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Dog talk: dog’s body language and its meaning

The key to communication (or maintaining a good relationship with your dog) is communication. When getting to know your newly adopted cub, be sure to pay attention to his/her body language. Your dog has been trying to communicate with you, and their body language can tell you a lot about their thoughts and feelings. Knowing the dog’s body language can save them (and you) from getting into discomfort, and more importantly, it can save the dog from feeling the need to defend his body.

Here are some things that can help you understand what your dog wants to say:

Your dog might feel anxious Either Emphasized When:

• Avoid eye contact
• sweat claw
• Tight jaw
•Freeze in place

Your dog might feel terrible When:

• Lower body
• Slow, low tail shake
• Behind the ear
• Tail plug
•Whale’s eyes (showing white eyes)

If your dog shows nervous or fearful body language, consider its surroundings. Is it possible that your dog is nervous? Are there any strangers or animals around? Will, your dog be stimulated by loud sounds or running children? If you think your dog is feeling stressed or fearful, remove him from the stressful environment. Remember that if the dog feels bent over, stress or fear may cause them to try to protect themselves.

Your dog may be looking note When:

• Jump up and down
• Nap
• Licking another dog’s ear or mouth

Does your dog drive you crazy by seeking attention? Don’t make your dog feel frustrated, consider that your dog may be trying to let you know that they need more exercise or stimulation. Try to take them for a walk or buy interesting interactive toys. For more information, check out our article “Top Ten Must-Have Dog Toys and Walks”: Three things about taking a dog for a walk.

Your dog might feel Fun When:

•Wag the tail
• Head tilted

A relaxed and fun puppy is a happy puppy! It’s really a great feeling to see your dog socialize with other dogs or spend some precious time establishing contact with you. Curious about dogs playing? Check out our article “Playing Buddies: Learn how and why our dogs play”.

There is nothing better than knowing that your dog is safe and happy by your side. Understanding the dog’s body language is a great way to gain their trust and love.

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