ECollar Helps Dog Learn Obedience - Dog Training with Remote Collar

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ECollar Helps Dog Learn Obedience – Dog Training with Remote Collar

Please watch part on to this video here:

Introducing your dog to the ecollar will help them learn the tool and make training rewarding. The ecollar should not be used as punishment, instead it should help to build your communication and relationship with your dog. That is exactly what I will teach you in this short video.

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In this lesson we introduce Max the Akita to the ecollar in a fair and fun way. We play games and communicate with the ecollar and you’ll be amazed to see what a great training aid this tool can be.

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8 Thoughts to “ECollar Helps Dog Learn Obedience – Dog Training with Remote Collar”

  1. Ayako Saito

    Sorry, Robert, but what are you DOING?! LOL

  2. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    The full video is brilliant and will work wonders with Max. Great work done here Robert .

  3. Jill Marie

    For the first time ever I can actually say I can see how using an e-collar can be useful. Great video and thanks for sharing and opening up my eyes to the PROPER us of an e-collar. I have seen too many use them in a harsh manner that totally turned me off them, but you made it very clear how to use them the right way.

  4. Skeletor

    Last Max I trained was very stubborn! Lol

  5. Robert Cabral

    Check out all of my online dog training lesson on my site:

  6. Kevin Thorp

    Good video and interesting. I’ve been always quite unsure about e-collars cos of the folks of the force-free movement show videos of dogs being trained with e-collars showing bad body language, tailed tucked, panting out of stress and being afraid. But, here the dog has great body language. Tysm Robert

  7. Mark D' Costa

    If you had the sound box synched, explanation and understanding would have been a lot better. Just my 2 bit.

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