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Dog training and balance: what’s the difference?


Excerpted from “The Rules of Csa: The Way to Train a Good Dog”.

Cesar Millan

Protecting dogs is my first professional experience as a dog “trainer”. I have started to experiment with the theory of backpack strength (knowledge related to training), and my ability to let groups of dogs work together attracts my attention, especially when I have a group of well-performing backpacks in the park. Go downhill. It is this growing reputation that attracted my first celebrity client Jada Pinkett (Jada Pinkett). When I met her, she was just a young actress. She lives alone in Los Angeles and feels she needs to protect the dog. She doesn’t have much experience or knowledge about powerful dogs, but she is open-minded and willing to learn.

Not only did she learn the commands to use, but she also learned how to choose a leash or style of “dog training”. Really feel confident about teaching her how to be a dog leader. We achieved this goal through several weeks of hands-on practice, her body language, her focused thoughts, and the energy she projected when she was with the dog.

Sharing this experience with Jada is “Aha!” My moment. Working with her makes me very happy, how important the owner is to dog training. At that time I knew that this would be my new challenge and my mission-to train people to understand how to communicate with dogs.

During the period when I was growing up, I no longer considered myself a “trainer” of dogs, and also let go of my thinking about dog “training”. I realized that I need to train the owner and make the dog recover, full or balanced.

When I came to this country, there were no professionals dedicated to helping dog owners understand their dogs. No one focuses on meeting the basic needs of the dog itself. Everything is for dogs to use our language or our own teaching methods to do what people want.

Since then, I have changed my focus, I personally redefine the word “training” to express the answer to commands (“sit down”, “stay”, “come”, “heel”), do some tricks Or it is natural for the dog to do something that is not his own. Or behavior may be natural for dogs, but we want to control it in a way that is more based on human needs than dogs’ needs. I believe that dog training is something artificially created, but the dog’s psychology (the thing I tried to get the client to practice first) was created by Mother Nature.

Cesar said there is no objection to working with Mother Nature. How do you apply this principle in your backpack?

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