Dobermans Are Bred to be Aggressive!


Dobermans Are Bred to be Aggressive!


Dogs of the Doberman pinscher breed are bred and created exclusively to be aggressive therefore, every individual of this breed is aggressive.

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12 Thoughts to “Dobermans Are Bred to be Aggressive!”

  1. Omar Opqhe

    Thank you 🦮💘💞

  2. {}Mouse'Whisker{}

    Well, to point this out: Don’t call random dog breeds an aggressive dog breed, when it’s really not. I grew up with a pit, and it acted fine. And it matters on training, and the owner. (YesI have watched the video.) ;-;

  3. Helle Fur

    Glad you pointed out the bad breeding, lack of socializing and training to be the main problems, becaus they are.

  4. Nicole Cummings

    Mine is a big baby but protective of our house. I LOVE Dobermans!!!


    Hold up, ours was extremely sweet a big albino whitish one with a huge gentleness to people was naturally sweet but he was from UK & was pure breed a mega giants disease unfortunately that run in the dog breed 1 in 10 would or might come out like that every ten breedings a likelyhood of it, but he was insanely protective exactly like most all other breeds that are labeled aggressive, now our American one was insanely aggressive & sweet but docile / acted rough in playing around kinda aggressiveness but you know what breeding nature is meaning right ? Well FROM WHAT YOUR STATING, to my understanding your basically saying to make it loved or beat the shit out of its breed for generations of it to make them mean” nasty, have physical issues that bread to put it simply a fucked up way of saying it all,, IN WHICH I NEVER ORDIAN OR EVEN ALLOW THE THOUGHTS TO BE ALLOWED TO LIVE, Cos I can’t stand that bullshit, it’s pure evil to ever hurt mans best friend, still it’s decent for what it was & is, you know already facts any species of dogs, it is how you raise it but certain genetics will make it lean towards being a dominant Omega or Dominant Not British English england word Alpha but North American Alpha non slang word, not abused the shit out of like racist or anything ist like sexist but instead Alpha North American English word” Alpha breed name, with those breed that has disabilities like lock jaw that end in it being brutally murdered sadly by nature or stupid people who allow the pits to fight wild beast alone, or it having a oversized brain that crushes it’s skull that makes it turn wild with rage, just picture if a better meaner breed than some little 139 lbs pitbull instead like a actually dog, a real mastiff or the dog eaters bear scarer & killers of tiger like species, killers like packs of Wolves or a lone tiny grey wolf not a FUCKING FOX called a wolf, but an actual wolf breed, that dominants all dogs no matter what, in nature of it’s beast not dog, but beast nature it is & has naturally!!!!! Tell me something though do you really think something so wild & badass like a Dobby or German wolf / Shepherd or even as big as a mastiff would be even okay if it’s brain was increasingly growing to a point of nonstop until it started to crush it’s own skull painfully? Yeah, that’s why Bulldogs & Boxers replaced the genetically ill / sickly by it’s genetically disturbing deformations it naturally has unfortunately, so yeah, that plus it’s super thin tight skin there that is super prone to automatic injuries naturally, for a breed with so much horrifically terrible gens it’s pretty damn tough & badass if you asked me man….still I think since it was IN reverse story for my REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES with the Doberman species and Doberman Pinschers species you see up there in this video, just I assume is accurate for 00.10 % of it’s species for it’s terrain vs uk / us geograph from which it came, cos of military training & dominating the species for using ! But I despise violence ! No need to ever use that to educate folks for it’s abilities it’s used for…..just training properly learn what’s best for it, what’s best for you as well, ok, I gtg, take good care…. & God bless, ~Paul

  6. Dukolli


  7. Joseph Fdo

    Plzz tell about South Indian dog breeds 💐🥀🖤

  8. John Milton

    Doberman is not at all aggressive compared to German shepherd and Rottweiler

  9. silvia kapfinger

    Doberman,best dog ever!👍👍👍👍💖

  10. varun vc nair

    3rd 😕

  11. the huslandia

    2nd hehe

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