Do you know how many people are going to troll me over this?
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Do you know how many people are going to troll me over this? [Reality Dog Training EP 9]

Do you know how many people are going to troll me over this?! Reality Dog Training isn’t always easy. But George the pit bull is awesome even when he’s challenging!

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187 Thoughts to “Do you know how many people are going to troll me over this? [Reality Dog Training EP 9]”

  1. Maria Garcia

    George is going to have to find a new owner with the same discipline you have training George. Esp like you said that he is a pit bull.

  2. Revolutionary Roblox Videos

    I think it would be awesome if you adopted George!

  3. Dorena Wheeler

    George is so adorable if I wasn’t already watching your videos because I have a puppy that’s out of control I would get one just like him. Lol

  4. matteo chiaverri

    i’m so interested in the super chewer box but they delivery only in US or Canada… feels sad

  5. drummer4hire12

    When I was an animal specialist at my county shelter, I would fall in love with every single animal. That is the secret…..and I sure made my mark. I loved them as if they were my own….they were in a way.

  6. Dillan Raja

    Am I the only one that loves Zak saying “no relation” 🤣

  7. Laura Breed

    George you’re amazing! So smart and loving! But those squirrels 👀👀, you’ll get there buddy!
    My staffy was sitting next to me as I watched this episode and looked up when she recognised the commands 🤣
    Off for a little training. Look forward to the next episode Zac 🎉

  8. Jennifer Bishop

    It’s so nice to see someone else with a dog who has an issue with letting go.

  9. Michael Johnson

    up at 6:00 to walk today

  10. I’ve Got The Gift Of GOODBYE

    I’ve followed you the last month with my rescue Pitt/lab. The leash pulling is only with large animals now. Bear 🐻 was just like George. He’s down to a “sit” with whinny tones! The barking and aggressive nature is diminished daily! Thank you! I won’t let him out of the car without permission! He’s learning!

  11. meggan rahn

    I LOVE WORKING WITH PITTIES! Thier kryptonite isn’t usually to difficult to figure out. In fact the one I work with generally respond to most toys eagerly. I adopted a 6 yr old Korean Jindo dog earlier this year who doesnt respond to food, toys or me when she hyper focuses the way we see George do in this video. I would love to see Zac work with an older dog who maybe hasn’t been previously conditioned by people to respond to food or toys. There are plenty of them in the shelters.

  12. Lee Fruits

    Great work in this episode! This series with George (no relation) is phenomenal. 🙂

  13. Elentarien

    Loving these videos. I think I like it that you’re NOT doing everything ‘perfectly’ each time, you’re not entirely sure all the time. For me – it helps. My dog was an extremely difficult dog (kinda moreso because she was my first dog I actually got to take ‘book knowledge’ to literal training, but she is still a strange one at times) and there was a lot of this ‘try this – no, didn’t work, adapt, reassess, try again” until we found something that works with the specific dog. Yes, mistakes were made, but we were able to readjust and adapt and eventually made it to where she’s a pretty darn good dog. (Much of it was help from your videos! :D) But I still say it helps to see those with more experience struggle a little, because it means I am not so far off that I don’t have all the answers. I can take another dog and work with it and encountering more difficult dogs isn’t a bad thing. Just means you have to work a little harder. Nor does it mean the dog is bad.

    George is brilliant and a lovely dog. He’s making you work a bit, but he’s catching on and given a year or so, he’ll probably be awesome. I am fairly sure the distraction and curiosity about what is going on around him – he’s intelligent and wants to know about things. 😀 I hope you do keep him.

  14. Susan Walker

    Would you consider doing a FB Live? I’m so interested to know your story, when did you begin training and how you met your amazing wife,

  15. Ronnie White

    My girl Lucy did that to me chasing a rabbit. I lost all control over her. What surprised me, she didn’t have enough speed to catch it. She’s a female version of George, looks and character exactly. It’s amazing!!!! And yes, I wouldn’t be without her. THE most amazing dog I’ve had.

  16. Jorja Lee

    This must be so hard! I’m 11 years old and I taught my dog how to walk nice and getting good at recall also one of your videos taught her how to spin!

