Dog Christmas gift ideas

In this article, we’re going to examine Christmas gifts for dogs and the games you can play with these gifts to make the Christmas week even more special. After all, your dog brings a lot of light to your life and Christmas is the best time to celebrate those who are important to us!

1. Buy a personalized Christmas themed ball or ball

A ball is usually a dog’s favorite toy. So take advantage of it this Christmas season. Buy one that has your dog’s name on it or one with a Christmas pattern to make it feel more festive. You can go even fancier with this Christmas gift for dogs and invest in a glowing dog ball or one that makes a noise when rolling.

If the ball is the size of a tennis ball, hang it on the Christmas tree before giving it to your dog on Christmas Day. If it’s bigger, just wrap it up and put it under the Christmas tree. Unwrap it for her later. That way, your dog can be a part of the gift wrapping session.

And for a little more fun …

Play fetch with your new ball when you go on your Christmas Day stroll. Who doesn’t love to get something?

2. A Christmas stocking

There’s no reason your dog can’t have a stocking with the rest of the family. Fill the stocking with their favorite goodies and give them a few over Christmas Day. Make sure you personalize the stocking with their name! Remember that all goodies should count towards your daily food intake.

And for a little more fun …

Why not play hide and seek? Hide the treats in different parts of the house and let your dog search and sniff for them. Follow them to make sure they find the goodies. This Christmas gift for dogs is one they can have fun with for hours!

Black and white dog sitting next to Christmas tree

3. Buy them the new toy – with a twist

Almost every year there is a new toy for dogs. Or there is a toy that you’ve wanted to buy all year round that you’ve never gotten to. Buy them this toy and put it under the Christmas tree to see their joy on Christmas morning.

And for a little more fun …

To make her new toy more fun, create a tidbit trail around the house (with her favorite Purina goodies) and hide her new toy in the end. It’s going to be like a treasure hunt and it’s a great way to keep you occupied for a while!

4. Buy a dog puzzle box

Dogs who like puzzles will love a puzzle box for Christmas. These boxes are like chess boxes, but they are specially designed for dogs. When they get into the box, they have to press certain sections to unlock goodies. Your dog will enjoy the challenge and keep them mentally active.

And for a little more fun …

At most Christmas get-togethers, the family gets together over a board game, be it Monopoly or Pictionary or others. These lazy evenings with mince pies and wonderful company are what we remember most at Christmas. While playing, make sure your dog has his own puzzle as a Christmas present for the dog so that he is entertained, so that he can feel part of the family. Sometimes family members can help guide them to the next clue while waiting for their turn to play the board game in case you play one.

In this article, we’ve examined some of the Christmas gifts for dogs that you can give them for Christmas. Make the day just as fun for her as it is for you!

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