Dog Socialization is Different Than You Think

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Dog Socialization is Different Than You Think

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44 Thoughts to “Dog Socialization is Different Than You Think”

  1. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

    This episode is 🔥! Dying to hear your feedback on this one, as we continue to make subtle changes to our format and the series!

  2. Calistake047

    Me, living in an apartment where the gravest danger is mosquito bites:

    Oh well…

  3. elementary music by elementary school student Hu

    The #1 reason bear encounters go wrong is a pet dog’s reaction to the bear which causes an unnecessary confrontation. Keeping a dog calm during wild animal encounters is critical. Statistics suggest many pet owners don’t think about this until it’s too late.

  4. Sheila Francl

    Wait, those bisons can bathe in sulfuric acid?

  5. Patty Conan

    If you were in Yellowstone area, sure seemed like it, one bark and an elk could be after you. Particularly in Mammoth, where the elk are constantly agitated. I love the scenery as you travel but it would be more relevant and fun to hear about where you are and what you are looking at, as well as the fun adventures will the dogs, even if it’s brief. Love your shows

  6. R Johnson

    I love this episode… both entertaining and informative. Actually, just today we picked up a rescue dog from a local organizion,, so renewing my knowledge and use of your training methods has just become more relevant.

  7. Elaine Lucke

    Thanks for sharing your adventures. Love your training. I also super appreciate you talking about the barking. I am working on that with my new rescue & it’s good not to feel alone😅

  8. Emily Romanello

    You guys seriously have a sense of adventure, haha. You got some amazing nature shots. I loved that you brought up how socialization isn’t just restricted to other dogs and people, but also to things like walking on a log. Inertia is doing amazing, she’s come so far.

  9. Susan Schuck

    Great video! Be safe

  10. SpaceDorito

    I’m pretty sure I can’t find a bear at home, I’ll try this at the woods

  11. Ashleigh Mclardy

    Is there a way to socialise my dog more so he stops humping other dogs? He’s not aggressive and he’s fine with people but it seems like a nervous or playful habit and I’m finding it difficult to discourage and manage

  12. hauskalainen

    I’m personally freaked out that you used the word ELK instead of MOOSE!!

  13. Bell Grows AK

    I absolutely LOVE this video!! Editing was amazing and it’s great to have an insight into your everyday socialization with the dogs. Plus, I love the focus on the nature around you! It’s pretty amazing how even just being aware of different kinds of life forms helps us all – dogs and humans alike! – to rationalize our own place in the universe. One tiny tiny thing and please don’t read further if you are not actively looking for bits of feedback like this because I love you guys and love the direction you’re going in in this video, but there was one point around 5:45ish that Veronica was barking loud and you were saying something important at the same time it was a little distressing and hard to concentrate – had to rewatch a few times.

  14. Marnie Houston

    What kind of Frisbees are best for small dogs, like Veronica’s size?

  15. FeralSpirit

    Are you guys at Yellowstone?

  16. Pi D

    I would like to teach my dog TO BARK when someone comes to my door as I often don’t hear my doorbell. How would I go about this?

  17. 優しい葉 Chikara

    Adventure Time is ever so dangerous 🙃 Lucifer damn cat poop 🖤🐶🤣

  18. XYZ

    Non of zaks dogs turn out to be calm in front of other animals.

  19. AspLode

    Honestly I started following for the incredibly valuable dog training guidance but now I’m just enjoying following Zak and Bree and the dogs as they travel the beautiful sights, it’s such a delightful convergence of useful and aesthetic

  20. Jeff G

    Workings hard on socializing my pup. She was spooked by horses last spring in CO. At home went to county fairs and spooked at the animal barns. With deer here in the campsite she is getting better sitting quietly. Thxs for the videos.

  21. Benjamin Ruhlin

    I really needed this video! My sweet 5mo GSD/Aussie has had troubleeeting and playing with other dogs because he broke his leg at 9 weeks and couldn’t socialize much, so he thinks every dog wants to rough house

  22. ec3po

    What breeds is Veronica?

  23. Lisa DeHart

    Love this video. So authentic. Inertia is amazing.
    Veronica is adorable and coming along in her training nicely.
    Truly love the adventure!!!

