Dog PLAYING ROUGH can be DANGEROUS - Dog Training Video

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Dog PLAYING ROUGH can be DANGEROUS – Dog Training Video

All dogs LOVE to play, but some can’t handle the excitement. It’s the excitement that can lead to BIG problems. When dogs get into what’s called “ESCALATED DRIVE” they may not know how to turn that excitement off. That can trigger AGGRESSION. You’ll see that behavior starting in this video. Even though these dogs did not have an issue, it is something that can prove very dangerous.

In this video you’ll see two Belgian Malinois playing rough and you will be able to tell when the excitement gets a little too high!

In my years dealing with shelter dogs, I’ve seen this go from FUN to UGLY really really FAST!

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24 Thoughts to “Dog PLAYING ROUGH can be DANGEROUS – Dog Training Video”

  1. Robert Cabral

    Hope you like this video. Check out my complete online dog training video lessons at:

  2. Fredrik Klingström

    The malenoisa seem to be so soft and willing compared to a rottweiler. Not at all the same level of stuborness.

  3. SEK9

    women always attached to emotions

  4. Black Hawk

    I think the biggest mistake in this video is the lady owner of the Malenoi under the illusion that her 12 month old dog is popping over to break up dog fights..and by Roberts body language ( folded arms and then folded legs) he didn’t agree but diplomatically explained why that’s not the case. Dog parks are the worst place to take your dog


    same with our shepkita. we just avoid playing with dogs. they seem fine for a while, and then our shepkita will submit the other dog. the dog is for our family and not for enjoyment of other people and dogs. stay away from dog parks if you have a dominant dog!

  6. Mustang x

    He tries to break up fights and therefore he is a peacemaker lol
    Highest form of dominance controlling the pack.

  7. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    So much great information in the full video. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you.

  8. Rico4you

    Myself and my Mali girl avoid Dog Parks like a plague! 👊💯

  9. Jan

    How can men have such a delayed reactions??? That’s where the problems rise from. Play some martial arts first.

  10. Hoping For The Day

    Malinois aren’t for people like her. They need a job, they don’t need to go to doggy fight club (dog park).

  11. Michael Rice

    I have a question. I have trained Beagles for years now. When the temp is cooler I run my Beagles 5 and 6 days a week. With this being said, coyotes are a big problem in my area and have attacked Beagles. ?Could a person train a East German sheperd bloodline dog to go with me and protect my Beagles from these coyotes who are aggressive? Beagles when running a rabbit are totally focused on the rabbit track. They do not even know that a coyote is even around. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  12. June Song

    If nitro comes up to my dog, she will Bite him….the lady who takes the malinois to the dog park all the time is… idiot for better lack of words. you have a malinois, do right by the dog or go get a doodle

  13. inthe house

    Useful information Thanks

  14. CuriousFurious58

    Is it a good idea at all to let the dogs together while they are on a leash?

  15. Anna Bell

    That besotted dogparent is a typical furmommy. “My dog would NEVER. He’s a HEeRooooooO. He actually mediates stressful interactions between OTHER dogs. Sometimes, he acts as a marriage counselor to me and my hubby. He SAVED our marriage. I think, actually, this dog could create peace on Earth.💕💜💓👅🥴.”

  16. Alisha Madariaga

    WHY do people put themselves and their dogs into these situations?? DON’T GO TO DOG PARKS! It’s really quite simple . I just don’t get the stubbornness of some out there

  17. Mark Davich

    Yep… that’s exactly what I’ve heard before LOL – “I’m so sorry, he’s never done that before!” after I’ve had to defend my dogs or pull em apart.

  18. lm nop

    “He plays at the dog park all the time. He breaks fights up.” Proudly.

    Umm… that’s what a dominant dog does. Not just a dominant dog. A dominant dog who believes he’s top dog. LOL.

  19. Mr Cirino

    NO dog parts for me. Thank you for all your videos they do help a lot !
    I do go to flea markets and car shows I noticed if I lead my dog to the left or right of the oncoming dog everything’s good but with some comes directly at me then I could feel the tension.

  20. Frida - The Artist Dog

    Hello Robert… Hi from India. Big fan of your training. My GSD is 1.5 years old and she is too friendly with strangers. If someone comes near to us she tries to greet and play with that person. Even, if someone comes to home for any house keeping work; she tries to greet that person like she knows him/her for years. I’m bit worried with her too friendly behavior. What should I do? How to let her know that she should only watch the person.

  21. C B

    That lady is too emotion heavy for a malinois. Hopefully the boy listens to Robert and takes control. The lady will attach human emotions to that dog and it’s gonna be chaos.

  22. Ivar Romanoff


  23. Noves the GSD

    Leash reactivity issues after that kind of meeting.
    “He plays at the dog park all the time!”
    Just no. No.
    They both did good at the end though!

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