Dog Fitness - Exercises to Get Your Dog Into Great Shape, Strength, Core, Fitness
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Dog Fitness – Exercises to Get Your Dog Into Great Shape, Strength, Core, Fitness

Fitness training for your dog involves more than just a walk in the park, or even running and chasing a tennis ball or frisbee. There are numerous things to consider to get your dog into shape and keeping them in shape throughout their entire lives. In this short video I show you some simple exercises that I’ve done with my dogs and continue to do. If you want to see the full video and hundreds more, check:

Here’s a link to a balance ball that sells on amazon:

THANKS for watching, please click here for more information.

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12 Thoughts to “Dog Fitness – Exercises to Get Your Dog Into Great Shape, Strength, Core, Fitness”

  1. Maria H

    Damn… out of stock on Amazon… I was too late!!😅🙈

  2. Milena Taylor

    Ok , I gotta say this… the editing on this… the music, graphics is so CUTE! And I love it when Robert says “yeah, good boy” … “GOOD” definitely works with my dog. I’ve been using Robert’s techniques and they really work!!! It was evident at the groomer’s yesterday! I was such a proud mama 🐾🐾THANKS ROBERT!

  3. Jannell Meagher

    Yes! Dogs crave pleasing us and love these exercises. This is absolutely fun for dogs and on a day where one might not be able to go out, these are perfect for so many reasons. Great video!

  4. Stephanie Allen

    Love you all 🍒😃😂💎

  5. Pete Rochester

    Dwayne looks a lot like my rescue, same size and color. What do think the breed mix is? Thanks and love your dogs and videos.

  6. marvona


  7. Raw Food 4 Life Taffy

    LOL my golden retriever lily heard you saying sit stand on this video and she came into the room obeying your commands. It was Hilarious.

  8. Dida uy7

    My dog ​​is good but there must be food. So why is that?

  9. golfinguna

    Nice video… You can see the dogs body movement while trying to stabilize his body. Great overall workout for many smaller muscles. Diet is the first most important issue in a dogs health and fitness. I see dozens of dogs every day, overweight through junk food, unhealthy and lacking exercise. when are so called dog lovers going to understand that this is bordering on cruelty.

  10. T K

    Thanks for the consistently great content!

  11. Marino Cane Corso

    I need to make a cat mill. Good way to exercise dogs.

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