Dog Rescue Adoption Impossible - Robert Cabral Podcast Episode 28

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Dog Rescue Adoption Impossible – Robert Cabral Podcast Episode 28

Adopting a dog from a rescue is a noble thing to do, but sometimes rescue organizations have such issues that you cannot even get past the application or home-check process. These rescues make adopting a dog almost impossible. People will then end up buying a dog from a breeder or worse yet, go on craigslist or the internet and (sometimes unknowingly) support puppy mills.

In this podcast I address this issue and shed some light on the issues and my concerns with un-reputable rescues and those that just make it impossible to deal with adopting a dog.

Take a lookat my work with shelters nationwide:

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64 Thoughts to “Dog Rescue Adoption Impossible – Robert Cabral Podcast Episode 28”

  1. pamelagay12

    We adopted a dog from the Animal Shelter in Irvine, CA, and it was more difficult than it was to adopt our foster child. It was laughable. True story.

  2. Loki_Cane_Corso_ Italiano

    Yes sir, i totally agree with everything you said!! I volunteer at Androscoggin animal shelter, i have been saying for YEARS, we need to implement basic obedience training we would be able to guarantee forever homes. Behavioral issues is usually why we get dogs and why ppl will bring a dog back. People also need to understand that dogs are not born trained, it takes work, and it’s so worth it.

  3. terrierized immortalized

    300% agree on the ‘clean up your own backyard’ comment. Too much time & $$ spent on ‘heroic’ rescues means local animals are betrayed Please think about it people, If you found yourself homeless, would you feel loved if those around you were sponsoring someone on the other side of the world ???

  4. thayne559

    Home inspections is a deal breaker for me. I’m not having a stranger coming into my house and judging me. Not gonna happen. I’ve rescued all of my dogs from the local pound and give them the best home I can.

  5. Keiheahera Kiwi

    I have a rescue we’ve owned 2 other dogs before our rescue. I thought they conducted the interview process very well, he is a joy. I live in Perth Australia, we have a Bull Arab adopted at 9 months old I don’t regret it. They were wonderful to deal with our rescue was literally a clean slate when we got him 4 months ago, we have established a great relationship over these months, his walking still needs improvement we are learning together. It cost 480$ this covered all his shots his chip and he was neutered. I don’t regret this, I would like another but our yard is too small for 2 dogs. My daughter is now looking to adopt a rescue……. we love him to bits as of Jan 2020 he’s 11 months old he sleeps in my room……. Best decision ever……RESCUE shelter dogs folks you too can be blessed.

  6. Heike Ott

    Hello Robert. Thank you so much for your Podcast. I started to study dog Psychology, and your videos help me a lot. I worked for 5 years in a dog daycare/ hotel and the last 2 years we started a rescue department in this dog hotel/ daycare. Somehow I enjoyed it more to work with the rescues, as it is very rewarding, when you see those dogs at the beginning in a very bad stage, and later, when they are able to be adopted out, at their best. Your videos helped me more and more to understand hidden problems in some dogs. I also like that you tell the truth, and never sugarcoat any situation, or problems. Everyone kinda tried to make me feel bad, when I got my dog from a breeder. This breeder is very responsible, and I could not ask for a better dog. Shes is now 10 years old, extremely clever, fantastic with people, and easy to read. At the beginning, i must confess, I was feeling guilty not to take a dog from a shelter, but as my girl was a gift, i had no much choice ;). She is a short framed Border Collie, her mom as an agility champion, and her dad was a show dog ( just looking pretty ). She is more like her dad. Agility, not her cup of tea. She is scared of sheep, but great with any other kind of animals. She never roundet up animals or people. She also it not a nipper, she is a kisser 😉 ( except cats. She thinks they are evil lol). It turned out she is a brainy dog. She can count, knows over 60 stuffed toys by name and brings them on request, she turned light switches off and on, shuts doors, puts all her toys in a basket before bedtime, plays dead, also the usual obedience training with her was so easy . She was, and is eager to learn. I grow up with GSD , as my godfather was breeding them for Schutz and Wachhund training ( agility, rescue, protection and search ). So GSD and BC’s are my preferred breeds, as they are highly intelligent and also , well for me, great to read. Maybe one day I will be able to join a course with you, as I would like to learn more, and I still have so many questions. Maybe one day you will come down to NZ ( New Zealand) for a workshop? I would be definitely be there. Keep doing your amazing work. I look forward to more videos from you.

