Dog Training Fundamentals
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Dog Training Fundamentals (Watch this before any other dog training video)

These are the fundamentals of dog training!

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96 Thoughts to “Dog Training Fundamentals (Watch this before any other dog training video)”

  1. D-MAK Productions

    You cover a lot of interesting topics in the video production space! We enjoy what you talk about, keep going. Anytime you are in Phoenix let us know. If you want, DM us @dmakproductions on IG and we can connect. We love what you do!

  2. Noah B

    Ive been watching you for the past 2 months, love the great information. Thank you so much!! We got a bernedoodle puppy 3 weeks ago and hes been trained well thanks to you

  3. Dragon_Gamer 22

    Hey Zak could you make a training tutorial for deaf dogs? I have a 13 year old deaf rescue escapomm and she is the worlds most disobedient dog. She bites for food lunges at hands and constantly tries to kill my cats

  4. Never Let Go 💙

    You have many valid points. Tho, I do not erase all old school facts and training methods. There’s always more than one way to achieve any goal.
    I don’t treat/food train my dogs. I have one extremely high energy/high drive dog, a pit border collie mix and his bro, a husky Australian Shepherd mix. They never took to food treats. I’ve never once used an e’collar.
    For one to have an obedient dog, one needs to understand the old school pack mentality. There will always be a leader and a follower.
    Dogs aren’t a human’s equal. They’re an animal.
    My boys can go out 1/2 mile away from me and return when called. I don’t need a lead because they learned to follow only me. There’s no other person or animal that can take their attention off me.
    I stay out of dog parks. Dogs behavior goes off rank. Not all dogs are born equal. My dogs never have to fight to keep their place in the pack.
    Old School methodology has many valid points as well.

  5. julio

    hey zak, my 5 month old aussie would DEFINITELY be your biggest challenge. he is absolutely UNTRAINABLE he is rebellious, and barks at EVERYTHING, and i wishhh you could try one video on him, but you’ll probably never see this !

  6. Maja Ambroziak

    My dog does kind of pull not much anymore. Im still thinking on non pull harness. We are working on ignoring dogs and people. sometimes it works and sometimes don’t. When he ignores them,the time he sees a spaniel dog he’s more energetic and more hyper any ideas why?

  7. polythene pam

    love seeing Inertia walking in Jackson Square, like s
    he owns the place!

  8. Joanna Ya-chu Chang

    Baby Inertia 🥰

  9. Yulia Budd

    Thank you Zac!! Still working on playing and bonding w my 1 year old Airedale.

  10. monkegaming

    where did chestnut go

  11. Ingeborg Anne Rakvåg

    It makes me giggle when Inertia sits by the table and eats like a people 😀 Good girl.

  12. Yeoman

    I am my dogs master, she is not an individual, if she wants to pray to the doggie gods, she can pray to me and I’ll pass the message on.😝

  13. Linsey C.

    Hey Zak,
    Love your videos!!
    I need Help with Fetch lol!!
    My dog is 5 she can do so many tricks but she won’t fetch.
    She can, sit, stay, heel, up, down, circle, roll over, take it, leave it. Obstacles, under, over, weave.
    But I can’t for the life of me get her to fetch. Sigh.
    And some leash reactivity.
    So I think I could better train her on walks if I could get her to fetch like you said. All she really does to burn energy is, she likes to run around or run laps.

  14. Jai Vora

    As always, a GREAR video !

    You communicate the important points so. very well.

    With much appreciation & gratitude.


  15. basteis

    the cuts are very jarring.

  16. Shepherd Neville

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I am the most humble person

  17. Fiene van Dijk

    I’ve watched all his videos and thus now all his/the fundamentals, but I’m a simple human and I click on any Zak George video 🙂

  18. Catherine3385

    “Dogs are so good at exploiting our lack of consistency”

  19. Ashima N

    Hi Zak! I have a shih Tzu 8 month old puppy. If you don’t know they tend to be very fussy. And my puppy does not like to eat his food. Is there any recommendation you have that we could add to his food. Also when do you recommend a dog should switch from eating three times a day to two times a day?

  20. The Gaming Nature

    I’m going to order nom nom and eat it because I’m to lazy to cook my own food

  21. jojoata Batata

    you should make an episode answering subs’ questions!

    also I love your channel

  22. TeeyaMareeya

    Fantastic video! I love your approach to training and your ethical use of specific methods, i could watch your videos all day. And I adore you and Bree lol

  23. technicolor965

    Thank you so so much for this!!!!

  24. Sophia Hsieh

    OMG puppy Inertia!!! She is so stinking cute!!! She always looks like she wants to ask you, “did I do a good job dad?” This was a great refresher to your series.

