EP 103 - Dog Training Similarities, Differences and a Love for Dogs - Nino Drowaert

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EP 103 – Dog Training Similarities, Differences and a Love for Dogs – Nino Drowaert

Nino and I met at the IACP Conference in Sept 2022. We had several really great conversations and I thought sharing these with you would open your eyes about the similarities that dog trainers share and the passion that drives us.

So much of what you see on the Social media is trainers critiquing each other and tearing other trainers down. Nothing could be further from the truth when you get two passionate, professional dog trainers / dog lovers together. This conversation is a short glimpse into the chats we shared in Florida and I think it will be a breath of fresh air to all the crap you are so used to seeing online.

In this chat we talk about so many important topics, but the theme that runs throughout is “where is dog training and where is it heading?” We talk about the mindset, the personalities of dogs as well as dog trainers and the use of rewards and aversive in training. What has been the fallout thought the countries that ban the use of balanced training tools is also a huge topic we address about 1/2 way though the video.

Thanks Nino for a great chat, I look forward to the next one.

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28 Thoughts to “EP 103 – Dog Training Similarities, Differences and a Love for Dogs – Nino Drowaert”

  1. Annika

    Living in a country where these tools are forbidden I was always against them. I thought a prong and e collar was inhumane and animal abuse because of the one sided information we get! However, after listing to you Robert, Nino, Larry and other competent balanced trainers I’ve changed my opinion and I would use these tools on my dog if I was allowed, because I can see what good it can do. And, I can’t be the only one, so your knowledge has change my perception on these tools and I consider then ban here in Europe very unfortunate

  2. Vince King

    He’s very advanced and knows his stuff. I could listen to this guy all day long because he’s deep and looks at everything because its right and he makes sense.

  3. Vince King

    I think what ever works, as long as you don’t hurt the dog. Just have fun and enjoy your dog.

  4. Ruben Alvarez

    Does anyone have the link to the discussion you mention??

  5. Ruben Alvarez

    Alguien tiene el enlace del debate que menciona?

  6. Sami Torki

    1st understand Dogs are ‘Binary’ i.e. they move towards pleasure, away from pain and build your knowledge of training upwards from there. Learning complex details before the basics will confuse you. Just Learn, implement, learn, Implement… you need experience and feedback to research and improve

  7. LittleNinjai

    Great way to start the interview. Brilliant statement from Nino! Just love it. “How the hell did you think this Malinois was trained to apprehend Al Qaeda. I’m loving the cross pollination of trainers I respect.

  8. earth eclipse

    the lack of education on tool use is a big issue as well as the root cause of the problem i.e. reason for reaction fear/aggression.
    when I was being taught horse riding it was common for heavy-handed people to learn to ride without reins, they weren’t so reliant on them, those that had bad balance, tensed and bounced often had stirrups taken away to learn how to balance and centre themselves, results in incredible balance and light-handed riders. people to whip heavy weren’t allowed to ride with them.

  9. Gold Ridge Cognitive Canines

    Thank you Robert for the interview and thank you Nino for your words! It really is validating to hear everything you said, especially at 31:00 into it. I am a trainer with BPD from my childhood PTSD, and your words about parents and drivers is so on point! I was bummed I couldn’t make it to the Florida IACP Conference, but excited for next time!

  10. Garrett Hamilton

    We did really enjoy this Robert it was a great! podcast.

  11. patrick aschoff

    Robert, common sense talk. Many topics to just think about and self reflect. Well done.

  12. earth eclipse

    scientists always peer review and comment, it’s part of the science. Behavioural science is awash with experiments that don’t fit the species. as much as intelligence and cognition are interesting, we can look at the human world to find that intelligence and cognition are only part of the learning process, muscle memory is just as important, it can become instinct and just as you can’t teach neurodiverse persons of say ADHD and autism the same, you also can’t teach the neurotypical person the same way, rewards are pretty standard across the board and many animals will wait for the delay if they know there is a bigger reward.
    I also found out through many years with horses that the handler’s energy is just as important, training with both handler and animal works best when ‘personalities’ are compatible, just like any other relationship :).

  13. joda7771

    Never give up Nino! I’m sure we will get frustrated on the way but we in Europe must stand up for our opinion. Even if I am going to lose I will keep my head up. 💪🏻💪🏻

    Thank you Robert for sending this interview with Nino. ❤️

  14. Mark Mclherron

    In my opinion 1 of your best Guests yet.

  15. Colorado Adventure Club

    This is such a good listen!!! The psychology is real!!!

  16. Mel Zuber

    Sadly I can almost see many dog breeds inevitably just having to be banned as a result of all this nonsense. Which I understand is already an issue in some places.

  17. Rico4you

    Robert has an interview method to get the best from the guests! Awesome Podcast!

  18. Mike Mendez

    I wonder what these guys think of Susan Garrett’s work

  19. Faded Illusions

    Now that I’ve watched… Loved the episode. Two of my favorite professionals; so, was bound to be good.

  20. Pierre

    Took a few minutes to get rolling, Nino seemed to be reluctant at first to engage, but then quickly turned into a fascinating and in depth discussion – and a worrisome one for dogs (and the general public) if Nino’s prognostic as to what is coming down the line in the US is correct. One item I wasn’t clear on- in Belgium, are special forces/ police dog trainers held to the same ‘no force’ (no e-collar, no prong) training? If so, how is that not putting the public, the handlers, and even the bad guys in danger? And special forces will now have to engage with “ok in most circumstances” dogs? Hope that’s not the case! Lastly, Nino mentioned that many of the new Belgian dogs were just being sent back to Holland. What do they then do with them? Aren’t the Dutch under the same restrictions? Robert, if you have the opportunity to go more in depth on that particular aspect, I think it would not only be interesting, but would help people understand the consequences of where Europe, and possibly later the US, are heading. The public has greatly benefited in so many ways from advanced training with police, rescue, SF dogs, are we ready to step back 30 years and give most of that up?

  21. Charger Fan NY

    Astronauts are geniuses?? LMAO 🤣 🤣

    Astronauts are actors!! Duh.

  22. Cheri - Prey Drive Meats & Essentials4All

    This was great, Robert. Thank you. My favorite part is 12:54 – 14 min. This practical truth is priceless.👏

  23. Taoteh11

    Thanks. I’ll watch the whole interview when I got home.

  24. Amina Kemal

    I haven’t finished listening because I want to go back to it in pieces. I think for people listening and applying are two different things. It is difficult to apply when you have no one to correct you.

  25. Peter

    Great video great interview Dogs training.

  26. Faded Illusions

    Nino does some great work. Looking forward to watching this once I have the chance.

  27. Chelsea Meyers

    Watching…..half way through…this one is hard to watch. No disrespect I love your channel!!!

  28. Theodore Hyatt

    I would love to see him train Bullies and see how successful he is MALINOIS can make anyone look good

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