Dogs Make Life Better - Episode 68
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Dogs Make Life Better – Episode 68

Dogs make life better, that’s the topic of today’s podcast.

With all the strife in society – both politically and through social media, I want to talk about what makes life better – DOGS!

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What we love about them and how they can help us through tough times.

I want to share with you some of my struggles and how my dogs have made it better for me.

Currently with people scared about COVID and the unrest in society I want to share with you how time with your dogs can change your perspective and make life so much better.

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41 Thoughts to “Dogs Make Life Better – Episode 68”

  1. Robert Cabral

    Be sure to check out my online dog training:

  2. sioumurphy

    Robert, I lost my dog a few months ago and I don’t know if I am ready to get another dog. When would I know? Still grieving deeply

  3. Edgar Froes

    Thanks for remembering me of what’s really important.

  4. Charity Blackwell

    Yes. This is a pawsome episode. 🙂

  5. MarionWante

    I’ve had a dog from the day I was born, I grew up with a small poodle. When I left home I got 2 small rescue dogs. When they died I got Malinois crossbreeds from the shelter. Currently we have 2 small rescue dogs and 2 Malinois (1 from working line and 1 from a showline). I love them all for their specific characters and they all adore us and are the reason for a lot of fun every day, no matter what else happens in the world.
    When I train with the working dog I forget all my worries. Right now I am laying on the couch with the other Malinois curled up against me. Life is zo much better with dogs!
    When we get really old we plan to take in senior rescue dogs, especially the ones that already spent a long time in the shelter. There will always be dogs in our lives, we cannot Imagine out lives without them.

  6. Brosev the Dog

    “Dogs make life better” 💯

  7. Wojtek Kobylecki

    It was good to listen to you! I never thought about this in that way 🐕.

  8. Jenny Day

    Such wise and powerful words! What an amazing podcast! Thank you Robert! This definitely helps tremendously!

  9. chuck earles

    Mainstream media does it’s best to give the worst it can offer. People need to refuse to give them time in our lives.

  10. Caffeine Fuelled

    I wish I could get a dog, Ive not had one in over 10 years I feel like I can not get a dog while my mums so sick. She keeps telling me get a dog youll need it when Im gone.. but hows a dog going to help its one extra thing to take care of while I’m going to be struggling to take care of myself? Idk what do you think internet? My mums my only family so its hard to think I should take on something like a dog when Im going to be dealing with everything on my own.

  11. Granny Gear

    I have been involved with dogs from since an infant. Showed for a short time, obedience CD and one husky CDX. Worked for vet hospitals 15 years. Used to run a sled dog team,and had my own pet sitting business 20yrs retired end of 2019. I have three rescues, all so different: one is white blue eyed husky therapy dog, one husky/Malinois an agility dog and a lab trick dog. My life is joy even with a divided mess politically. True love for sure. We humans can learn a lot from dogs, and vice versa. Don’t sweat the small things.

  12. brachoradialis

    And sometimes dogs make life matter.

  13. Garry Potter

    Amazing talk Sir, I felt that you were talking directly to me. You nailed it! What a perfect common denominator to bring us together, our dogs. You made my day. You speak on a very grounded common sense level that helps a great deal. Our dogs help us tremendously, and we owe it to them to return that help and devotion. Thank you again Robert.

  14. Donald Dj

    Mr. Robert, We Need u at these times, you would be a great motivation speaker touring around the World helping people and dogs? Do you realize you’re saving people‘s lives and dogs at the same time your God gift angel

  15. Marea Miller

    Such a perfect message for me today.

    I’ve always had mutts, and my older dog is starting to show his age. I find myself crying too often because of what will happen and I keep trying to remind myself not to borrow sorrow from tomorrow, but it’s hard.

