Dog Obedience Training Q&A Dog Training Tips and Advice - ask me anything
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Dog Obedience Training Q&A Dog Training Tips and Advice – ask me anything

Dog obedience training and advice video. This video contains the following tips:
1. When will my dog be completely trained?
2. My Malinois is not recalling /coming.
3. The Stay Command Issues.
4. Focused Heel Issues.

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11 Thoughts to “Dog Obedience Training Q&A Dog Training Tips and Advice – ask me anything”

  1. Napili54

    I got a rescue dog a black lab, (but I don’t think He’s full lab). He’s about a year old. He won’t get in the car for nothing. I seen You video about jump in the car or truck and He isn’t going for it. He is a puppy acting and really bad. He tears everything up not picking up on My trying to train him or nothing. I had real labs all My life and raised them from a puppy and could teach them anything. This one isn’t learning at all. If he doesn’t get in the car or My truck then there is no use for Me to have Him. I never should have gotten a rescue dog that is for sure.

  2. random guy 23 23

    My dog is a republican so Zak Georges, vids didn’t work until I found this channel

  3. Keiran Emond

    Hi Robert, really enjoying your video content! Any tips on introducing dogs to other animals (cats and rabbits ideally) and keeping them all safe?

  4. Naoko Okada

    Hi Robert, I always enjoy your love towards dogs and your honesty. Thank you so much for all the videos and advices. You mentioned in this video that you use a command “let’s go” for a loose leash walk. Are your dogs expected to stay beside you with a loose leash or are they allowed to walk in front of you? I have been working very hard training my 6 month old husky to walk beside me with a loose leash. Thank you so much!

  5. Manousos Glumenakis

    Hey Robert,
    Hope this is the right place to pose a question.
    I have a 6 month german shepard we live in a village and there are many many goats and sheep running freely. Do you have any experience on how to deal with it. He just started as his instinct suggest to chase them around without knowing why .
    I hope I hear about this delicate subject as there is nothing really helpful on the matter and it is a matter of life and death literally.
    Thanks in advance!

  6. Bruce Boschek

    Always great advice. Halgrim (18 mo GSD) is very reactive and easily distracted by other dogs, birds or people, but with constant correction he is coming along nicely. We try to always follow your advice and it is paying off.

  7. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    Re, first question, also depends on rate of maturity. Teaching your dog to love learning is the Key to success. Can’t get success without corrections, that is for certain. I use a wait command when something else is coming quickly so the dog is prepared. We all train differently and it does depend very much on the individual dog and what the dog is going to be doing. Great as always Robert, Thank you : )

  8. j

    Did Robert ever write a book? This is great info

  9. Deanna Valentine

    I have a Boston Terrier she is 2 1/2 years old. She goes pee every two hours I have had her to a couple different vets she is fine. How can I get her to hold it longer. I have heard they won’t go where they live. She does.

  10. auberrytoo

    This is really helpful. I thought I was doing a bad job training my puppy when in fact it appears I may have been expecting too much of the puppy.

  11. Allen McKnight

    This is good stuff. These videos are great! My border collie loves playing tug more than anything in the world and you taught us how! Cheers

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