EP 104 - The Most Dangerous Dogs on Earth with Kyle Schwab - ManStoppers

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EP 104 – The Most Dangerous Dogs on Earth with Kyle Schwab – ManStoppers

When it comes to the most dangerous dogs on earth there’s one name that comes to my mind, and that is my friend Kyle Schwab. He has been working with and rescuing Cane Corso, Neopolitan Mastiffs, Dogo Argentino, Presa Canarios and many more for a very long time.

In this chat we discuss the issues with these dogs including poor ownership, the dangers involved in owning and working with them and a host of other VERY interesting topics. Kyle and I have been friends for a long time, so this is a great chat between two friend that I think you’re gonna LOVE.

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89 Thoughts to “EP 104 – The Most Dangerous Dogs on Earth with Kyle Schwab – ManStoppers”

  1. Dan G.

    My APBT is a pet. My Bandog is a working dog. They are treated and trained very differently. Don’t buy a working line dog and expect it to make a good pet. I also happen to believe that dog parks are for companion animals. Under no circumstances should anyone bring an APBT or Corso to a dog park. All gladiator breeds are more than happy engage in combat even if they have never showed aggression in the past. Don’t put squares pegs in round holes.

  2. Brandon Dillon


  3. Gerd Berg

    People and their dogs are very frustrating , they are just so dense ….

  4. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    Couldn’t agree more about it being a people problem not a dog problem. Being strong willed is an essential with dogs in my humble opinion. Great chat guys, thank you .

  5. Cat Needham

    Can you all on your next collab talk about American Bullies? Every time I point out the Pit Bull’s function after a person or other animal’s mauling- and yes, just check out GoFundMe to see how much Pit on other dog aggression there is that has wreaked havoc- I usually get (besides the Nanny dog bullshit) that “it wasn’t a Pit Bull- it was an American Bully” 🦗🦗 Please dispel the fanciful notion that they aren’t materially *the same* Thanks. Great show. How do you feel about Filas on the Molosser tree? And Ps- I love Cane Corsi, but the most I could personally handle is a nice fluffy WGSL GSD Coatie 😂😳

  6. LittleNinjai

    I don’t like how that story ended with Kyle’s insurance paying that ahole $76K and then losing the contract to do his show??? Please at least tell me that ahole with the Great Dane got charged for assault with a weapon (leash across the woman’s face)? Doesn’t seem like justice was served, here.

  7. j w

    A true man’s topper should be a properly trained and balanced dog not a junk yard dog out of control

  8. Semper Fortis Jiu Jitsu

    I have rescued dogs for years of various breeds and I have found the English Bull Terrier aka Spuds McKenzie is by far the most difficult to train and very dog aggressive. I love my dogs but definitely wouldn’t recommend the breed to an inexperienced owner.

  9. LittleNinjai

    I have LOVED all your Lives, Steve, Avi, and so many others but wow this with with Kyle. He’s my hero. The world needs more dog people / advocates like you and the circles you run in.🇨🇦❤️

  10. Alex

    negative reinforcement? negative enforcement?

    he meant *punishment* surely?

    you should push back on this… for his own benefit, he might not know he’s confusing/conflating these things

  11. Semper Fortis Jiu Jitsu

    Great conversation and it was a joy to listen to. I agree with you two gentlemen. My dog is my friend and they sleep in the bed with me too.

  12. Eddy

    At 33:34 you said he shuts in one for protection, two for obedience, etc. I’m hoping to start working with Livestock Guardian dogs which have many similarities to what you’re talking about with Kyle. What is this assessment system and where can I learn about it? Google doesn’t understand my query.

  13. Terri Mallett

    Mollosers are hockey players. Herding breeds are ballerinas. Toys are…sprites. 🙂

  14. Michelle

    I agree about get a dog that fits the owner. In my case , Im very active with my dog. Hes’s with me all the time. Paid for professional training because I am a small person and up until a year ago I was awful when it came disciplining my 70 pound boxer / huskey ( he’s beautiful btw) : ). Racer is happy I learned how to be the leader. BUT it took money, time and a ton of doing the same thing over and over again.( Finally I stopped my constant coddling.)

  15. Rip Reinhold

    Excellent interview, Robert.

