Dogs Can Catch You Even with a Bicycle!


Dogs Can Catch You Even with a Bicycle!


If a dog is going to attack you, he will catch you even if you run away on a .

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7 Thoughts to “Dogs Can Catch You Even with a Bicycle!”

  1. Dukolli


  2. Xena the Rottweiler

    The 3 dogs that will catch you easily (my opinion) is
    1 whippet
    2 saluki
    3. Italian greyhound
    Not in order

  3. Rose Garza

    False, I’ve out run a German Shepard on a bicycle.

  4. Xena the Rottweiler

    Lol dogs can catch you on a bike tell that to a Saint Bernard and a Newfoundland

  5. zodiac titan

    Love from india♥️

  6. zodiac titan


  7. BUSTED007

    Hi first cmnt

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