    My younger dog and I have taken up Agility because she is good at it. But I keep find myself trying to figure out how to tell if another dog might be good at it, and stressing out…

    Such a good reminder- I always appreciate your wisdom

  16. Dayla Simeone

    My husband and I waited until our kids were grown before we got a dog so we could dedicate our time to him. Our GSD is turning one this month and we never knew how much was missing from our lives until we got our pup. He has brought such joy. Lot of work but it has been so fulfilling

  17. Doug H. in VA

    Dogs are the creation of Man tens of thousands of years in our past. They are ‘lower animals’ and cannot be like people or even apes… they are closer to wolves and coyotes and foxes. Taking a dog for training classes to completion is what nearly NO owner does, and the reasons are simple: lack of commitment and thinking about the person and not the dog.

  18. steel talon

    Robert, I fought in three wars in my military career. Got my German Shepherd a few months ago and she brings so much joy to my life. I can hardly believe how she is always happy and ready for more. She helps me get up everyday.

  19. Karen Kuns

    Very good message. Thank you.

  20. matthew taylor

    This was an amazing podcast. Very well said and i didnt realize how badly I needed to hear it.

  21. Simon Angelus

    Hi Mr Cabral great episode much love and respect from South Africa 🇿🇦

  22. Victoria Smith

    Thank you Robert for this video.
    We have a two year old had and we have been watching, learning and practicing your videos.
    Ozzy is a calm, happy gsd, whose good with dogs, but I still feel inadequate as an owner, I have no confidence in my ability when walking Ozzy, I feel that my lesson to learn from Ozzy is to be confident and not to feel like everyone’s better than me.
    Thanks again for all your advice.

  23. Darrow Richardson

    Thanks Robert; I needed this today. Thanks again.

  24. Bluesky

    Robert Carbal: Trainer, Fighter, Psychologist 😀 and day is better.

  25. Tufan Oncel

    Like many times before you are a translator to my exact feelings and I appreciate you for your love for your dogs about Janet about life in general thank you Robert

  26. Milena Taylor

    Damn, Robert… that was some real talk. I really appreciate you. I don’t think my husband and daughter understand the LOVE I feel for my dog. That oxytocin you’re talking about… I feel it bursting out of me when I hug my dog.

  27. oliver warmflash

    Thank god for you Robert!

  28. L. Lewis

    I don’t need anything to make me feel old; I AM old!! But I’m not dead. I’m also fat and disabled. I live alone; don’t smoke, drink or do drugs. I’m one of the most boring people I know but I love my dog. He gets me up in the mornings and outside. DOGS RULE! 🎉💕😁

  29. Shane Wright

    Great podcast Robert, respect your honesty and advice, got GSD pup he’s 7 months now and daft but a great friend.

  30. R E Malm

    … Robert, that’s by design. Thank you for the pleasant diversion. …

  31. Mister10 X

    One of the few Living Legends in our broken world. God Bless

  32. Charlie Rosenthal

    Roberts Cabral’s Real Talk.

  33. elloimandrea

    They have unconditional love for us! They’re amazing! Great podcast (:

  34. Sally Lee

    Thanks for reminding us to not take our dogs for granted. I admit sometimes I am working and will get annoyed with my dogs when they want to play. But this reminds me that we only have so long with them and to cherish all these moments.

  35. Kathleen Murphy

    The new website layout is fantastic! I’m a member and struggled a bit with the old one. Now it is super organized and engaging!! Thank you!!!

  36. Zino A

    Hi ur right, thanks, in this lockdown it’s only my malinois who can make me happy 😃

  37. B Johnson

    Great video! Thank you! You are absolutely correct. I have a dog and she makes my life SO much better. She reminds me of what is important! Hugs to you and your family of fur and flesh!

  38. Wojtek Logan

    Great speech. Greetings form Poland. Take care Robert!;)

  39. Judith Grossman

    First video of my day. I would not survive all of this without my lab and boxer. Thanks for everything you do for dog lovers and their dogs.

  40. sue smith

    Dogs are always the answer to our problems! 💗🐕 They never judge, always there for you and don’t care what you own or look like.

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