Dogo Argentino is Ruthless with Strangers!


Dogo Argentino is Ruthless with Strangers!

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8 Thoughts to “Dogo Argentino is Ruthless with Strangers!”

  1. John Milton

    Rottweiler without a doubt is more dangerous towards the strangers

  2. Josh Fahrney

    Another German Shepherd. 💓🐺💖

  3. notsosilentmajority1

    As a child we had German Shepherds. As an adult, my guard dogs have been mostly Dobermans and an American Bulldog. Both were/are fantastic but the Doberman is at another level when it comes to intelligence and ability. I’ve had several Dobermans and they have all been fantastic. My AB would “put up” with strangers but didn’t interact with them much. My Dobermans would interact if I was friendly with the person and would not interact with the strangers if I dealt with them in a professional manner. Dobermans are so underrated thanks to the bad breeding that happened in America for many years. A good Doberman is the absolute best home/family/guardian dog with superb intelligence. They are the only breed that was created from the ground up to be a personal protection dog. The best overall dog we’ve ever had was a Standard Poodle and don’t be fooled by the fancy haircut, he would have ripped someone a new hole if they did anything wrong. Standard Poodles are amazing and they are tough dogs as well.

  4. Helle Fur

    Dobberman, Beauceron and Riesenschnauzer would be a good fit for me, and I just love most of the big Mastiffs.

  5. Omar Opqhe

    Good job 🦮💘💞

  6. Thomas Jerry

    Love rotties but what do they have to do with this video

  7. Gail Greenberg

    Rottweiler hands down💪

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