Dogo Argentino Vs Rottweiler
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Dogo Argentino Vs Rottweiler

In this episode, two of the most dominant dog breeds: Dogo Argentino VS Rottweiler Which is smarter. more versatile, stronger, and more, Let’s find out, and MAY THE BEST WIN.

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43 Thoughts to “Dogo Argentino Vs Rottweiler”

  1. Trantorul X

    Kangal vs Alabai !

  2. ZenGen


  3. SoupBae

    I really like rottweilers, but what I really dont like is they really have a short life span unlike other dogs. I knew a lot of people who have this breed and ended up dying 5yrs-8yrs because of deseases that are unprevented.

  4. Alexander Vásquez

    German shepherd vs dutch shepherd I asked for this match

  5. Cooper Dillhoff

    Megalodon vs Mosasaurus

  6. Mark Stephenson

    Dogo argentino vs Pitbull for the next one

  7. Petchiammal Srikrishnan

    next do
    1.german shepherd vs golden retriever
    2.cane corso vs kangel
    3.american pitbull terrier vs german shepherd

  8. Erona Jahiri

    do illyrian shepherd vs kangal

  9. Jeff Fitz

    A Rottweiler is a lab at heart but can turn pure MONSTER!!!

  10. Nishant Saurav

    Bully Kutta vs Kangal

  11. Sef G.

    this voice…very cringe

  12. Kevin Young

    Love my dogo but great vid

  13. Vartan Tutundjian

    Please do a video of the Armenian gampr vs kangal

  14. Andrej

    German shepherd vs amstaff

  15. ΔημΚων Καλύβας

    Pitbull vs doberman

  16. Brent Holy Rider

    Rottweiler is the best

  17. Letsile Moahi

    Boerboel vs pit bull

  18. Bhavish Jeet

    German shepherd vs rottweiler pls

  19. Shayaan Mohamed Naser

    Grey hound vs dogo argentino
    Presa canaryio vs dogo argentino

  20. Skid Mark

    Scottish Terrier(Scottie) vs West Highland White(Westie).

  21. Anthony Edwards

    Cane Corso vs Dogo Argentina

  22. Animal Movie and show clips

    Vs ideas for next video
    1. Pomeranian vs pug
    2. German shorthaired pointer vs Weimaraner
    3. Pitbull vs American bulldog
    4. Golden retriever vs Labrador retriever
    5. Labrador retriever vs Chesapeake Bay retriever
    6. French bulldog vs Boston terrier
    7. Shar-Pei vs chow chow
    8. West highland white terrier vs Scottish terrier
    9. Basenji vs border terrier
    10. Thai Ridgeback vs Rhodesian ridgeback

  23. Max coutts young

    Next Rottweiler vs cane corso or pitbull

  24. Max coutts young

    Wow this is good and surpriseing

  25. Isaiah Larkin

    Lab vs golden retriever in next one

  26. Omar Opqhe

    Unfortunately ,it is very family 😤
    🇮🇶BAGH🤝DAD 💞💞

  27. Max coutts young

    Not better I love rotties

  28. Happy dogo

    Next is….
    German Shepherd vs Labrador please🥺🙏

  29. Max coutts young

    Dogo can win in a fight ez

  30. PH CHAU

    Molosslus dog Dogo Argentino

  31. Ghost

    the old narrator is better.

  32. Akash A

    German shepherd vs Poodle

  33. Abdullah Malik

    Goldendoodle vs labradoodle

  34. Rudra darji op


  35. Michael Fabregas

    Cane Corso vs Presa Canario plz

  36. Loucasse Enzosse

    I don’t think there are the real stats of the Dogo Argentino

  37. Anita Rani

    Pitbull bulldog


    What do u guys think?


    This is a good one

  40. Matic Letonja

    krast sheperd vs sarplananac

  41. Gaea11

    Someone’s biased

  42. Melvin Chavers


  43. Franco Corneillo

    Kangal vs boerboel

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