Dogo Argentino VS Kangal
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Dogo Argentino VS Kangal

In this episode, we have compared two of the strongest dog breeds: Dogo Argentino VS Kangal. Which is more affectionate, more of a hard worker, stronger and more…

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50 Thoughts to “Dogo Argentino VS Kangal”

  1. AJ Morningstar

    Kangal is a shepherd dog not a mastiff

  2. roblox

    What? This video is extremely innacurate. Kangals are extremely independent but loyal as well. They’re not your average lap dog but will protect you at all costs.

  3. Alexander Vásquez

    German shepherd vs dutch shepherd

  4. John Torii

    Sharpei and Boxer

  5. XxLifexX

    Lol the biggest joke a dogo needs more exercise I’ve had both breeds and my sivas kangal couldn’t keep up with my dogo

  6. anas kashkoush

    Best dog :- Dogo in fight

  7. Tamara Torres

    😂 I thought the video was about who win in a fight. Like both breeds but know I personally couldn’t handle a Kangal. I own a 2 year old Male Black Russian Terrier. 😂

  8. Richard Huerta

    Sarabi Shepherd vs bully khuta
    Akbash vs Great Pyrenees
    Aksatay malaklisi vs Alabai
    Bernese mountain dog vs Greater Swiss mountain dog
    Tibetan mastiff vs maremma Sheepdog

  9. Richard Huerta

    Great Pyrenees vs Pyrenees mastiff

  10. Bhavish Jeet

    German shepherd vs cane corso please😀😀

  11. Albi Berisha

    Japaneze chin vs pikiniz pls

  12. Rudra darji op


  13. Dime Slinger

    Not sure on the accuracy of speed. How is the Kangal the heavier AND faster dog; 10 MPH faster?

  14. Krzysztof Krzysztof

    Kangal vs wilk .


    Cane corso vídeo!!

  16. Predator Gaming

    Boerboel Vs English mastiff pls

  17. PH CHAU

    Bully kutta v s kangal

  18. Omar Opqhe

    Thank you I loved 💞 Baghdad 🇮🇶

  19. Kevin Young

    My dogo is awesome best dog I’ve ever had but yea it’s a freaking kangal lol

  20. Ivan Georgiev

    Presa Canario vs Borebole 🤔

  21. Nino Mirzaian

    You should do Rottweiler vs Boxer

  22. Maireg Kibru

    Cocasian shepherd and kangal

  23. Adarie Pennant

    Can you imagine a hybrid cross mix between the two ?🤔💪💯💥

  24. Bashir Ali

    Boerboel vs presa canario 🥺😊 please

  25. Sidou Zahir

    Even if the kangal is “better” than then dogo in many things, i prefer the dogo, it has a better temperament to me, and is more elegant than a kangal.

  26. Melvin Chavers


  27. Mateo Gojcaj

    do caucasian shepherd vs illyrian shepherd

  28. Gopalan A

    Gsd and Dutch shepherd

  29. Sam Zoe YT

    Pitbull bs American Bully plz plz love from India🇮🇳

  30. Rosie Rose

    Labor and Golden

  31. Elvis Adonis Latcu

    For the next video do illyrian shepherd vs caucasian shepherd.

  32. lowland Shepherd

    Dogo pit Rottweiler all are good dogs but have thin fur up against a real kangal wouldn’t last less than 2 minutes I can’t go that’s mix or fabricated one wouldn’t stand the chance because the games been bred out the stamina that goes with the wolf is gone don’t believe the hype on the video the question can easily be answered just ask the owner who possess one that is not mix with any type of other breed especially bullmastiff are fighting dog or hound dog they will not change the look of the kangal put this stamina aggression and other qualities will be bred out you have three choices didn’t know the truth about the kangal do what I did and pray for 1 our travel to the places where Shepherds heard thousands of sheep and goat the third choice which I wouldn’t advise is buying one because they’ll tell you anything knowing you’re not a Shepherd why would it matter but yet you couldn’t take that kangal and put him in a a stall with nannies with baby goats the candles that come from the Shepherds that will nurse protect and sleep with a baby goat just born will rip a pit a Rottweiler and all those other dogs apart

  33. Music Tube

    rottweiler vs dogo argentino

  34. Patricia Sandoval

    the kangal obviously wins, bigger, stronger almost same speed and agility in a 1v1 if both aggressive but it depends on personality mostly

  35. prams

    Dogo plus kangal vs the leopard.. It would have been more sensible title.
    Am sure leopard would be treed with its tail ripped.

  36. Dedeas Fatih

    Kangal Siker Atar…

  37. asia asia

    Idk why but i would like to see the JRT and the parson russell terrier, ty

  38. Alex RajjuBalan

    German shepherd vs dogo Argentina

  39. Bishwadev Karu

    Cane Corso Vs Presa Canario

  40. nervoboxedu

    Can you please do malinois vs presa canario??

  41. Devin Johnson

    Pitbull vs dogo Argentino

  42. Mark Ziff

    Give over with bite force, the dog will bit just as hard as it feels it needs to.

  43. Bishwadev Karu


  44. Vartan Tutundjian

    Can you please do a video of Armenian Gampr

  45. Alexander Inocencio

    Tibetan mastiff and kangal

  46. Shpendi Go

    Both are great but i like more the Dogo Argentino

  47. Kaan Çılgın

    Kangal 🇹🇷

  48. Animal Movie and show clips

    Request: pug vs Pomeranian

  49. Minna-Maria Pajusild


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