  7. ve

    someone needed to say this! Thank you!

  8. tesher wa

    I got my beautiful boy from “Free dogs” Trade me . because of this exact reason .

  9. Mia Colleran

    Puppy mills are a huge problem here in Ireland. The Dublin SPCA is a joke. They buy litters from puppy mills and sell them- ‘adopt them’ out for €150 a head. Rescues need to watch this video. Also the trainers there are cookie trainers and to see them walking them is … would make you question their degrees

  10. 8th Day Adventist

    Adoption rescue businesses are stupid.

  11. Tony DiLorenzo

    Hi Rob Excellent Pod cast again, its unfortunate People dont have the same common sense approach as you do. But thanks to people like you every body can learn .Its a great thing you do.Thanks again

  12. Joe Day

    Flag consistently on your local craigslist.There are half a dozen of us on Seattles craigslist that do so since 2 months prior to Christmas and it has helped.A big driver for me to get this going was watching this channel.

  13. Chris Scinta

    That happened to me. It was so exasperated, I finally found a lady who had too many dogs, and agreed to give me one. (3 years old)She was older, just couldn’t manage. The dog has been training with me and has 3 rally titles and just completed his canine good citizen. The rescue missed out!!

  14. Tesla Nick

    I had a bad time with rescue charities here in the UK. Some even have you sign a contract to say you’ll only use purely positive training techniques, no “aversive tools” etc. etc. I had two disastrous home visits from two of the biggest. It was a nightmare. I gave up and looked elsewhere.

  15. o0Rozlyn0o

    I was just in the same situation. I’m no newbie when it comes to handling dogs, but I had always wanted a GSD. We went through an arduous application process with six different rescues- and was denied by every single one. We have a nice large property with fenced in yard, even had a behavioral trainer picked out who we would be visiting with the dog weekly. We were denied for “lack of GSD experience,” and for the fact we both work full time (claiming the dog can’t be alone for more than 4 hours at a time 🙄). They suggested we go to a different rescue and get a smaller breed. Bullshit! We now have a GSD from a breeder- and have many people tell us that he is the best behaved dog they have ever seen. That is because we are not the newbies that the rescues assumed we were- and that we put time and effort into our dog. I would have loved to give a rescue a forever home- but we simply were not allowed to help one of these “overflowing rescues” that are in “desperate need.” I’m still upset about it to this day.

  16. Tesla Nick

    You’re popular because you’re honest, down to earth, no b/s and someone to aspire to. You’ve *earned* the respect you get, Robert.

  17. slowpos

    keep making your podcast just like this. voice is clear we see your whole face. sell that stupid big in the way microphone…besides you look stupid with that huge microphone in your face.

  18. Celeste Lovett

    Wow the whole thing is SO DEPRESSING! The entire situation is caused by people’s basic irresponsibility regarding consideration of the DOGS’ needs, not the needs of people! Kudos to those who realistically try to do something to help these poor dogs get to good homes.

  19. Beth Evans

    Stop trashing people who list dogs on CL. I have bought dogs and homed dogs on CL. Do the same research and ask the same questions you would ask getting a dog from anywhere. Common sense and a little homework.

  20. Jacqueline Beaulieu

    Man i went through the exact thing a few years ago . I finaly found a good dog for us . A 40 pd lab mix ,black 3 years old . Filled out all the form . Then got a respond from the dog asking for a pool in his foreever home . Well it just put me off . We have a bungalow on a acre of land with a pond . I d like a smimming pool too but hey There is a lac on the corner of my Rd .bye the way i m not a fur mommy. I m sorry but i got a dog the conventional way .

  21. Dereck Hades

    Here too. A few shelters asked me to fill in a form and I never heard of them anymore . Maybe because I don’t have a garden, or because I already have a dog. Meanwhile I know a place where theres a garden with a cage. There’s 3 dogs in it . Two other dogs and two other cats live inside the home. The home smells like poop . Their excuse not to take care of them is because the woman is pregnant . One dog died recently . I’m sure they didn’t get water every day. But that’s okay they have a garden.

