Dogs with Behavior Issues

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Dogs with Behavior Issues

In these ask me anything videos I address three different viewers who have dogs with some kind of behavioral issue. From big dogs to little dogs, some dangerous and some just annoying.

Learn to train your dog and work with him early on, it will help solve many issues often before they begin.

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24 Thoughts to “Dogs with Behavior Issues”

  1. Laurie Cloonan

    As always, you give great advice. Thank you. I just had to socialize a 16 month old Rottweiler that was extremely aggressive toward children. I started with obedience. Then walked her to where the school buses dropped off kids, but before they came. After 2+ weeks I started taking her to the school bus stop while they were dropping off every other day. So, 3 days with noisy, boisterous children (M,W,F) and 4 days of quiet (S,T,TH,S) concentrated obedience in the exact same spot. After 1 week she didn’t react to the buses, noise or children. After 4 weeks she was wagging her tail and greeting the kids. After 6 weeks she sat by the front door and barked when it was time for the buses to start arriving. Yes, she got food treats for good behavior and corrections and/or commands for inappropriate behavior. She’s a wonderful dog that had zero socialization for 16 months. That doesn’t change in a day or a week. Patience, boundaries and consistency are the best gifts you can give to your dog.

  2. Vaughn Coolman

    a settee is a couch

  3. David Murphy

    sete is a couch robert here in ireland/europe lol

  4. Bilal A

    Would you possibly be able to talk more about how to properly correct your dog via scruffing of the neck area, signs to watch out for when doing it, and just more info in general? Thank you so much. I appreciate your videos!

  5. Birder Collie

    Some dogs don’t enjoy being touched and can actually find it really aversive. I wonder if the maltese just doesn’t like being handled and has started to associated humans with touch (being picked up), resulting in fear-aggression. It’s also possible the child has been picking the dog up or pulling its tail/ears/fur/etc and the dog is trying to create space. I’d also be worried about joint pain if the dog has previously enjoyed being touched.
    My dog quickly learned that if he came to my dad he was going to be touched or picked up. The difference is really clear in recall. My dog comes right to me but is very reluctant to go to dad.

  6. Lucas Longoria

    “Did u just get your son?” -Robert Cabral

  7. Christian Curcio

    German shepherds can be difficult to correct. Too firm of a hand can make his defensive drive kick in and he will challenge/ try to bite but with no corrections the dog will walk all over you. Ppl can really mess shepherds up if they don’t know what they’re doing. You have to be firm and fair and each one is a little different. Not a good beginner dog

  8. Indigo Moon

    A settee is the British word for couch or sofa, haha

  9. vip vip

    Great infos here again !
    I kind of love the multiple questions in today s video : ‘ ask me anything ‘.
    Normally, you do 1 question a day , which i think is sooooo nice , but i have to say that i likes today s video because you answered more than one question hihihi.
    Thank you Robert for being so amazing

  10. Veran Edits

    a settee is a european word for couch/sofa

  11. Fabiano Pina

    Robert, you probably know my name by now because I’m a huge fan and always ask a question but this time i really need your help or this dog will have a miserable time with his frustrated family. They are tired of being pulled around by this strong dog.
    Trying to give as much info as I can: 5 yr old lab mix.
    Trying to teach him to walk on a loose leash.
    Dog puts his head down and pulls forward moving to the next patch of grass. He is extremely interested in sniffing for other dogs scent. No interest in praise, treats, etc.
    After 30 minutes of allowing him to sniff for scent I started to attempt a heel.
    He comes to me for the treat and gets in the heel position but goes back to sniffing around as soon as I give him a treat.
    This dog has a high food drive.
    Keep in mind this is on every daily walk, twice daily.
    This is being done in an apartment complex, there are other dogs but he ignores them.
    Just puts his head down and forward marking his spots.
    Extremely smart dog i should add. Picked up the down comment on the second try!
    I have watched every video you have but no video addresses when the dog is on thus type of environment .
    Teaching him on an enclosed space is a breeze but I need to know what to do when he is out on his walks.
    Please please please help me.
    Thanks a lot, big fan

  12. Dusty Korpse

    I’d say be strong with your kid too, animals generally don’t react for no reason and kids on occasion can be mean or teasing. Have a long chat with your kid too.

  13. i7rs

    Namaste Robert!
    Can you please make a guide video and place the links to the videos in such a way that, we know the exact timeline of which training follows which according to puppy’s age to it’s adulthood? I know I am asking too much, but it would be of great help for everyone! Or even if you have some sort of book or guide video, which we can purchase it would be a great treasure for dog lovers! Especially for a person like me, as I am thinking to get my own first dog in around half a year time. It really would be of great help!

    I have been watching almost all of your videos, as much as I can and have been able to. Thank you for existing one YouTube space! Your insight and knowledge are timeless contribution!
    Thank you again from bottom of my heart! 🙂

    – Fellow Nepalese

  14. Veneficiis

    Hi Robert! I don’t think you’ve done a video on this from what I’ve seen and I’m curious: What do you think of PeTA? In the beginning I supported them but soon I realized how harmful and hypocritical their policies and campaigns actually are; what do you think of them?

  15. Hima Vijay

    I have a one- half year old labrador .He is too aggressive towards people .He used to bark at people who walks through the road and it is just annoying.He is loving and friendly towards us but he has got touch aggression…Can you pls help me?He is under socialized.

  16. Lynne H

    The dog is 3, the boy is 7, and a settee is a small couch or ottoman type thing. The kid probably did something inadvertently or deliberately to the dog. Don’t let that happen either!

  17. El Ly

    I knew I had the responsibility to train/correct my Whippet puppy from a young age b/c once she grew full-size the probability of her knocking someone down was high.

    In contrast, one my relatives Cavoodles is 9 and still jumps on people. He also runs around like a mad man barking when people arrive/leave the house, and has been known to steal food off the dining table on occasion. I’ve told them to correct his behaviour, but they just call him ‘cheeky’ and laugh it off.

    They’ve actually called my Whippet ‘boring’ which… I guess makes sense seeing as though they’re so used to their dog’s annoying behaviour!

  18. Kevin Mathew

    Hi Robert. My roommate’s aus shephard-doodle is reactive to dogs. I know corrections are at the first sign of reactivity, but she reacts to the sound of a collar. Should I be correcting for false alarms? Ie when she hears someone rustle with their keys she thinks it’s an incoming dog’s collar. Should I be correcting if she’s inside the house, never sees a dog but hears a dog walking on the street?

    Thanks in advance, I’ve learned so much from your videos over the past 6 months.

  19. Linda Andrews

    A settee is a soft/couch.

  20. Marea Miller

    My dog used to bark when I was around, it was kind of an alert. As long as I “handle the situation” and greet the incoming people, he won’t even get up. If he thinks someone is coming and that I missed it, he gets really loud. I’m sure Roberts’ answer is better, but it worked for me 🙂

  21. Swann Reid

    A Maltese bit my girls lip off🤪 Thanks for the info 👍

  22. Karen North

    It’s amazing to me how many people don’t realize how far structure takes you. It’s with children and pets. You’re awesome. Love your videos.

  23. Janice Ng

    Yay first to comment! 😀 Love your videos <3

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