  16. Terri Mallett

    As a “positive” trainer, I agree 100% of what you both are saying here. “Positive” does NOT equal permissive. Also, I have also been called a
    ²treat Nazi” because of my über selective reinforcement. 🙂

  17. Prolific life

    I took in a Caucasian shepherd and a dogo there’s so many people that can do what hes doing🤔

  18. Agataannie

    Do you feel that the mislabeling of dogs has a role in the statistics that are put out in media ? The media calls everything w a blocky head a Pitbull. Very poorly bred American bullies ( blue hippos) do have some APBT in them but also multiple other breeds. When you combine that w breeding only for looks and $ , you get unstable dogs that can hurt people. I think , in my opinion, this is the main problem. People who can’t handle big strong dogs , and they are getting them from shelters, mislabeling them , and they’re unstable. So when a high anxiety situation arises, the dogs react in a violent manner, based on not being handled well and being unstable to begin with

  19. Kenny F. Rogers

    I could watch probably a couple more hours of you two talking. I’m just a wanna be trainer whose learned a TON from Robert. As a long time owner/rescuer of Great Danes, it is interesting to hear about the other breeds on the same branch(?) of the breed tree. Thanks!

  20. Tovya Weissberg

    This was great. May I suggest you reach out to Stephanie Obrien/ Stephanie Loucyn of Loucyn Belgian Malinois, DOGenius canine education and Stephanie_momobullz. Might make for some very interesting discussions, she breeds trains and handles dogs on complete opposite ends of the spectrum. I follow her Momobullz page and enjoyed listening to an interview someone did with her years ago.

  21. Cydp Palley

    What an informative conversation. One of the best I’ve watched with you Robert. I put this out on my Facebook page and sent it to my daughter who is house sitting a Cane Corso. The dog is huge while still a puppy. It concerns me. Thank you so very much for having this guest and for being so real and down to earth without any fluff. The world needs more caring, responsible dog lovers like you and your guest. Thank you for all you do. Wish you both a Happy Thanksgiving. I want to see your guest have his dream come true with his sanctuary. I’ll have to wait till the end of the program to see if there is somewhere we can support him in his dream. Thank you again

  22. Nikoloz Gomelauri

    Most dangerous dog english bull terrier? Wonder how can such a not very big dog be more dangerous then presa or american bulldog. Also most english bullterriers are very human friendly.
    Very interesting podcast 👍🏻

  23. HD Exterior Services

    I’m from the town the lady got killed with the 2 dogos

  24. D.S. Freimund

    Great video and informative. Its very weird to hear the Dogos Argen. are known as super dog aggressive. If I recall, they were originally partially breed to hunt in packs/work with other dogs..makes me wonder if something went seriously wrong with the breed and is sad to hear. Also really funny to me to hear the Mal whining in the background. I kept thinking it was my boy, but nope.

  25. Parker Brown-Nesbit

    We adopted a Belgian Malinois from a rescue. They had her listed as a German Shepherd/Husky mix (!). They really didn’t know her personality (she’s got several quirks, all of which would probably drive most people crazy).

    She’s got no prey drive (she ignores squirrels, birds, and cats).

  26. Karen Kamoske

    Two questions Robert. Unaltered was mentioned a few times. Does neutering make a difference in aggression? 8-month-old Lab and on the fence about this procedure in general, he is not aggressive. Second, you both mentioned no toys around the house. I am guilty of this; my Great Dane and Lab puppy play tug of war. Could you elaborate about no toys lying about. Thank you for your content, I watch your videos and have learned a lot. 60 yr dog lover and owner.

  27. Parker Brown-Nesbit

    I bred Border Collies with my grandfather, and my very first job was to socialise the puppies. We rarely let our dogs go before 12 weeks.

  28. Every day man

    I apologize for any of my previous comments on your other videos that were so direct as I now understand that you have to be careful and generalize everything. Absolutely love this video

  29. Zulema Zahir

    Wow what a great way to start my day. Thank you so much for this podcast Robert. Extremely interesting listen.

  30. Rob

    🙂 There is no science needed behind aversion to a leash. Name a single living thing that actually wants a rope tied around its neck ? 🤣 “leash reactivity” should be renamed “captivity reaction: 🤣

  31. Grimm Munro

    Really enjoyed this wonderful informative talk,thank you both.