  22. Lisa Mullins

    We use a prong collar & I am so glad I have learned from you that it is Our job to protect our dog & who cares what people think. We are putting in the work needed to train our pit mix & a prong collar is needed to keep our strong guy with problems controlling his impulses… Even family members have said oh prong collars are so mean. I’m like seriously, Ai yi yi. Robert, Thank you for podcast. I’m like hey, Robert Cabral is cool with us & that’s enough for us

  23. Al Lo

    At 7:00 calling it like it is. Appreciate your candidness and videos!

  24. Anna Freed

    Thank you, Robert for the presentation. I do hope there will be millions of views and followers. I found the same thing, years ago. We wanted to adopt a very sick Afghan female, we had a male and had learned all about the breed etc. No dice, because Our male was not neutered! We let it go but I started to wonder about the Shelters. My friend got fired as a volunteer from a fancy breed rescue. She went someplace else, I learned that Shelters make a GREAT living on being shelters. She co-signed for some of the rescuers from donations for personal items such as underwear, toiletries etc. She got fired there and promised people to care for their pets after they died. I was there when pets came in, bedraggled, sad and lonely. I offered to Foster them, clean them up etc,. for adopters. Instead, I got dumped and maligned by my ex-friend with lies etc. There is a horse rescue around here, they needed a new place. They showed videos of great homes, made comments that they needed more than 50 horses (??? to remain a Rescue) and moved to the fancy house etc. well supported by the horse rescue, with lots of volunteers doing the work. A Wildlife Station where the Vet used his own funds for medicine closed down. No more Wildlife Rescues in MD. The entire Rescue Community needs supervisiion and a list for consumers with Robert’s observations. I have pictures of ritually slaughtered Deer, of all ages, about 14 or so piled by the children’s bus stop for over one week. I called everyone from the Police to the Rescues to shelters to interested people, no answers, animals were left there uncovered for a week or more. We live in Howard, Co. one of the Richest Counties in the US. Go figure the status of other counties in the US. These are all my own collected facts. You are sooooo right Robert, thank you! In Utah, recently I needed help with a Volunteer to bail out an older dog, the shelter sold the dog for ??? if they got any money, to a SECRET rescue. Never found the dog. Emails up and down, no dog, no information except they cannot give the name of “Rescue” they gave or sold the dog to. The world goes on and on and good people get drawn into believing the stories at face value.

  25. Jennifer Pearson

    We have a local no kill rescue shelter that does not over-qualify people but they are also having to double up dogs in each kennel in order to deal with the flood tide that is continuous here. The people who work there are saints. However, when I was wanting to offer to do some basic obedience with their dogs they said it wasn’t working because of the level of excitement stirred by my walking a dog through the kennel after I did a session. It resulted in redirected aggression among dogs in the same kennel. I may try to meet them at adoption events for obedience or only work with dogs in foster. Do you have any suggestions regarding breaking general barrier aggression in their kennel area or controlling overexcitement? I’ve read about air horns. Do you know if they work to break this sort of group rioting? Again, I’m not inclined to criticize them because of the level of problem we have here but they do need help in this regard.

  26. Adrian Richards

    Steady Robert if you keep talking Common Sense you’ll be labelled as a Heretic…..keep up the good work ! Regards from the UK 🇬🇧

  27. Shamsa Al Maktoum

    Thanks for the upload and all the insight!!!

  28. Marilin Puig

    I once thought about rescuing a dog…. gave up. Decided a Breeder was a better choice for me and have started with puppies ever since. Had an amazing Alaskan Malamute for 17 years, a Havanese for another 17, along with 2 Shish Tzus. Currently have 2 Keeshonds and a solid black, long-haired German Shepherd who in extremely chill and laid back. I spoil them terribly, but structure and basic obedience is essential for a happy life with them. Yes, I am home with them 80% of the time.

  29. Wod Girl

    This is exactly what happened to me. The one rescue that was finally affordable and didn’t require and extensive background check- I met the little terrier mix- adored him and then the foster tells me- it’s first come first serve- so if you don’t pay today he’s at risk of being adopted to someone else. I wasn’t going to have the $200 until that Friday. A week away. I promised a good home to this dog but by the time Friday came he was adopted to someone else. I was so annoyed that other rescues were charging anywhere from $400-800 for the same style dog. Not to mention it was so hard because I have two small children a 3&4 yr old. Most rescues don’t allow children under 5.
    I ended up finding a cairn terrier mix for $100 on Craigslist that this woman was caring for because her grandmother couldn’t care for anymore. He’s such a beautiful 3 yr old terrier and I know for a fact these rescues would have charged over $400 for him. The only thing I noticed is, he possibly was hit because when I tell him no he gets timid and skirt tails away. Other than that he knows sit, lay down, stay (almost) and is house trained. Still working on his barking when I leave.
    Thank you for your work!

