Dogs and New Years Resolutions - Robert Cabral Dog Training podcast

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Dogs and New Years Resolutions – Robert Cabral Dog Training podcast

Dogs don’t make new years resolutions and people don’t keep them. In this podcast I address the lunacy of new years resolutions, life coaches and so much more BS. Rely on your dog to help coach you. Train your dog this year, spend more time with your dog and you will be a much happier and better person.

Resolve yourself to spend time with your dog and appreciate all that life with a dog has to offer. I talk about this in this podcast!

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27 Thoughts to “Dogs and New Years Resolutions – Robert Cabral Dog Training podcast”

  1. tks

    Another inspiring talk from Robert. He is such a gift to the world.

  2. ali renfro

    Just think about the damage we all did in life simply by being ourselves and getting up in the morning. Life is just better with the dogs in our lives.


    Robert….WONDERFUL podcast…..I love everything u r saying……I agree 100%💪💯🙏🐶💖

  4. Tails of Success

    So true! Dogs are the best teachers!! The most important thing they teach me: to live in the moment.

  5. oldgamerchick

    Great video. 🙃☕🐶

  6. Melodie Zuber

    Awesome message of course! Thanks!

  7. Margaret Baker

    Great advance, looking forward to more podcast..

  8. golfinguna

    Hi Robert. I love my wife my children and my grandchildren and they make me happy every day that I am with them. My GSD puppy has made me smile and laugh every single day  for the past 9 months.  Nothing in my lifetime has ever done this.

  9. IrvinBeast

    My New Years resolution for me and my Caucasian Shepherd was for us to start cutting weight. I bulked this winter to about 200lbs and let my CS get to 165-170lbs. Cutting weight isn’t hard for me at all I just do some cardio and weight melts off me. But I want to get my CS to about 150-155lbs I know how to do it cause I’ve done it before but I was wondering if Mr. Cabral or anyone in the comment section has some tips or tricks they’ve learned or done to help a dog cut weight and I hate to say cut weight as if my dog is some body builder or something but yeah. I’d love to hear it

  10. Jeff K

    As someone that has been a gym regular for about 15 years I hate!!! new years resolutions. People crowd up the gym for about a month for no reason because they are soon to quit.

  11. Jannell Meagher

    Thank you Robert!
    My goal is to always do what pleases God. Sure I fail daily, but oh the blessings that come.

  12. Andre Borges

    “Dogs don’t do, they just are” what a quote. Someone should put that on a shirt.

  13. Bonnie Blake

    Enjoy each moment

  14. Bonnie Blake

    Great topic. I never write goals down. I imagined my goal and worked and achieved it. I was a psychotherapist and never used that over relied upon model. Be in the moment, enjoy every happy moment and love your dogs

  15. Rhys Bailey

    Nice one Robert

  16. Michiel van der Meulen

    Thanks for the good advice Robert! Have a good year everyone! Woof!

  17. RDR 🌙

    Just to add on the LGD question.
    If you have coyotes, you’ll need at least 2 LGD. Just one will be ineffective and you will suffer great losses and possibly the loss of the LGD.

  18. Loïc L

    Happy new year Robert !

  19. Lupin7

    right on time for new years, 11 months early, so we all got time to prepare 😉

  20. JSiah

    I can listen to you all day! The words couldn’t have been any better. Living in the moment, is the only way to lead. My two pups , I thrive in taking them out in public and meeting new dogs and ppl every day. I see the “living in the moment” Burst out in that moment in the ppl I meet. . That is an addiction to me.

  21. counselthyself

    our dog likes people that ignore him, except my wife and me. whatever you do don’t eyeball him.

  22. Tesla Nick

    Dogs inspire me all the time. My dogs live their best lives. They give me everything they’ve got so I honor that. I’m currently shaping a formal fetch with both of my two. I bought a bag of squeakers the other day, saves the dog having to shred the toy to extract the squeak ! Any dog can do nose work and it’s SO easy to do. My two go nuts for it, in fact one of them has shown some natural flair, so we’ll be trying out some scent detection training this year.

  23. R E Malm

    … My dogs taught me how to “Forgive” …
    …also, be sure to watch how a Human values the gifts given by a dog. If the Human doesn’t respect and value what the dog can offer. It says volumes about the character of that Human …

  24. Arkham Knightwing

    Hey Robert you’re a real renaissance man, from martial arts to dog training, to even thought provoking
    philosophy a solid role model for us younger folks who have trouble finding one in these unusual times 🙂 You gotta go on Joe Rogan!

  25. Marea Miller

    My dog is my hero- just as happy sniffing on the top of the mountain as sniffing the grass at a gas station.

  26. Ewoud Ewoud

    Happy New Year Robert 😁

  27. Pomeranian dog Macana


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