi

  12. Margaret Meaker

    Can u show us lure coursing.. please.
    Dogs . Used together with Falcons. Hunting purposes …

  13. shreks other daughters

    Kudo Robert

  14. Donald Dj

    MR Robert, You’re a great person,Great dog trainer Great mentor Great Man, your old school ,The way people should be. You’re Honest, Hard worker loyal, Sometimes you’re your worst enemy, try to please everybody. And you’re worried about what others think, look at your credentials your awards most of all your name………

  15. Margaret Meaker

    Mr perfectionist..lol. but that’s the way we know u
    And helps in dog training/.karate etc. And helping us with training our dogs.
    U are down to earth as well.. which is really super.. dont change..

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