  30. matthew taylor

    HOW DO YOU HANDLE 3 DOGS?!?!?!?!?!?! (12 yrs, 7 yrs, 6 months) IM LOSING MY MIND!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Chikyu skin care

    A perfect podcast! I experienced the very same thing here in San Diego when attempting to rescue an adult GSD. I was denied via my application (the reason given was my lack of experience), despite having years of experience and each dog I’ve ever owned lived with me until they became seniors and passed. I live an active lifestyle with my dogs i.e., hiking, long walks, running, traveling with them, a home with a dog door, large yard (almost a half acre), 6 foot fence and tons of love. I ended up going to a reputable GSD breeder despite wanting to rescue a dog that needed a home. My now male 5 year old Eastern working line GSD is deeply loved, highly obedient (training is implemented in almost everything I do with him), lives a daily active lifestyle, travels with me on vacations and is provided great care. A year ago, I acquired another GSD (female), however did not go through a rescue due to my past experience with them. Both dogs get along extremely well and are very happy dogs but can’t help but wonder about the GSD’s that could have lived a great life with me.

  32. Catherine Morris

    Great video content.

  33. Pam's Great Outdoors Adventures

    I totally agree!!!

  34. Manuel T

    great video! what do you think on the topic of foods? “raw, dry, wet, homemade and costume made foods”. and will any of those food will alter they behavior on the dogs?

  35. Jovanna

    I didn’t know picky rescues was a problem. My mom rescued a shih tzu with no problem. They did a home visit and there was a small adoption fee, but they gave us everything she needed. The leftover dog food the foster family had bought, her leash and harness, blanket and even this carpeted stair step so she could get up onto a chair or the couch. We love her so much. But took her about 18 months before she would trust anyone but my mom.

    Edit: they also took care of all the vet stuff before adopting her out.

  36. Tony J

    I totally agree with you Robert and many rescue agencies need to change their policies. There’s also another big adoption issue that’s not spoken about. Almost all Homeowner Insurance Companies have a list of banned dogs and the Pit Bull is on the top of the list. This does not help the Pitbull adoption issue.

  37. Dan Faller

    How to train control freaks , choke collar ?

  38. Marea Miller

    One thousand percent agree. I spent two years being turned down by group after group after spending hours and hours on applications. Ended up with a straight shelter dog, and I could gave given a great home to any of those dogs.

  39. E Gagnon

    I believe one of the reasons some rescues are so difficult is because too often people adopt out of feeling sorry for a dog or because the breed is popular…  I have personally seen people adopting dogs and returning them for minor, fixable problems…  Personally, I know if I adopt a dog from a rescue or a shelter chances are it will have some issues due to abandonment or bad/lack of training from the previous owners and will need some work…  As for people turning around and buying dogs from Craigs’ List, sorry, but it is THEIR fault not the rescues…  There are hundreds of thousands or rescue and shelter organisation to can get your dog from… If you are turned down by one try another one!…  If you want a pure bred, do your homework on the breed and research the breeders…  Getting a dog from a parking lot or a pet shop should never be an option…  You NEED to go to the breeder so see their setting and the parents or at least the mother if the male comes from another breeder…

  40. Big Geordie

    We have dog rescues here importing dogs from Romania and loads of local trainers fund raising for Romanian dogs and ignoring the dogs euthanised right here for want of adoption. Makes me mad it dies.

  41. matthew taylor

    shelters can be brutal. Friends of ours tried to adopt a dog. And they are good ppl. They checked ONE wrong box on the application, they checked “protection” as well as many other GOOD reasons they wanted this dog and they were denied. Ive seen it with cats too. Some shelters ask no questions and just give them away, while others seem to not want to give ANY of their animals away & make it impossible for good ppl to adopt. They ended up going to craigslist, like you said. Nobody wins in that scenario, except the backyard breeder. That dog is still in the shelter, that could have been an empty cage for another needy dog, that could have been money for the shelter, that could have been good word of mouth for the shelter…..but no. Theyre power tripping asses, under the guise of protecting these animals, are just HURTING the same animals they claim they are protecting!!!