  32. Howling Waters

    “NO!” is Positive Punishment/Correction- the + application of voice.
    Negative Punishment is removing(subtracting) something the dog desires, such as yourself or a favorite toy/stop playtime. It’s counter-intuitive🤔

  33. T J

    Well I enjoyed the discussion real talk no crap

  34. Howling Waters

    @Robert Cabral Stop dissing Cesar.
    Not having dogs on bed is cultural for some people.
    His practice of tiring a dog to quiet the mind has been very effective, especially with his death row dogs.
    He’s the *natural* .
    He may not be 6’+, but skills have been proven by his fruits.

    When pros disagree with Cesar,( he who won’t be named😁)they appear less professional and very very jealous.
    The guest does incorporate many of Cesar’s protocols, btw.

  35. Walter Lucchesi

    Hello Robert I am a listener long term… what do you think about the modern tendency, certainly in the UK, to mellow the behaviour of all breeds, with breeding out traits and also neutering.. so you basically have the possibility to have a Corso or a Rottie but they all behave like Boxers or labs, I guess the main idea is that dogs should be like good citizens and “behave nice”.. because they always tell you “is not the dog is you” like genetics does not exist… from centuries of breeding Corsos or Rotties . I think is a shame to take the characters of dogs but is clearly happening.. A Rottie that wags at everybody or a Corso that run to people to lick them. You end up with an appearance but no character..

  36. kev Leafy

    The black and white thing is interesting… my akitas I kept in the past hated people with dark hoodys with goods up.. I mean Bella would go full blown defensive and protect mode if someone was close with hoods up or face hid. I wonder if that was anything yo do with the black and white thing.

  37. armour2king

    May I ask you why do you say that British Staffies are the most dangerous? In United Kingdom they are very popular and very rarely to bite.

  38. bby cherub •

    15:40 a Chihuahua actually ripped a woman’s eyelid off and a Pomeranian mauled an infant to death, they can cause damage, they’re just let off.

  39. Julie Cho

    I’m that 1% that has a zero aggression Cane Corso, intact, male, 150lbs, 18 months old. Hope he stays that way. We are working with the top IPO trainer in western Canada. Even though his temperament is soft, we still are aware of the potential risks because if his power. He’s the first Corso my trainer likes, and he has trained many.

  40. Kim D

    To hear the statistics about the Cane Corso makes me sad. I love these dogs and they’re so amazing but they should be respected.

  41. ErrGoWeGo

    Thank you! this was so informative and an amazing podcast! I passed it along to a friend…

  42. Carol Chartier

    Great video. I learned a lot

  43. Arnas Michailovas

    This podcast is a definition of dog love.

  44. claudia gt

    You keep refering to cesar millan on ur podcast without saying the name. Why dont you invite him?

  45. Jun Ahn

    There is a popular YouTube channel of a Frenchie whose whole thing is howling uncontrollably. It comes off as cute, but I always thought it was encouraging problematic behavior.

  46. Jo Grace Hart

    Wow! Such good information and love of dogs! I follow Robert and I’m so glad to hear Kyle’s input! So helpful, insightful and intelligent!

  47. mike stevens

    To me, the most challenging aspect of this sort of dog is the type of individual who is commonly interested in having such a dog. I’ve noticed a sense of “macho”, where the owner seeks to use the dog as a weapon, or form of intimidation. Sadly this personality type doesn’t tend to be the consistent, diligent, disciplined, thoughtful personality type required to successfully manage such a dog. This is of course a generalization, but the results of the trend I see can be horrific.

  48. Joyful Dog Services

    Such a great podcast.

    This is almost therapeutic for me to listen to. You are both so empathetic, honest, raw…I love the no judgment, I love how you support anyone in a profession regardless of a piece of paper, I love how I am not the only one who’s been attacked by a dog and seeing someone thrive and get even stronger from it. I love how you talk about anxiety/mental health, and show how it doesn’t need to hinder your success in this industry.

    We need more of both of you not just in the dog training world, but in everyday life to dilute the toxic people and the ones who say these things make us weaker.

    I’ll be listening to this on repeat for sure.

  49. Gerd Berg

    Those jack Russells are something else , they tough ,and they are wicked little killers

  50. BL BrightLights

    Cane corso are very agile but hey seem to be breeding them where they might lose that power to jump as high.

