Dogs and the 4th of July Podcast Episode 53
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Dogs and the 4th of July Podcast Episode 53

Many dogs suffer on the 4th of July from the sounds and sights of fireworks. Today we talk about what we can do to help our dogs on the fourth of July, what causes our dogs so much stress on this holiday, and some overall behavior things to keep in mind for our dogs.

If you have a dog that is stressed on the 4th you will gain some valuable insights in this video. Remember that even a dog that is not. stressed at the 4th may at some point change and get stressed. I saw this in my German Shepherd Maya.

Help your dog better deal with the stress of fireworks with some of the tips in this video. I also address several viewer questions.

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25 Thoughts to “Dogs and the 4th of July Podcast Episode 53”

  1. Israel Shirk

    Absolutely 👍

    We’ve specifically trained for this and maintain it (SAR & working on FEMA disaster)… Our problem now is she get jazzed and wants to play and jump and run and watch. I do still need to get hearing protection for her though…

  2. Dani Tan

    Could you please aim the camera at that photo behind you?! It looks like an awesome photo but i can only see half of it .Crazy request I know! A dog and a zebra I believe?!😆😊

  3. Travelling Earthling

    Having done Shutzhund for many years, 4th of July and Halloween are my 2 favorite training days. 4th is for gunshots and misc sharp sudden noises. Conditioning is crucial. Halloween is for proper behavior at the front door, when guests arrive-enter-leave the house. Yes, there are dogs with the wrong temperament that will never be properly conditioned. It is best to know this early on and not submit them to unnecessarily stressful situations in the future. Not all dogs can be conditioned. All dogs can be trained and socialized, especially at the vet. Love the dog you have …. not the dog you want.

  4. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    The Video in your members section is a must see regarding correct e collar use. So nice to see one being used correctly and not killing the drive or stopping a dog from enjoying its game.
    I did the same with Zed. Brilliant demo Robert, Thank you : )

  5. Virginia Pursley

    Thank you very much. My shelter dog Hansel is TERRIFIED of fireworks. I am sure this will be helpful.

  6. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    Totally agree with you Robert. Fireworks are a nightmare. Here its November 5th. Well , meant to be , but goes on for 2/3 weeks. As you say, Dogs hearing exceeds ours by a long way. I agree , no sedation, no coddling . I put on a repeats tele channel and crank the sound up. Really wise advise . A Confident dog comes through training and giving structure . Thank you Robert . Say hi to Janet please. great video as always. Oh new Members video. Off there when this finishes : )

  7. Rey salsa Quinn

    Sir you are by far the most knowledgeable dog trainer in the world…
    You are a true profeshional

    I would love to buy vudeos from you if you sell some

  8. Gus Da Goose's Mom

    I moved 2000 miles from NY to Utah with two dogs … I can’t imagine leaving them behind.

  9. oldgamerchick

    Thank you for another great video

  10. Dan W.

    Out of several dogs thru my 56 years I’ve had dogs from scared to death of fireworks too tolerate fireworks which I have one of each German Shepherd now … But years ago I had a lab beagle mix that absolutely loved fireworks he would love being outside on the 4th….even went to many firework shows and sit by my side and watch & Love them which I found amazing….the louder the brighter the more he loved them his all time favorite were whistling bottle rockets…we would have to hold him back from chasing them…he would fight to be outside on the 4th…. I’ve never seen another dog like he was….no one would believe how he was until they saw for themselves….

  11. Raymond DeFlaviis

    Own up! You are a Karen!
    No sedative? No peanut butter?
    Wrong! I just gave my 100 lb Doberman 6 drops of cannabis oil. He’s doing great, despite a Gulf Coast Thunderstorm.
    Karen’s advise those heavy coats!
    You aren’t a right wing guy, so don’t pretend you are!
    You are a politically correct California Republican. A RINO!
    I can’t have this powerful dog climbing all over me with those giant claws.
    Only Groypers are true Americans!
    Get a clue, you simp!

  12. Man Kind

    Blind patriotism is just that, blind. Respect should be earned not given. Some guy bombing around in Iraqi villages for 8 years deserves your respect? What about your local doctor saving lives in impoverished neighborhoods. You really are confusing sometimes, going from profound and insightful to absolute nonsense when it comes to non dog stuff that is! Keep up the good work on the dog front!

  13. Dani Tan

    Thank you for all your videos! Your such a pleasure to watch,,, straight to the point and no bs! Thank you!❤️

  14. Raymond DeFlaviis

    I’m sitting in my den watching.
    It’s raining and thundering in South Mississippi. I gave Max 6 drops of cannabis oil. It took 20 minutes to kick in.
    He’s calm now.

  15. Raymond DeFlaviis

    God Dogs Guns…..the Persian tech guy is deleting my questions and I have a membership.
    He is a sneaky geek!

  16. destiny ochoa

    I wish more people would think like this but they just don’t give a damn & it’s depressing. I make sure that my dogs are in my sight during the 4th of July, we get a lot of fireworks around my house even months before the holiday so we’ve been trying to find ways to comfort them.

  17. Mike Jones

    Thanks for what you do, Robert! I have learned so much about my dogs since I started watching your videos.

  18. Chikyu skin care

    What I normally do this time of year is close off the dog door, turn on my air conditioner to muzzle the outside sounds. Doing so doesn’t cut off the sound completely, but rather lessens the intensity. To date, my dogs have not been affected by the fireworks, but like you said, they can change.

  19. Gus Da Goose's Mom

    I have been working on playing firework sounds and associating great things with that noise with my now 17 month old Golden. So far, he couldn’t care less about the sounds, but neither did my firework phobic Gus da Silly Goose (he didn’t care about the sounds when they played out of my speakers) who suffered terribly during the days of fireworks — major fireworks are allowed here for 4 days and we had to medicate Gus. I am hoping to avoid that with Auggie. Thanks for your free content, it is greatly appreciated.

  20. Beth Foor

    Thank you for this. Back when I was in high school, I had a Cock-a-Poo that jumped our chain-link fence on the Fourth of July. She ran away and was gone for 2 days. It’s a miracle she didn’t get hit by a car and came back. Awful 2 days for me as I searched and searched for her.

  21. troycleveland

    Thank you Sir. I wish I knew all this before Canada Day as well. Have a great 4th!

  22. Charity Blackwell


  23. Marko Brutus

    Dig the shirt man.

  24. Karen Balasses

    Love that you do this, and ALL your videos. TY

  25. Charity Blackwell

    Hello Robert and Janet

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