  24. Jessica L.

    It’s so cool to see all of the wildlife you’ve encountered on the trip! And it’s great to see you do so safely. 😉

  25. james charles

    Zak saying don’t try this at home as if we have bear prints at home everyday 😂

  26. shae

    Hope YOU’RE looking up in the trees n bolders for mountain lions and bobcats!

  27. Here This

    Very exciting landscape ! 😍
    Great job of Inertia , she was perfect with the Deers or Elks . 🤩👍
    It was so cute , when Inertia put her paw on Veronica . 🤗 I personally think Veronica might be tough to train “be quiet” , I would like so much to know how , so I can do the same with my now 2 years old girl . 😄

  28. EmilyH.

    Wildlife is beautiful but often scary to me! I don’t have a dog yet, but I am hoping to get one in about a year or so. I have watched Inertia’s series twice now and am enjoying this series and Veronica too. I plan to watch both again before actually getting a dog. I’m learning lots! Speaking of wildlife, I have a 21 year old cat, and he came flying like a kitten into my bedroom the other day and made me follow him to our back porch door. There was a skunk on our porch! He was so excited to see it, and I was happy he thought to come get me, but mostly I was just glad the skunk was on the other side of the door (and ran off soon afterwards). It was pretty though! 😂

  29. The Migraine Warrior

    Hi, Zak, Bree, Inertia, and Veronica! I love watching your adventures unfold in this series! It does make me nervous that we haven’t done enough with our dog in terms of socialization though. He’ll be 2 in December. Is it ever “too late” to socialize a dog? I guess it’s also relevant to say that we live in a small town and don’t travel much so it’s highly unlikely we’ll run into acid pools! 😂 Can you share why it is helpful for Inertia and Veronica to be exposed to bears in this way? If they know the scent and what a bear looks like, will that aid in keeping them safe? And what can those of us who aren’t on wild and crazy adventures do to socialize our dogs? Thanks for all you do! 💜

  30. Zimtej

    URGENT – DO Not TRACK Bear! XD Joking aside, love your channel

  31. Veronika Frankovičová

    Hi Zak! I love your videos and IG posts/stories :). Thank you for what you are doing! 🙂 And – I apologize if you’ve been asked this question 8394 times. I really tried to search for the answer, but couldn’t find what kind of leashes you are using. Is it somewhere to be found, or could you please publish that info? 🙂 I believe more people would be interested.

  32. Jen Kirby

    Even in England it’s necessary to keep dogs under control. People get stampeded by cattle and it’s people with dogs who die. If one has a sensible dog, he or she goes very quiet and obedient.
    Very good episode!

  33. Brian Beswick

    The thumbnail feels like click bait. I see the thumbnail and think this is going to be an episode about dogs using their mouths when playing, and then the episode has nothing to do with it and is a huge let down.

    My dogs love to play with each other but their play often involves play like the thumbnail. They don’t bite, they use zero bite pressure but they use their mouths. Occasionally it can escalate to some low level growls that seem to be playful communication.

    As I’m not a trainer and I admittedly only know what I learn from Zak’s videos, I never know if it’s appropriate behavior and when to intervene in their play. Usually once I hear the low level growling, I give a correction. I don’t see any harm in the play they do, but I worry that if they attempt that type of play with dogs they don’t know at the dog park it would escalate to a problem.

    Would love to see an episode that talks about appropriate types of play between dogs.

  34. Isaiah Huff

    This episode is gripping!

  35. Lourdes Sanchez

    Omg Inertia quietly and casually watching the black bear ❤🐻 I personally love this kind of video!

  36. Samantha Deyo

    Will you be doing a DNA test on Veronica? I’m so curious to know what breeds she is!

  37. JillPlusBooks

    Who is in charge of the thumbnails? because this may be the BEST thumbnail you’ve had! SO CUTE! <3

  38. Christine Leonard

    Just curious as to why you don’t post on a regular schedule?

  39. K Thomp

    Thanks for the wilderness update. BTW What brand of harness do you have on Veronica? Thanks

  40. Susan McBeth

    Never in a million years would I do this with or without my dogs. I don’t think you’re the trainer for me. Yikes!

  41. Turkey-chan

    Super helpful! I have a question, how do I get my chihuahua to not bark at everything she hears. Yumi has such a hard time responding to anything while distracted. Not even treats get her to look at me. What should I do?

  42. Kristal M.

    LOL! That thumbnail photo…

  43. Melody W

    Zac searching for bears is dangerous.

  44. Navjot Singh


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