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Eliminate your dog’s bad behavior by unlocking their hidden intelligence

Every dog ​​- without exception – has a hidden intelligence in it. The key to eliminating bad behavior is to unlock this untapped resource with the right mental stimulation and training.

You may have heard of the idea “Neuroplasticity” in the human brain. It’s an established idea that has been extensively researched at Harvard and other leading universities. In other words, our brain is like soft plastic, always able to shape and change to learn new habits and behaviors.

Well, your dog’s brain is EXACTLY the same.

With proper mental stimulation and training, your dog’s brain will become more open and receptive to learning new information. Your dog will listen to you and better understand what you are saying to him. And when that happens, your dog’s bad behaviors go away as more desirable behaviors appear in their place.

So how can you unlock your dog’s hidden intelligence and use FUN to eliminate bad behavior?

Adrienne Farricelli, CPDT-KA Professional Certified Dog Trainer, has been helping people eliminate bad behavior in dogs and training well behaved, obedient, and loving pets … by showing them how to do them for more than a decade “hidden intelligence” in her dog.

Adrienne says that most dog training programs today do not involve your dog on a mental level and do not develop their intelligence. With enough mental stimulation, many problem behaviors simply melt away.

Most dog training programs fail you and your dog because they never address the root cause of your dog’s problem behavior. They just give you a cookie cutter technique to stop the biting, chewing, or barking – which is effective in the short term at best.

Many dog ​​training programs use outdated strength and dominance techniques. According to the latest research, this has not been shown to be. Adrienne’s methods are non-violent and gentle. They rely on the latest science in canine behavior research to create a strong bond between you and your dog and to create positive emotions in your dog as opposed to fearful ones and only reinforce desired behavior.

The end result is … Smarter dogs behave better and more obediently.

Adrienne is now making her training program available online!

If you properly stimulate your dog’s mind with a very specific series of games in Adrienne’s “Brain Training for Dogs” program …

• Your dog’s problem behavior may go away
• Your dog will behave better and be more obedient
• Your dog’s ability to learn will skyrocket
• Your dog’s temperament will improve
• Your bond with your dog will grow stronger
• Your dog’s health can improve

All of Adrienne’s knowledge of how to unleash your dog’s natural intelligence is now available on an online platform with over 21 games to improve obedience and behavior. It also gives you a huge library of information on how to change certain problem behaviors.

Here is a little insight into the online course “Brain Training for Dogs” …

MODULE 1 – PRE-SCHOOL: This is the basis for the entire course. Here your dog will learn how to use his incredible intelligence to obey your every command.

MODULE 2 – PRIMARY SCHOOL: After your dog has mastered basic training, it is time to hone their skills and use their senses to carry out your commands.

MODULE 3 – UNIVERSITY: Here your dog learns patience and impulse control.

MODULE 4 – UNIVERSITY: Here you playfully develop your dog’s motor skills and his ability to concentrate on your commands.

MODULE 5 – UNIVERSITY: This is where you develop your dog’s intelligence and patience. You will also focus on helping him with impulse control in order to become a better-behaved dog.

MODULE 6 – FINALIZATION: This is where your dog develops advanced motor skills and intelligence … to obey your commands.

MODULE 7 – EINSTEIN: Your dog is now at “genius level”. Why not impress your friends with your dog’s ability to stack rings, tidy up his toys, and even play the piano?

Ready to find out more? Click here!

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