Dog Training Questions - I've Got Your Answers
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Dog Training Questions – I’ve Got Your Answers

0:00 How to stop your German Shepherd from barking?
02:09 How to teach your dog to retrieve?
04:11 What to do when your dog freezes on a walk and won’t walk on a leash?

Enjoy these dog training tips brought to you by our friends at Trupanion Medical Insurance for Pets.

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11 Thoughts to “Dog Training Questions – I’ve Got Your Answers”

  1. Marquiis Wells

    Love that you take the time, thank you.

  2. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    Thank you Robert. Dog Insurance is so important.

  3. Vince King

    I normally just keep walking and encourage my shepherd to come . Or his ball appears and we carry on.

  4. Lillie Berger

    Thank you. Great advice.

  5. Robin

    ??? My 4 years old belgian malinois is afraid of fire-cracker sound. Is it normal? If not, how to solve such problem? Thank you, sir.

  6. Shana Karlsen

    I have taught my dogs on the subject of barking when bell rings. They bark because they are trying to let u know someone is on their territory. That’s their job!! I allow them no more than 5 seconds of barking, at which point I say “thank u” for doing a good job and letting me know someone is there. I then say, “good job” and it’s finished

  7. oscar stpw

    How do i deal with stress in certain areas? If we go near a place we’ve played/trained before or as soon as he realise we’re going in that direction he starts to loose it and starts pulling/get tunnelvision. I want him to be more balanced but it’s very difficult to stop the behaviour because he’s back at doing the wrong behaviour again after 1 second. 1.5 year old german shepherd

  8. Sparky09

    Great video Robert. My almost 4 year old Golden-rottie has some aggression issues. He lunges at some people(especially people on bikes and cycles) and stray dogs. In India we don’t have animal control so the stray dogs freely roam in the streets. I tell him to sit when we are near a dog or when someone is passing by. But he sometimes breaks the stay and tries to lunge at them. He is a very strong puller so it is hard to correct him. He has good obedience and a good recall but won’t listen around big distractions.
    Sending love to goofy, Maya, Dwayne and jimmi

  9. Peter

    Great video pets Dog Training working great job

  10. Frøken Norge

    Robert how do I END a game of tug and retriveing? As of now i take the toys and say “done” . Is that correct?

  11. Jan

    Robert 222K. 💪
    True, people should consider the breed and it’s genetic job first. Not to torture their dogs too much.

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