Dogs in the News - Episode 38 - Robert Cabral Dog Training Podcast

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Dogs in the News – Episode 38 – Robert Cabral Dog Training Podcast

In this podcast we talk about PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk’s dog walking advice, the dog that killed a homeless man and the child that was mauled by 2 family dogs. Also some other interesting news stories as well as viewer questions.

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22 Thoughts to “Dogs in the News – Episode 38 – Robert Cabral Dog Training Podcast”

  1. surfer 44

    Not related to this vid, but what treats do you carry for training?

  2. tama yeager gibson

    toy animals not allowed to have anatomically correct “willys” while TOY DOLLS have willys, AND MAKE UP! AHHH AMERICA! smfh

  3. JM Marshall

    Your passion for righteousness is inspiring! Do you recommend any kind of defense weapon to use to protect our dogs while walking?

  4. terrierized immortalized

    Pit bulls do this time and time again When will we end this madness??

  5. Tony DiLorenzo

    Hi Rob Excellent podcast again, I think you need to make a book and sell it to people to read,call it a must read before you get a dog,there are so many people that think they can get a dog,and turn it into something it will never be,I think if it should be mandatory that a person that wants to own a dog should have to go an obedience class for 12 weeks min,without a dog and observe what takes place,and learn about the dogs.then I think they should read a book of yours,because you have been asked almost every question there is,maybe like the guy who does not know how to to teach the dog, and instead hit the dog,like you say some people should just not get dogs,I dont know people are idiots , I thing the dogs are pretty easily trainable,but humans are not,pretty sad

  6. Lil Dragon

    I don’t agree with everything you say, but I 100% agree with your no-nonsense calling a spade a spade way of thinking and speaking.

  7. elisa Tigon

    Hi Robert, could u talk more about the topic of ‘Arousal’ on dogs? There is a lot of misconceptions and lack of information about it. Many trainers like to point out the arousal is not always linked to sexual behavior, BUT they also never say that it also IS. Talking about taboo stuff….seems like nobody want to address the fact that many times the dog is practicing mating behavior, that nobody wants to address. Either because their ‘babies’ would never do it or ‘oh, he is just playing’.

  8. elisa Tigon

    Over 100k subscribers! Congrats, Robert!! 😀

  9. Beth Evans

    I remember the story about the woman who was killed by her own pack of Rottweilers while they were out on a walk. No witnesses.

  10. Beth Evans

    These stories about mauling are hard to hear. I agree that owners know characteristics of dogs and need to be held responsible.

  11. Richard Rybarczyk

    I agree with you about people or animals that mame or kill, both don’t deserve to live. Lately the stories I read about people just disgust me, don’t know what has happened to society. The mistreatment of dogs and cats go way beyond bad behavior, it’s barbaric, setting them on fire, cutting of a leg with some tool. God help us.

  12. Tesla Nick

    Don’t let them sniff ? Not sure I’m with you there…. Mine trail all over the place within their “social bubble”. They’re always “with me” on walks but then I specifically train my two to be at “liberty”without much supervision. My dogs spend a lot more time off lead than on lead.

  13. Tesla Nick

    Imagine being in a situation where you dog has killed someone’s pet or an actual person ? How would you live with that ?

    Plastic giraffe penis….. I’m dying…. omg….the HORROR….

  14. Protector K9

    Pro death penalty, meat eater, pro gun ; you are not going to make too many friends in california.

  15. Debbie Bart

    ROBERT, have you heard about the bonker. I have 2 online trainers that are my go-to you being at the top. Recently I cane across a trainer who uses the bonker. Your thoughts. After putting thought in to my question, I realize it was a stupid question, as it does require hitting your dog.

  16. Elizabeth White

    Great video, there isn’t much discussion on aggressive pitbulls out there

  17. Bonnie Blake

    People know if their dog is reactive/aggressive and when they take it out in the community they should be criminally and financially responsible

  18. Bonnie Blake

    LOL, this old lady nearly peed her pants after laughing so hard about the toys with penis. I am surprised if this woman has a dog she, that she would put pants on her dogs when walking down the street. Kids on farms see the real deal all their life on the farm

  19. rrr rrr

    Thank you, love your video, one day I will fly to your clinic

  20. Fabiano Pina

    Do you think it is a disservice to a dog to NOT neuter them?
    I ask because if a dog is constantly “horny” , does it take away from his joy of just walking or playing with his owner?
    Is the dog constantly “chasing tail” pun intended?

  21. natediesel165

    Robert, I’m a big fan of yours. Did you happen to watch Togo? I saw on a previous video you were worried about the movie’s portrayal of working sled dogs. Having watched it, I thought it was fair and showed Togo to be hero as a working dog, but emphasized he and other sled dogs are not ideal pets. What are your thoughts?

  22. Tunveer Mangat

    NoneYoBusiness lol it’s been 3 mins STOP LYING you haven’t listened to the whole thing

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