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Dog sitter and daycare

Maybe they can’t take a short vacation with you, or your work arrangements mean you need a regular daycare for dogs or puppies. Your dog is lucky (and is likely very happy!) If you have the freedom to work from home or if you can take him to work with you. However, it is perfectly normal for people who work to need extra help in keeping their dogs happy and sociable.

Most healthy, mentally active dogs can enjoy themselves on their own for a short time. If you have two or more pets, they can usually keep them busy longer. However, pets require human interaction. If you need to leave your dog alone for more than four hours at a time (unless they have access to a secure yard through a dog hatch or outdoor kennel for relief), then you should check with puppy or dog sitting services and worry for someone to take care of them.

Some owners rely on the help of a family member or friend when it comes to dog sitting, but of course not everyone has this option! If you need additional help, there is a growing industry of professional caregivers, including dog and puppy daycare and seating services. Read on to find out what exactly dog ​​sitting and getting in is and what average dog getting in and out prices to expect.

What is dog sitting?

When dog sitting, a professional dog groom will come to your home and look after your pet. This can take the form of either drop-in house calls or a daycare center where they look after your dog and ensure all of their needs, or take the form of a dog walk where your dog handler simply comes and takes them to exercise.

Which dog seat option you choose will largely depend on your dog’s needs and preferences. However, if you need more help deciding, here is more information about the two options:

Dog walkers

Dog walkers come at a specific time to take your dog or puppy for a walk, often with other dogs, and train them while you are out and about. This is generally a great option for those who work all day and have a dog who doesn’t mind having a little time to himself.

Dog and puppy sitters

Dog and puppy sitters will come and take care of your dog from the comfort of your home, feed him (with the food you have provided), take him for walks and play with him, and give him any necessary medication. Some puppy sitters also have some level of dog training experience so they can help you train your puppy around the house and teach them basic obedience commands while you are busy at work.

Many owners also prefer to use dog sitting as an alternative to kennels when going on vacation, and your dog may prefer to be in a familiar place. Dog sitters can also water your houseplants and respond to problems at home. Their presence can also deter burglars. If your dog hates being left alone but is comfortable with people outside of their immediate family, this is a great solution for both of you.

Dog daycare

Alternatively, they can spend the day at the dog day care center in a special center or in an established kennel. You can drop off your dog in the morning and pick it up on the way home. Some facilities will pick up your dog and bring him to your home. They may also offer overnight stays or vacation boarding. They may even have webcams that you can use to calm your dog down anywhere!

Dog sitter prices

Dog sitter prices depend on which service you choose. The current average range for simple home visits is £ 10-15 an hour, while dog walkers can be £ 10-25. However, this largely depends on how long you want to walk and whether you want your dog to walk in private or as a group. Daycare dog meeting rates can change dramatically depending on the region and your dog handler’s experience. So expect to pay between £ 10 and £ 30 per day.

What is dog boarding?

Dog boarding is a popular choice for dogs who are away from their owners on vacation. Licensed kennels must adhere to various hygiene and safety regulations and should be clean and comfortable with knowledgeable and caring staff. However, all kennels are different. So why not visit a few before you decide? Check that the license is showing, chat to the staff, decide if your dog or puppy will be happy there, and book – the best kennels often fill up early, especially on busy holidays! Check out the admission guidelines, make sure your dog or puppy is fully vaccinated and you are ready to be sure that your friend is well looked after.

Prices for boarding a dog

When it comes to dog boarding prices, it can vary greatly depending on the region and the facility you choose. Some may take your dog’s size into account as well. So keep in mind that it can be more expensive if you have a larger breed. You can expect to pay anywhere from £ 15-30 for average kennels. However, when you consider luxury dog ​​hotels, that price goes up.

Top Dog Sitting Tips For New Puppies

A puppy needs a lot of attention the first time he comes home. Like newborns, they need to learn what is acceptable and what is not, they need to be cared for, and they don’t need to feel alone. Puppies sleep a lot, but the hours they are awake are spread out throughout the day and are crucial periods of time for their learning.

Here are some ways you can bring a puppy home if you have a full-time job.

Take the first two weeks off

It would be helpful to take the first week or two off work when bringing a puppy home, especially since it can be difficult to look after a puppy at work. Puppies need constant attention when at home: they need to be home trained, learn about the environment, fed, and just general cared for. Being at home to monitor all of this and also connect with your pet will make a difference.

Try to work from home

Some companies allow you to work from home as soon as you have a new puppy. Check with your boss about your company’s guidelines. This means you can get your job done while having a calming presence for your pup.

Invite a family member to stop by

If you can’t change your work schedule, try getting a family member to come home and spend some time with the pup. This will ensure that the puppy has company and that someone is there to check them out.

Ask a neighbor to check in

If your family members live too far away, ask your neighbor if they’ll come over occasionally to check on the pup. This will help break in the puppy while at work. This may be easier for neighbors than your family because they live next door. This, of course, depends on whether your neighbors are home or if they have a full-time job that takes them away from the house as well – and if they are happy to help with your dog’s care!

Pet sitter

There are actually pet sitters who come by and stay with your pup while you are at work. Consider hiring one; Your credentials and experience can mean they can even train your pup while you play with them.