  51. Gerd Berg

    Usually I let my dog drag a 15 foot light lead . Most of the time I don’t have to hold it

  52. Gerd Berg

    Makeup videos………nice

  53. Gerd Berg

    OMG THE DAMN HYPERDOODLES. That is what I am going to call them from now on

  54. Tokage G

    Thank you this is extremely important content.💯

  55. Sam

    Wait one second, there are pitbull bites and killings several times a month. Killings are around 2 a month. Kyle meeds to get off of tik tok and back to watching the news. If he wants i can send him the links

  56. BL BrightLights

    Do you think the breed cane corso has changed recently?

  57. TB

    Thanks Robert!

    The idea that “it’s always the owner” is creating half of generation of naive and dangerous people and another traumatized by being severely attacked, either their pets of themselves.

    Severity correlates with breeds. Any idiot can get any dog! It is a dangerous to themselves or to their community.

    The average family don’t have the time and effort and resources to deal with a powerful dog.

    Please, speak out!

  58. Max&Ruby

    My male 180lb Newfie was attacked by a female lab retriever
    Never expected that

  59. KallyToons Studios

    35:16 – Hyenas aren’t dogs, they’re own kind of animal that are more closely related to cats.

  60. Jessica Byland

    Very strong ending to a wonderful topic. Thank you both very much for sharing your experiences

  61. Kris Pendleton

    My goldendoodle has a high drive for cuddles and frisbees. Perfect.

  62. Mich T

    I have a rescue that does not bark when about to strike and does not make a noise when she goes after a barking dog that is charging towards her. The only sign I see is her posture change. No hackles raised, no tail propped up. Just silence. She is getting better at moving past non threats like small dogs aggressively barking and snapping at a fence, but still wants a go at them. Working constantly with her. Next step will be a trainer to see if she can be less explosive.

  63. Jeannie patterson

    I have raised 5 Rotties and know my limitations I would not own a Cane.

  64. BL BrightLights

    Our alpha girl cane corso died aged 14 yrs old and she held her position from about 18 mths on.

  65. Ali_thestaff

    The dopamine I’ve received watching this video. What a great thing to listen to while walking my boy

  66. Kanarks

    Good advice ! these molossers can’t be owned by a first timer but yes start with an Alsatian ! And yes redirection is serious, especially when doing defensive work, your fur baby that you said will never bite me, will take fingers off if you do not know what your doing!

  67. Chikyu skin care

    One of your best podcasts! I wish this podcast could be on every dog channel and every social media channel, so people can understand the importance of fully understanding a breed of a dog before getting one. Too many people love the “idea” of owning a dog, but have no clue about the breed and they end up in shelters. When I purchased my first GSD, I hired a trainer to train me as to how to train my GSD. I remember him telling me that if I don’t step up to the plate and do the work consistently, my dog will overpower me. To date, it was the best decision I ever made. He is an amazing dog. It paid off and 4 years later, I adopted a female Mal/GSD to join the pack and implemented the same training techniques (along with Robert’s techniques.) Training cannot be emphasized enough and I agree, dogs enhance your life. Mine certainly do and I learn from the daily. They are truly the best companions.

  68. BL BrightLights

    Fabulous and very interesting interview. We owned 2 cane Corsos they were the most lovely souls.we miss them everyday.

  69. Sam

    Thank you, gentlemen this is required watching!

  70. Rahmaan realisation

    This might sound strange, but spoiling a child and a dog is the worst thing we can do to the living creation. Western society is materially delusional. Choose what you can physically and emotionally handle! Natural obedience is key, as explained by Kyle.

  71. georg abi

    35:15 hyenas belong to the group of cats

  72. Jeremy Bullock

    This was great, please have Kyle back ASAP!

  73. Crystallightclarity

    Power breeds need a strong leader period! Me having a strong leader mentality saved my abused fearful GSD rescue. She was abused and dumped on a rez. She would have been put down or rehomed over and over until she was humanely euthanized. The thing is, I wouldn’t have blamed anybody because she was a MESS. I cried so many times alone in shower when I first got her at the end of the day. She is so obedient to me now, such a beautiful girl, fun, happy, smart and set to get her k9 good citizen at the end of December. After 7 months under my care she is more balanced every single day. 90% of the time I don’t even have to speak to correct her, she watches my facial expressions and body language because she is always looking to me, to my eyes for direction on what she’s supposed to be doing. Come for me if you want, I said what I said. I thank Robert for teaching me how to lead so I could teach her how to just be a good dog who doesn’t have to make scary decisions for herself. Positive only would have been a death sentence for my little lady.