  17. Jennifer is a Crafty Girl

    I 100% don’t believe you are going to let this dog go. AND if you do I am unsubing. Maybe not but MAYBE!

  18. Papillon Dogs

    Impressive results. It must take some muscle power to control him when he goes for something like that squirrel!
    His new owner will need to be some 6 foot something, 200 pound man 🙂

  19. Brandy Roberts

    I’m only making a comment here because somebody said I was going to get trolled over something that I wrote here but this is the first thing that I’ve written on this gentleman’s post. Can somebody please Point me out to who is posting stuff under my name, because it’ll mean I’ve been hacked and I’ll have to change my account this happened once already thank you. I’ve looked through these comments and haven’t seen anything with my name attached to it???

  20. Courtney Stiner

    Zak, video idea, could you give us a tour of your dog stuff and how you store it

  21. Daz Dealz

    Wonder why alot of the Pitbull breeds have that skin patch on their noses? My pit has it as well and I notice it quite a bit also Mine has issues with let go as well lol.

  22. L.

    Well done George!👏👏👏👏 I loved the ending😀💙

  23. Connie Eneix

    George is awesome 👏

  24. Sabina Hertzum

    Im totally in love with George!!!

  25. Mutts and Manes

    I love Bree’s commentary…. He’s blissed out, look at his meaty lips, hahaha I was cracking up.

  26. Troy Evans

    Zac Hi, first let me say I purchased some Pupford treats from your last video and they are working wonders with our 12 year old dog. Secondly, have you ever thought about testing or contributing your skills to the domestication of Foxes? I’d be very interested in your thoughts on this. Here is a video that may help.

  27. Maya Fantana

    I love that you share your story so honestly ❣️

  28. Mohan Zhao

    My bc is 13 months old I train him daily and he still has problem letting go of toys, meanwhile for my friend’s bc their struggle is to get the dog to hold a toy and not lose it. So I totally understand the difference between dogs. Patience is so important raising my dog literally made me a Buddha 😂

  29. Budi Nurgraha

    Hey, talking dog please

  30. EierkopfFuchsgesicht

    Soooooo… are you keeping him?!

  31. Robyn Cooper

    Good job, George! Kissing my Golden’s nose and asking her to drop her tennis ball doesn’t work, either. Haha! I love watching your progress. 😊

  32. Craig Messina

    Zak, 3 tips for you:

    1. “Let Go” – This will always be 1 that you / George WILL struggle with & fail at times.

    The reason is if you look at what APBTs were used for in the past & presently, was to latch onto & subdue much bigger animals during combat such as bulls/bears (past), & hogs (present). While the dog latches onto the hog, the hunter would be a good couple of yards away before he can intervene, so the only way the dog prevents serious injury to himself, is to literally hang on for dear life & not let go till the hunter covers the distance.

    They do not have the hardest biteforce compared to Rottis / GSDs, BUT, they do have the iron will mindset to keep at it no matter what, that’s why you don’t find Rottis / GSDs & others taking down feral hogs, it’s the willpower more so than the strength of the APBT, that separates them from any other breed (remember, dog on dog fight matches could usually last +2 hours).

    If the APBT is authentic & not a mix, it’ll be much, much harder to break his iron will mindset. This occurred to me initially when you got his DNA test back – 75% APBT, 25% STAFF, as authentic as it gets! You will notice, EVERY TIME, you tell him to let go, it’s like he has an internal struggle first before he obeys, like he’s fighting his DNA – I’ve been trying for 4 years with mine & it’s still the same, he does let go, but only after his internal struggle. This is also the reason why they go bananas for tug of war – it simulates the latching & hanging on, till the hunter intervenes.

    2. Keep in mind, he might “turn on” after a 12-24 months & not tolerate other dogs, BUT with your good, hard work & socialisation he will be just fine, as he seems totally ok with all the animals & dogs you guys encountered.

