Dog Training Advice - Common Dog Behavior Questions Answered
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Dog Training Advice – Common Dog Behavior Questions Answered

In this video I answer 4 viewer questions:

My Husky had a panic attack while I was cooking.
Getting a puppy and worried about other dogs.
My Older Dog is afraid of the leash.
My dog doesn’t listen when he’s playing.

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16 Thoughts to “Dog Training Advice – Common Dog Behavior Questions Answered”

  1. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    Excellent reply to the lack of impulse control the German Shepherd. I totally agree that the dog must be controlled. Why people wind their dogs up to such a degree, creating excitement without knowing how to “cap” the behaviour is beyond me. Teaching a dog self control is essential as the dog must learn to listen at all times. Thank you Robert. Oh and I also agree the Husky wasn’t freaked out by the Lamb : )

  2. John Galt

    this is hilarious funny how he corrects peoples grammer and punctuation issues

  3. Omah Mooleedhar

    Very informative.. I’ve subscribed a while ago and look at your videos often.. Training tips are awesome.. Keep up the great job

  4. AJ Selvaggio


    I think my 6mo Rottie is progressing great, although I’m obviously biased. I’ve incorporated a lot of what you teach in training, from the time he was 8wks, and he listens great at home and in public with lots of loud noises and distractions (we live in the city, distractions abound).

    My only “concern” if I could call it that, is I’d like to take him to protection training at some point, but am concerned he is too “submissive” for that level.

    Whenever he sees other dogs or people, he always sits and waits patiently, then goes to them for pets. When the dog is bigger, he’ll usually lick their lips, jump around, and lay on his back with his belly exposed. When the dog/puppy is more his size, he still seems calm/playful, but doesn’t immediately go to his back and jumps around a little more – more like mirroring the level of excitement of the other dog.

    A lot of build up to say – is protection training not in his future? With a lot of early socialization and training he is great/non-reactive to new surroundings, loud or sudden sounds, and has solid obedience. But from what I see and hear about protection training dogs, it sounds like they either have it or they don’t and professionals can tell that from the time they are a puppy – given that I’m not a professional, I thought I’d give your answer more credence than my opinions.

    Sorry for the long question, but wanted to make sure you had the relevant details.


  5. Hot Girls Video XXX

    Fantastic 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  6. Islam ul Haq

    The dog saw demons around the lamb shoulder, because it was uncooked & because God’s name was not mentioned when the lamb was cooked and slautered.

  7. Hot Girls Video XXX

    Love you 💋💋😘😘❤️💯

  8. saramations

    I don’t understand the Boston terrier question? Is she scared of other dogs? I don’t see her having much of an issue is she keeps her dog in a leash, and the farmers should be responsible for their animals as well. I’d expect train farmed dogs to be trained not to bother other dogs walking down the road.

  9. Joshua Hoover

    That first question – 😂. I thought, husky, stop there. I own a husky and love the breed but they can be crazy.

  10. Jon Brooker

    Thank you for all your sound advice, I have an appointment/consultation this Saturday to foster to adopt a 7 year old female GSD at Pasadena Humane, any advice specifically for the consultation? and thoughts on USAA pet insurance versus Trupanion?

  11. L. Lewis

    Thanks Robert for touching on the subjects of grammar and punctuation. I have read dozens if not hundreds of comments in various YouTube comment sections. There have been tons of people who seem to have never been taught how to compose a sentence. It’s much easier to follow what someone is saying when there is punctuation instead of one long run-on sentence. Rant over; thanks for listening.

    P. S. Yes I realize English may not be a writer’s native language. But usually those posts are recognizable.

  12. Tony Rivas

    Thank you Robert for all your videos, and your podcasts are very inspiring.

  13. lucie locket

    i’ve found farm dogs that live and work in a pack are often not a fan of new dogs they can be slightly agressive and mine have been nipped several times (they are all BC here) bcc there isn’t really a need to socialise their pups like a pet dog would if they never leave the farm but thats just the ones i know

  14. Virginia Pursley

    You are AWESOME!!!! Thank you Robert.

  15. Doris Soler

    Our dog keeps barking if we take him for a walk..he is not friendly .

  16. haven the shetland sheepdog

    FIRST! i love ur account <3

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