  74. Monica Patterson

    Thank you Robert and Kyle, one of the best lives yet! 🐾

  75. Amazing Mazey Rottweiler

    Whenever you help someone for free, you can guarantee you will see them on FB enjoying a VERY VERY expensive holiday within a month, when you can’t afford heating and have not been on holiday for 10 years, lol. BUT, many of us (stupidly) keep doing it, as it’s worth it for the one dog and genuinely poor person you help 🙂


    What an awesome podcast guy’s, we breed manstoppers Bull and Mastiff Bandogges non brachysephalic in 🇨🇦 some breedings using ICCF European Corso. We actually prefer using good ole Mastiff blood tho. We are 5 generations in now and not too tight of breeding on purpose, also very clear to potential owner’s of the danger’s and risks we do not “sell” our dog’s, many are watching horse facilities, tow yards and exotic car dealers etc. Some are at doggy daycares and used to temperment test incoming dog’s we place our dogs individually and we do all the picks…We do place them in families as well that are very well informed and experienced and after they have been told the realities of a true bandogge. Keep fighting the good fight Robert and Thanks for the insight Kyle.

  77. Cruithin

    After losing my second Dobie and while waiting for my third, we looked after dogs to keep us busy as we had based our lifestyle on dogs. During that time we looked after two different Cane Corsos. One had been severely abused by the piece of garbage breeder. It took a lot of time and work to get her to trust us to where she felt comfortable with our family. When her owner returned to pick her up several days later, I was choking back the tears as was my daughter to see her leave. She was an intimidating looking dog. But once we gained her trust, she was amazing and we had quite the bond. I’ll always remember and miss her. And it’ll always anger me greatly thinking about these morons that abuse these dogs thinking they’re tough guys. I’d love to have that breeder in my karate class. I’d teach him a well deserved life lesson.

  78. Theodore Hyatt

    My Mother won’t allow me to have a dog on my bed .She passed away 20 years ago but that doesn’t matter

  79. Jay Son

    This guy is spouting unfounded and bunk science. There is no evidence for PSI of bite on dog breeds. That’s complete bunk. If you don’t believe me, find a research paper that proves it. Same thing with some dog breeds evolving from bears. He’s just completely speculating with no evidence whatsoever.

  80. Loretta Powell

    Strong willed dogs need strong willed owners. Perfect summary for a talk about potentially dangerous dogs. I miss my beautiful Presa, potentially dangerous, but truly gentle and affectionate because he felt safe and followed my lead.

  81. ReddogBigdaddy

    Another very educational video, thanks for posting it Robert. Great guest in Kyle.

  82. Wade Bradley

    I fell in love with the idea of having a Malinois. I’m thankful every day that I researched and found voices, including yours, and “settled” for our GSD. There are things I would do differently looking back, but given our lifestyle and family dynamic he was and is as much dog as we needed. After some training for all of us, he has made a great addition to our family of 8.

  83. Remy Overland

    A friend told me he wanted a Caucasian shepherd or a Cane Corso for protection. He said no one will be allowed to touch the dog until the dog is 18 months old. He wants the dog to bite anyone who touches him. I said “I’ll write to you in prison when your dog kills someone and you are charged for manslaughter or murder”

  84. Jeannie patterson

    I raise Rottweilers, my dogs are socialized, trained, and always on leash when in public! My dogs on three different occasions have been attacked by labs, I would not let my dogs go after the labs because I am NOT raising fighting dogs! To me the most dangerous dogs are the ones the owners have no control of or refuse to control! I used a stun gun on the labs to get them off my dogs. I also carry pepper spray. I AGREE 100% with both of these people!

  85. achsah kaleb

    I just listened to the intro and I am crying. God bless people like both of you. It takes very special breed of human to do what you do. I absolutely commend you for taking people like that out.

  86. Theodore Hyatt

    Thank you Kyle have only heard you speak for just minutes RESPECT

  87. Monica Patterson

    Amen to weak owners!

  88. NRB Relic

    I’ve rescued Mali’s for over twenty years. I have had 3 Mali’s and fostered 7 Mali’s….. I am with them 99% you can not get them and be gone 10 to 15 hours a day… if you do… DO NOT get a Mali…….!!!!

  89. grigore csongor

    It is such a painfull truth! Sadistic sociopaths sould not have the right to one dogs! My dog whas attacked by a dog whose oner is mentaly ill. My mum’ s dog died like that. We do have laws to prevent it but no one cares…..Horrible!

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