    3. Keep him, Keep him, Keep him, Keep him, Keep him! The mere fact that you got this authentic APBT, that isn’t a mix, from a shelter amongst the tons of Pitty type dogs that people have, & think they have proper APBTs, just shows that it’s meant to be. After all, 1 thing that APBTs do very, very well, is steal people’s hearts when you get to know ’em, & George has already done that… right?

    Keep up the good work &…. Keep George!

  33. Simo To

    I admire all u do with dogs, especially George … no relation prior 🙂 but yes relation now:)… he needs someone like you to thrive and have a good life… it took a long time to teach “leave it” and “drop it” to my mix border collie-pittie… as with squirrels, lizards and bunnies if I see them prior he’ll listen to “leave ir”… as with greeting other dogs, my pittie is more trained than any other dogs a 10th his size … he just passes them while the other ones r barking with no reason at all … and all my success is based on ur videos and books … George with George r doing great ❤️… some commands r taking longer to teach-learn… but at the end of the day U’re The best thing that ever happened to him ❤️… if u find someone like u is a good idea to let him go, although we’ll never know how much that would break his ❤️… until then I’ll keep watching George&George’s journey

  34. Captain Chaos

    its not trolling your an awful dog trainer..why would you throw the ball whilst he was walking well on leash.🤣🤣🤣.. its so counter productive..

  35. En Corado

    Awww man, I wish I could give a guzillion likes! And I agree with some of the other commentors, keep George❣️ Our dog Jellybean, who just happens to look like George, and I, sit here and watch you train George. She’s so into the show❣️😂🤣😂🤣🐾🐶🐕

  36. Katharine Johnson

    Love the series! I’m having trouble finding hands free leash equipment in pet stores. What brand do you use? I really want to get out to the park and work on Molly’s come and recall and have her be able to play.

  37. Darren

    I’ve just read the book and I’m starting on the videos but they all seem to focus on high energy dogs. Is there anything on the reverse? We’re thinking of adopting a rescued Labrador cross with agoraphobia who has little reaction to treats and no reaction to toys. She just stands there. I try to coax her out but an hour of treats and petting gets us a metre or so. Is she fixable? Can someone point me to a video on this? Thanks.

  38. Bobk94

    i still cannot get over his adorable front paw socks

  39. trounbyfire

    Looks like there is way more training than you show. Enough for more double episodes a day

  40. C D

    You should do a small breed next..

  41. Jude Vicious 333 Hannah Lopez

    I think at the end there it might be important for you to mention that George’s barking outburst was directed on something that was going on outside, not barking because he was having social anxiety or barking for your attention.

  42. Anita Hendrix

    Very good information. But who can spend this much time and energy with training. I personally don’t have the strength or energy.

  43. Mom I threw up

    My Pittweiler has just gotten the grasp of “leave it” with toys and now she’s transferring “leave it” to other dogs and objects she cannot play with, loving the technique you used with the ball, it stuck on the first go

  44. bulltastik

    My dog would have the Lebron James toy destroyed in no time…at which point I’d say, “good boy”🤣😂🤪

  45. The01Tonya

    It would be impossible for me not to kiss his sweet little face too!

  46. Patricia Arlene

    Love that red ball – where can I find it?

  47. Obsidian Goddess

    I have 3 pitbulls and I love them for their stubbornness…lol! They are really good dogs, but sometimes I want them to come in and They don’t want to… I say, ” Dogs, come!” And they look at me like… “No. You come here!”. Lol! Then I call them again and they listen.

  48. Roen Kaip

    Me: Lives in Arizona “Wimps.”

  49. S. V.

    My dog would own that hoverboard 😂😂😂🔥

  50. 89 Frazier

    What a great dog he’s going to make some lucky person really happy

  51. Andrea Bojorquez

    My foster pittie is also OBSESSED with his toy ball and will fall asleep with it in his mouth while I’m trying to get him to let it go 😅…another great episode! George is a superstar!

