Dog leashes 

Dutchy Brand Pets Lovers Club Blue Dog Leashes for Large and Medium Dogs – Extra Heavy Duty Webbing – Padded Handle – 6 feet long and 1 inch wide


The Pets Lovers Club’s premium dog leash combines the practicality of a robust, heavy dog ​​leash with the added bonus of a flexible, comfortable handle.

Our dog leashes are designed for training.

Many experts agree 6-foot dog leash is the optimal length for training and walking. It’s long enough to leave the room but short enough for owners and dealers to stay in control.

Shopping for a medium to a large dog who loves to pull and chew? Our 2-ply leash is Harder than the average nylon line but lighter than leather or metal chains.

Leather attracts animals who like to chew, and chains can injure you or your dog. Our lines are strong but just light enough. This makes it suitable for a range of large animals that are susceptible to leadership, such as alpacas and horses!

SUPER STURDY DOG LEASH: This dog leash has a double-layer design.

This 2-layer design is a well-made leash that you have been looking for.

It is twice as robust as normal nylon lines. Its weight is much lighter than that of leather, rope, or chains.

As a result, many people even use this dog leash for their alpacas or horses.

Notable Comfortable Leash: The dog leash has a padded handle to protect your hands from being burned by carpets. If your dog is a puller you can instantly tell the difference between this leash and your old one.

At 6 feet in length, it is a good length to have absolute control of your dog.

BETTER THAN CASH BACK GUARANTEE: The Pets Lovers Club leash is manufactured and sold by a family company – Dutchy Brand.

If for any reason the leash is not working for you and your dog, contact us and receive a full refund – no questions asked.

You can choose to return the leash or donate it to a local dog rescue service. (Refunds only for items within 60 days of the purchase date).

BE MORE VISIBLE: This Pets Lovers Club leash is a light blue color that helps improve exposure.

People can find it easily, and it also makes owners and their pets safer while out for a walk.

A GREAT GIFT FOR DOG OWNERS: This leash comes in a lovely package that can be a great idea for a family birthday present.

You will be pleasantly surprised when you hold it in your hands.

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