Day care for dogs

While it would be good to have your pup at home so he can familiarize himself with the environment and you can break him in while you work, sometimes it is impossible to find someone to visit your home for you. If so, take your puppy to the dog daycare where a team will look after your puppy and allow him to socialize with other dogs. This can be a great option as your pup can learn to share with new dogs and you will have a professional to attend to their needs.

Most of all, spend time with them

Even if you follow the recommended actions above, you will still need to spend a lot of time with your pup. Make sure they are getting all of the exercises they need for their age and that you spend plenty of time with them in the evenings and weekends. Plan fun activities with your pup and have an idea of ​​what kind of games you would like to play with him.

Bonding when your dog is young is important. It is also an important time to exercise your pup, as bad behavior at this stage can last a long time in their life. Your puppy can be house trained while at work, but you need to be there as much as possible to discipline, train and be easily recognizable as his owner.

Do your research on puppy sitters and daycare

Your dog deserves the same care from professionals that you give them at home. So when looking for carers or dog sitter facilities, think about your expectations and the service offered. For example, if you interview dog walkers, find out how many other dogs will be walking at the same time and check their professional insurance policies. It is also a good idea to find out what experience this person has with dogs. For example, many trainers and veterinarian nurses offer boarding, walking, or dog sitting services outside of their other jobs, so they probably know a thing or two about pet care!

You might want to take a look at the places your dog or puppy will be trained in while you are away and do a quick safety clearance. Ask if your dog’s caregiver has assessed the potential risks. Getting references for the supervisor is a good idea if you want to learn more about other people’s experiences with them. You could also think about the difference between being a self-employed carer and someone who works for an animal care agency. For example, if someone from an agency falls ill, does the agency find a replacement at short notice?

You are not embarrassed to ask these questions – your dog is a valuable member of your family and a professional caregiver will see this as a mark of a good owner and be able to review their professional services. In some cases, you may trust your dog’s carer to do other things, such as: B. House keys so that your search cannot be too thorough. If you don’t know where to start, referrals from friends or your dog club are a good place to start!

Make sure your dog or puppy has the opportunity to meet the caregivers before leaving them in their care. For example, if you are looking for a dog walker, let yourself be accompanied on one of their walks so you can see for yourself how they handle the dogs in their care.

Dog sitter apps

If you just don’t know where to start in your search for the perfect dog or puppy sitter, check out a dog sitter app! Just fill in your address, choose the dates you need, and you’ll find boarding, day care, hiking and even house services near you. Additionally, most of these websites also have ratings for each dog sitter, so you can be sure that your four-legged friend is in good hands. Some of our favorite dog sitter apps are:


Pawshake is a great dog sitting app that helps you find a reliable dog sitter near you. All potential puppy sitters are screened by Pawshake and only around 20% are accepted. If you use the app, your dog is covered by its own premium insurance.


If you want a more personalized experience from your puppy sitter then look no further than BorrowMyDoggy. Instead of paying for a dog sitter or stroller, you are paying for someone who loves dogs as much as you do, to give your dog extra love when you are not around. Many puppy owners actually prefer this service because they feel like their dog is gaining an extra family.


If you’re a dog owner who wants to know exactly what your dog is doing at all times, give this a try rover Dog sitter app. You get GPS tracking of where your dog is walking, toilet notifications, and even personalized notes from your puppy sitter.

Be prepared for emergencies

It is likely that nothing bad will happen while you are away, but it is still important to be prepared for emergencies. Just make sure that your dog’s caregiver is qualified to provide dog first aid, is aware of your dog’s medical problems, and knows how to administer medication as part of the care of your pet. Most importantly, make sure you have your contact details – and that of a backup – as well as your vet’s details, your dog or puppy’s microchip information, and recent veterinary history.

While it isn’t nice to think about it, think ahead of time about what to do if your dog gets sick or suddenly dies. It is best to be prepared for any worst case scenario and to share your feelings in advance to avoid unnecessary heartache later.

These things may take a little preparation, but when you’re done you can rest assured that your dog is in the best possible hands while you are away – and their happiness is, after all, something you can’t put a price on!

Take your dog or puppy with you on vacation

If your dog or puppy comes to you on vacation instead of staying in a puppy daycare, they are not alone. In fact, many people don’t consider it a proper “family vacation” unless their canine companion is there to share the fun! Fortunately, there are more and more dog owner locations, which means your options aren’t limited to camping trips or “stays”.

From B&B breaks to self-catering hotels and cottages to canal boats and even giant castles that are available for rent, there are dog-friendly accommodations to suit all tastes and budgets. Dog training holidays also provide a place to enjoy dog ​​activities and sports with fellow dog lovers with the guidance of a qualified trainer.

If you plan to vacation outside the UK and Ireland, changes in UK quarantine laws are making it easier and safer than ever to vacation abroad with your dog. There are very specific requirements that must be followed. So visit the website at Find out what it takes to get your dog abroad. Always ask your veterinarian for advice before booking a trip abroad with your dog to make sure he is ready for the trip.

After that, all you need to do is prepare for a few memories – and have a good trip!

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