  52. Janet Reynolds

    I definitely have a super chewer who destroys most toys in minutes even those that are labeled as “super tough” so I was eager to try Super Chewer. Especially seeing how things worked so well for George. The first box came over a week ago and my 75 lb Amstaff-mix luuuved the treats and the toys. The problem is that he loved the toys too much. He was able to chew them to the point that they were no longer safe for him to play with in less than an hour. One toy I had to trash but the other was made of hard nylon and the card that came with the toy suggested sanding the rough, chewed up parts to make it smooth again which I did. Unfortunately, round 2 with that toy lasted 10 minutes before I had to take it away and trash it because of excessive damage. After sharing the name and website information for the brand of toys that have worked for my dog in the past, Bark box said that they would send me replacements. The toys arrived yesterday and neither of them fit the criteria for toys that would be durable and fun for my dog. They were not even close to the brand that I had discussed with the “happy team” member in online chat. So at this point I have 2 toys that, from experience, I would never buy because I know that I would be wasting my money and some nice dog treats. Since Bark box doesn’t give refunds I am stuck with going back and forth with them about getting replacements for the replacements or count my losses and walk away. I’m very dissatisfied with my experience with Super Chewer/ Bark box and I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.☹️

  53. S. V.

    I doomed. My favorite breed is Karelian Beardog. I’m on my 4th rescue❤️🤗😘💜

  54. Trish F

    You are doing a great job.
    Could u have traded the ball for a piece of chicken?

  55. Julie Morales

    I see so much of my dog in George; she’s a bully breed too. I am now inspired to go out and continue her training, thanks!

  56. Tássia Cerqueira

    I’ve been watching this series because I want to learn how to train my future first doggy. Im loving it! The other day I went to visit a friend and I was able to practice some of Zak’s teaching and IT WORKED. I was able to lure the doggy to sit, lay down, heel all of that using her food that… wait for it… she doesn’t usually eat by herself for some reason. Then after our “training” she went and ate from her bowl on her own. I was so special to watch! Specially because the doggy is not used to me… that was the second or 3rd time she’s ever seen me in her life… I loved that I was able to teach her some tricks 🐶 💗

  57. Linda Coumbe

    I think you should keep him. He will be well looked after by you. If he goes to someone not as tuned in as you I worry that he will get into trouble.

  58. Amanda McLaughlin

    Where did you get the indestructible red ball? Thx!

  59. Kim Reese

    My Katy is so good at sitting and staying when she hears you. Now for her to learn to do it for me!! Thanks for all you do..have a great week

  60. Katherine Sica

    Good job George! Now to get my very stubborn cotonese to be as good as you!

  61. Virginia Volousky

    Why didn’t you just let him have his head for about 15min b4 you started training?

  62. Julia McKenze

    Do you think he would make a good service dog? His strength to help pull a wheelchair would be awesome. Obviously once his chase drive is reduced.

  63. Corkskrew

    They say the best students are a challenge to their mentors.

  64. The Unsub Scribe

    Zak. Plz keep George. I moved my pit mix who looks and acts JUST like George into my first house last week. And also found out 2 days before then that she needed emergency surgery for tumors attached to her spleen. Am enjoying the remaining days I am blessed with her. Either keep George or give him here, good sir. 🙋‍♂️ Have fallen for George over this series, and y’all are helping me retrain Kira for her last days so well. We love you guys!!

  65. Jess D

    He seemed to enjoy it more when you sort of shook the ball ever so slightly while he slept.

  66. Heather AngelLight

    This was really great and the best to learn from! The ball hold was hilarious! Also…. Thanks for not mentioning putting him up for adoption this time – it makes me crazy. He belongs with you!

  67. Toby Havaneese

    I’m curious. With the issues of George being distracted by the squirrel is there a point where you just stop the training session. Very helpful training sessions.

  68. d'vils Ad'vokit

    These are working terrier type dogs, they love to use that powerful jaw and chase stuff. Our staffy takes all it’s prey drive out on rats and groundhogs on our property and is literally okay being around cats and Chihuahuas, this dog wants to take out it’s prey drive but you don’t let it. Herding dogs need to herd and use herding instinct. terrier type dogs need to hunt and use that jaw, my dog LOVES to chew on her ball like bubble gum aswell, you just need some chicken and they will let go eazy.

  69. Dorothy Clemmer

    I am a trainer and appreciate you being real in your videos. