Dog Aggression and Reactivity Issues
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Dog Aggression and Reactivity Issues

In this Q&A I address a few questions relating to dog aggression and reactivity towards other dogs and cats.
1. Should my dog defend himself against an attack?
2. My dog cries to get at other dogs.
3. My German Shepherd goes crazy when he sees cats.
4. Can a pitbull be friendly after first buying?

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18 Thoughts to “Dog Aggression and Reactivity Issues”


    Pepper spray the other dog..I carry it when I walk .I will spray any dog that comes at my dog .

  2. letsreciew

    Your videos are already extremely specific but is there a 1,2,3 step by step way to make your dog stop barking at everything. It’s kinda knew for my dog but I live in an apartment and I’m not trying to be the guy with the loud dog.

  3. Hector's Kmetija

    I live in a rural area but have a gypsy camp round the corner ( the gypsies have always been friendly and good neighbours) but let their dogs roam free. When walking my dog’s and 2-3 of their dogs come running up barking and going mental, I now let my older dog off the lead to chase them off. Initially I tried to carry on lead walking but they would surround us. This method seems to work without any dogs getting bitten. Sadly because of 4 months of lock down my 8 month old pup has had half his life experience with aggressive dogs, not looking forward to trying to manage dog classes, when my anxious pup is allowed out again!

  4. IrvinBeast

    I had three stray pitbulls attacked my Caucasian Shepherd last week and I went out there and went at those pits with my dog. I don’t know if that makes me a bad owner but I tried to kill those dogs for trying that crap on my dog I absolutely lost it

  5. Breakthrough Made in USA

    Have you written any books on Doug training?

  6. Mary Thomson

    I have a 3 year old Maltipoo that is very reactive when we pass a dog while walking. Thanks for the advice to distract her. I’ll try it, for sure.

  7. Marek Piróg

    Hi. Long story…I own 2yo GSD and basically she has huge drive to other dogs. Probably because when she was a puppy she has to much unattended play with other puppies. That is my guess at least. As mentioned in the video, yeah, distance is important here. There is huge BUT in this story. Due to pandemic (another guess ;)) many people from my neighberhood boughtadopted dogs (mostly Pomeranians, yorks, beagles, Jack Russell, etc) and that is fine in general. What complicates this situation is most of them are off leash. What complicates it even more? Like 90%+ have lack of obedience or proper socialization. So very common situation is when these dogs approach my GSD barking at her, coming closer and closer with no reaction to their owner recall. I am really confused by this situation because there is not much what I can do I think…or at least have no better idea but to get my dog into sit, and ask owner to recall their dog (with no result!). Moving forward is not an option as “an enemy” is moving with us, barking and approaching us even closer. Third thing I do is…I leave like 1 meter of a leash to let her defends by herself. I leave it on her but I truly believe that is not the best idea. So far these dogs ran away…

  8. Painted Pony

    Great advice. Thanks for all you do.

  9. Emm Bee

    I have an 11 year old shepherd mix that has been reactive since she was a pup. I’ve taken her to classes, watched training videos one after another, and worked and worked with her but little has worked to calm her in certain circumstances. She would get overly excited and sometimes lunge when she saw other dogs or cat on walks. Of course, she is always on a leash and we do just as Robert says here — keep our distance — which is absolutely helpful. However, the addition of one simple tool has made a world of difference. I began using the Pet Convincer with her (sold on Amazon). It’s handheld compressed air. Absolutely NEVER to be used ON the dog but just in the vicinity of the dog where they can hear it. I take it on walks with us and just as I see her motioning or signaling that she is getting too excited — before she gets worked up — I give a little squeeze which lets out a small amount of air that makes a noise which 1) snaps her out of that single-minded momentum and 2) discourages her from repeating the behavior! In fact, I used it once when we were ambushed by two small off-leash dogs on our evening walk and, to my surprise, it worked on them as well! They immediately ran away and we then had a few additional seconds to turn around and head in the opposite direction. I highly recommend using it and watching videos on the proper way to do so. Again, remember it is never to be used on the dog — just near them.

  10. Doug H. in VA

    YOU own your dog as property. File a police report about the neighbor dog and expect the neighbor will be angry with you. You can protect a dog with pepper spray or even a garden hose/nozzle, depending on the dog. But the aversive must be enough to deter the offending dog clearly and permanently. If you are sued when a neighbor dog is killed by one of your dogs, the judge may be faced with a superior lawyer from your neighbor. See? Follow laws.

  11. Simon Crni

    Wait, did i heard this correctly?? Guy is complaining because other dogs go in his yard and he want his dog to not react to them and when they bite him he doesnt bite them?

  12. Toby Green

    Hey rob got another good question for you especially with your work with rescue shelters and university lectures. We all know about the critical period is around 8 weeks to 12 and this is the best time to socialise a puppy ect. But what would you recommend new owners of import puppy’s specifically puppy’s 15 weeks do since they have missed that critical stage. This does come from someone really considering importing myself the breeders are creditable and raise KNPV Belgian mixes Cheers

  13. Francis Rodgers

    What a pity Robert talks down to people when they look to him for assistance.
    Of course he gets frustrated at the situations some folk get themselves and their dogs into, but he could answer without the arrogance. My respect for his knowledge is being diluted by the way he repeatedly talks down to those that ask for help.

  14. sharman collins

    LOVE listening to you , I have a saying Never let a dog get into the RED ZONE . Thats when you are socializing your dog on the street , park etc …Thanks for that chat…

  15. Micha Bosnjak Strack van Schijndel

    ? Robert is 3,5 months a problem puppy the last only whit mother and grown dogs 2 years 3 1 IPO 1 Malinois . I have a dutch Shepherd from spain and the Nederlands

  16. Micha Bosnjak Strack van Schijndel

    Here nmr second

  17. Alex Maxwell

    I really did it. I’m first

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