  25. Gabriel Preciado

    Eating your dogs food is a whole level of commitment that comes with the Zak George Experiences

  26. Cristina R.

    I have a puppy and I have been watching your videos to try and train her. Along with my adult dog who counter surfs when I am not around. I have found your content very helpful. Thank you for doing what you do!

  27. Ezra Elliott

    Zac please help my dog keeps running out the gate and won’t come back

  28. Athxna Official

    I have been watching your videos for MONTHS. We are getting a bernedoodle in a couple weeks <3 thanks for the lessons Zak!

  29. GoldenBoyJK

    This is so useful thank you so much! I’m getting my first dog soon, it’s a goldador.

  30. NoodleDoodle096

    When he ate it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤯🤯🤯🤯

  31. RMariem

    Love from kashmir…..i need a free full online dog training right from day 1… Please.. Please.. I’ve a 9 month old gsd…i think I’ve failed miserably as a dog owner… She had got food aggression followed by everything else 🙁

  32. Ice blue roblox

    I am so confused why does Zak always eat the dog food lol?
    The sponsor money is no joke lol

  33. Ajay Mishra

    I am from india and subscribe your channel and buy your book to train my dog and watch your video

  34. Dogs Are Pawsome

    That dog food looks BETTER than most of what I was eating in college 😜

  35. Waddles 7

    Thanks so much! Our family is watching your videos and reading your book to prepare for our incoming puppy in 2 days. Thank you!

  36. Bubble Ming

    Hello question.I’m getting my puppy in a few months and I myself am doing school and can’t always pay attention to my dog that will be coming soon. Is there a way I could train them to be used to me going to school? Also I have a hamster is there a way where I can keep my puppy from bother her without gates? Also I love your train videos I can’t wait till I can train my puppy everything! Btw my dog is going to be a havanese puppy.

  37. Jerry M.

    I have a 10 month old lab, “Joey”. He is at his best behaviour because of Zak’s videos.
    There have been times when i think the training is not going anywhere and i’m getting frustrated. But then i look at Zak’s video and he honestly admits that even for him it doesn’t go as planned at times.
    So thumbs-up to the best set of dog training videos out there. Watching these gave me the confidence to bring “Joey” into our lives.

    Side effect of these training videos – I’m raising a stickler for belly rubs. He seldom barks at strangers, and if they call him by his name, he happily will run towards them wagging his tail to play. Double-facepalm.

  38. Chris Wong

    Hey Guys! -You should really adress foodaggression better, a common problem for many people.

  39. Adam.

    When’s the sneaker collection video. We all wanna see lol.

  40. Oaktree Lady

    My dogs all HATE carrots – they will go out of their way to eat around the carrots from their food. For many dogs, carrots are a waste of money in dog food and cheap filler.

  41. Elucard

    Thank you so much for all the information your channel has. You literally saved my puppy! 🙂

  42. ponymad_ geek

    What doesnt help is my dad keeps the dog in a kenel most of the time and he now has seperation anxiety

  43. Asher Iyer

    New vid idea: How to convince your fixed minded parents to get you a puppy

  44. ponymad_ geek

    My dog was much older than inertia a while ago and he can only do sit liedown

  45. NoalS

    I don’t know if this is a common problem but the link was broken for me.

  46. ponymad_ geek

    Yay im early


    Hello Zack. I have an eight month old beagle who sleep with me on the same bed. Is it ok and if not how to change the behaviour? As soon as I crate him he barks and howls until I let him sleep on the bed. Please do help

  48. Isabella Rose

    Don’t even try to have a dog without watching the entirety of Zak’s channel.

  49. Triple Win Lin

    When is training finished? I mean, you give your dogs treats to train them, but how do you continue to motivate them once they are trained? Is it just your approval, and is that enough for them?

  50. Star Sisters

    Hiii inertia is soo good at tricks and is super obedientmShe sooo cute tooo
    Awesome tips Zak Love the way u teach her😊

  51. SoundClout

    Zak is the best. Inertia reminds me so much of my 8 month old puppy (personality and energy wise)

  52. Bucket List Boomer

    I have two older female rescues from a hoarder/cruelty case. One is about 10 and the other about 8. They look like Chihuahua, wire haired dachshund, terrier mixes. They don’t seem to understand “play”. They get zoomies after a good poop but that is about it. I’ve got them mostly house/crate/pee pad trained. They both have learned “go potty”, “yes”, and the younger one “sit” (verbal with arm motion) and the younger one “come” on a training leash. I’m stuck there. I’ve tried a Kong…not interested. A small dog frisbee…not interested. A soft toy and a rubber toy…not interested. I would love to play with them a little bit at least!

  53. Sonia Sandoval

    I have been a big fan of you for a very very long time. I always watch your videos at least more than 2 times

  54. Tanushree Rajpura

    Love your videos🥰🥰

  55. Jeremy

    It is so frustrating when you do all this, and still your pup does not listen or get it!

  56. The Crazy Happy Family

    Hahahahahaha did he just eat dog food

  57. Dowgos

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  58. john ducie

    Also it would be so cool if u would do a live video

  59. Sheer Wolff

    Important information! Thank you! 🐶📚
    I hope in the future you can teach us more about how dogs interact and how to identify problems in time!

  60. john ducie

    It’s so funny seeing Zac eating inertia’s food

  61. Rafael Alamilla

    Your videos have been a real help as we raise our new Lab! Thank you so much Zak!

  62. Pragya Raj

    I literally want to thank you. I’ve trained my labrador quite well from your videos.
    Thank you very much!

  63. Wagging Tails Dog Training

    I still think it’s hilarious how Zak always eats dog food 😂😆

  64. Γεωργία Μπι.

    I got a new puppy he bites and barks and I’ve been watching it videos for training he already learned sit I have a lot of work to do 😬😂💕💕

  65. Ronan Randomness

    How would you train/teach a dog to not eat extremely fast

  66. Elisheva Deitcher

    Hey i just wanted to let you know I love your videos!! I’ve been watching for so long and I’ve become a dog trainer as a part time job!

  67. Drew

    Really Good Video 📹 I love your channel 😁

  68. Arnav_56

    Inertia is very well trained again, zak showed his perfection like any other video. 😃

  69. Kee Ku

    I’m not even going to get a dog within the next 10 years……….

    I’m just watching to try and train my cat
    she knows how to sit so I guess that a start

  70. Maja Ambroziak

    Does anyone have any tips on dog barking and jumping on people. And if non pull harness for dogs help with pulling. He’s also a cockapoo

  71. bbyskittles

    1 year later and I feel like my partner and I are still at a standstill with training. I believe in positive reinforcements and have gotten far with it. Our dog is smart and learns fast. My partner…uses scolding, which my dog could care less about, and isn’t understanding that you have to set aside time to do training and it it will take more than 5 tries. So training is going slow because we’re taking two different approaches and she’s almost…setting me back in the advances that I make.

  72. Anjaly Jomy

    Hmm…. its bed time should I watch it or sleep . I will watch for my dog 😉

  73. Clraxd


    “𝕴’𝖒 𝖌𝖎𝖋𝖙𝖎𝖓𝖌 𝖊𝖛𝖊𝖗𝖞𝖔𝖓𝖊 𝖜𝖍𝖔 𝖘𝖚𝖇𝖘 𝖙𝖔 𝖒𝖊”🦙

  74. Lorelay Mendoza

    The most impressive part was how Inertia ate the bowl of food at the beginning so slowly! My pup Diego would have inhaled that.

  75. Mayti Jha

    Fact: No one has finished watching the video

  76. Anaswitherplayz malick

    Hey Zak I’ve watched your videos for years and have your books. Ever since I started training my dog with your tips and he has improved so much. Thx and keep up the good work! 😃😁

  77. Those2_Finn_Hunter

    Please don’t give hate and just move on if you don’t support this but ❤️ the pride flag on your porch!

  78. Ringofurappu

    Woop Woop early squad

  79. Mermaid Slimes & More

    Legend says if you are early you could get a heart

  80. Skull crackers

    I have German shepherd which has a lot puppy bitting

  81. Limar Albayar

    Yay I’m early and you helped me so much with potty training and now my puppy is potty trained Thanks 🙂

  82. Ashleigh Venter

    I’m getting a puppy in a few months and your videos have helped prepare me so much!

  83. Nicole on EQ

    Does anyone else find eating dogs so cute? Or really dogs doing anything in general lol

  84. Aurora Steen

    I love dogs! I grew up with a Flat Coated Retriever. My favourite dogs are the Japanske Spitz and Border Collie, like Inertia😍

  85. Ashleigh Venter

    Pls reply! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  86. Chanah Yin

    Hi Zak, I really want a shiba inu, but i’m not really sure how much they actually shed during non-shedding season and how much brushing can reduce the shedding

  87. magic.x.ariana

    omg yay i am early !

  88. creeper play's

    Early 5 minutes agoo

  89. Matthew Luque


  90. IS0 Sizzy

    Aww she is so cute

  91. IshanDaBeastGonehal

    lmao im earlllyyy


    Love you and your dogs Zak ❤️

  93. YoDraco

    *Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment*

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