  42. Perfect Weather

    It happens with parrots as well. People buy birds from unlicensed breeders and then dote on how great of a person they are for rescuing an animal, but they paid full price from unhealthy animal coming out of inadequate and dangerous conditions. It drives me nuts when I see animal breeders with small dirty cages selling more pets because people feel bad so to solve the problem they give the Dirtbag enough money to take a nice vacation.

  43. Marniecooldog T

    I really don’t understand the bringing third world dogs here ? What about ALL the dogs here

  44. All I Do Is Me

    You really shouldn’t even complain about where people get their dogs, it’s irrelevant. The real problem is people getting rid of their dogs or any other animal for that matter.

  45. matthew taylor

    congrats on the podcast!!!

  46. miep

    I think shelters/rescues are very different in germany, at least the one we got our dog from. We went there to look for a new dog and only had to go there twice to get to know our dog a little bit. They brought her to our home, took a quick look at our house + backyard (not fenced in, that wasn’t a problem to them) and asked a few questions but that was about it.

  47. Emily Dueck

    Young couple, partner’s been working from home, single-floor house with a large yard, close to a nature park.

    Couldn’t get most shelters to respond to our applications. Got turned away in-person because we’re not married.

    Managed to finally find a shelter that adopted us a dog. They lied about how severe the dog’s problems were and charged us $600 for him. Same one that hadn’t told us that another dog had baby aggression and let us walk him outside.

  48. Errhka

    This was my exact situation – I wanted to adopt from a shelter or a rescue and eventually had to resort to going to a breeder because they made it impossible to get a dog. I didn’t want a pit mix, a senior with health issues, or a dog with severe behavior problems or attacked cats- so that nearly eliminated pretty much all dogs from the shelter.

    When I went in to adopt one (an older Anatolian mix whose profile was ‘calm, needs one long walk a day, sleeps rest of day, good with pets/kids’) – they said I was too young at 23 even though I had wayyyy more time to take care of the dog than a normal person or family.

    When I went to GSROC they rejected me because I was a ‘first time owner’ – even though I grew up with a German Shepherd mix, lhasa apso, and helped raise a border collie for 2 years.

    A cattle dog rescue eliminated me because they thought I wasn’t thinking far enough ahead about what I would do with the dog after school – which is fair, except that my line of work (next year) allows me to have a dog because I would only be working 6-7 hours max. They still said I should look for another breed because I didn’t fit the ‘perfect’ picture of who they thought should own this breed. I’m sorry but if a dog cannot be alone for that length of time then it shouldn’t be adoptable OR come with a disclaimer on its page.

    I was veryyyy close to going to Craigslist – but I knew it was dangerous to adopt a dog whose history I did not know, especially with my roommates cat. Pups are rare and can be sick – all of them didn’t even say anything about the parents. So I stayed away. I can completely understand why someone would still get one from Craigslist because there were a LOT of choices

    Now I have my border collie puppy who is the love of my life and WAY more work than any of these dogs from the rescue would have been. I would say that I’m handling it well – when I need help for the one day a week I am out 6 hours (she needs to be out every 3-4 hours) my roommate takes her out for for me. Just because I am honest about the fact that someone else may need to take the dog out for one day or I am a student does NOT mean I should be eliminated as a good fit. The breeder is a fantastic breeder and made me fill out a form to make sure I was good for the pup. I was truthful about my situation and she said that she understood that I would be making a great home for the dog. She will take the dog back at any point if i feel like I am not a good fit and she sent me tons of info about every step of growth and training that we needed to do as owners. We are doing all the classes and because I am a student I am able to give her all the time she needs training, socializing, and playing vs someone who is working full time. By the time I am working next year she will be full grown enough to stay home for the time I need her to.

    Anyway sorry for the long story – it was a frustrating journey but I ended up with a fantastic pup!

  49. Christina

    I love rescues. I donate all the time. Now that I am trying to adopt another dog, it is turning into an almost impossible task. Rescue adoptions are difficult (as mentioned), the shelters have mostly male dogs (I am looking for a female) and the females that are available are labeled as “rescue only” due to health issues, having puppies etc, are either dog aggressive or high energy breeds. Craigslist is the only other option and most of the post are “questionable”.

  50. Angel Fieseler

    Can you address the trend to “import” rescue from other states ,i personally do not get it when they are tons 0f dogs that need homes

  51. Hircine

    I want to adopt a husky. but the rescue wouldn’t let me adopt because I have an intact german. Because of “aggression” that being intact may cuase. A reason based on ignorance, not fact. The dog I was seeking to adopt was a was female husky and infact an intact male is often even more docile then a male who isn’t. At least from my experience. My male german shepherd is so gentle with females even more then neutered males in fact people comment about how docile he is. They make it to where it’s too difficult to adopt. My male is intact because I want to stud him, because his back is straight (it’s not too straight but more straight then most germans for AKC standard) and produce puppies with better backs. But I wanted to adopt a husky female because so many Huskies are dumped Because it doesn’t fit people’s life style. I been researching the breed for 3 yrs. The reasoning I want a husky besides them being put down in so many shelters is because I want a female companion that is mid sized and german shepherds and Huskies have simular play styles. Also this may sound weird but my gs seems to like Huskies for some reason. He like males too but in particular he like females.

  52. Mister B’s -fish and things

    A weakness becomes a strength, simply by acknowledging it and focusing effort in the rite area.

  53. Omarious

    I wanted to get a another dog because my older dog is aging, she is about 14. We applied to one of the shelter on petfinder and never heard a thing back. I contacted a fosterer and one day he had a dog and the next day he did not have, just to have it after someone backed out. They want to do a home visit and inspection like they are appraising my house for sale… long story short, I went on Craigslist and contacted loads of people until I found one who had an adoptable puppy but seemed like a good family. When I ran a rescue almost two decades ago, it was not like that. My main focus was on training the dogs we brought in to NOT be Food-Aggressive, and this made us find homes faster for them. Today’s shelters and rescues are worst than before.

  54. JSiah

    Getting the membership today! 🙏❤️

  55. David Morganson

    The premise is absolutely correct. We applied to a handful of adoption groups and never heard back. I am sure there are good ones, and volunteers are busy.

    Further, by our experience, their forms are invasive and over the top. They don’t Select for people like the many successful dog owners we know but instead seem to be focused on extremists hell-bent on ending “the family dog” in favor instead of their own extremist beliefs.

    This man is correct also about how too restrictive adoptions lead to black markets. We got our dog off craigslist finally. She is wonderful and already responding well to training. This was not our top choice source, and was made more difficult by the same extremist groups trying to shut down any discussion points whatsoever including Craigslist. It was a risk we eventually needed to take in order to have a dog, due to the scorched earth policies of the extremists.

    Adoption extremists should be excluded from serious influence in the same way as animal abusers. Neither has the best interest of animals or people at heart.

  56. Verna Clarkh

    Thanks for your work. I wanted a puppy whose parents lived in a loving home and had received proper care from conception.I don’t want to pay the prices “good” pure bread breeders are charging for their puppies. Personally I don’t value AKC credentials and don’t care how many best of shows the parents have won. I found exactly what I wanted on Craig’s list. My Shihtzu Jack Russel mix is a fantastic dog. She is smart, healthy, and learning fast. I also support humane euthanasia especially if the dog is going to live in a crate for 23 hours/day. Same for horses. Thanks again

  57. Fabiano Pina

    Indeed, here in Florida there are so many hoops to jump through that people are turned off before they leave the place

  58. John Alessi

    I tried adopting a dog and they wouldn’t adopt a dog to a house that currently has a un neutered dog. Then another had an intense background check with references that couldn’t be relatives ext…. I’ll never ever adopt because of this.

  59. Jeff Coltenback Dog Training & More

    I’ve been in rescue since 2002 and training since the early 90s. Reputable rescues DO NOT buy and sell dogs. Sadly, Robert is correct that there are bad apples….like any other industry… Social media makes it seem that the bad apples far exceed the good rescues. But it’s not the case. The good still outweighs the bad. But it is becoming more imbalanced as some rescues are money/notoriety focused and it’s disgusting. I think sone folks lose sight of why they got into rescue.

  60. anke effey

    Good morning – thank you for going all the trouble 🌷
    Always looking forward to seeing what you have to share! Learning a lot more – all great information for the future when I can have a dog 🐕 again. Just working too much hours right now

  61. B Hitchcock

    You are very well spoken. Thank you for sugar coating nothing.

  62. Critical Thinker 313


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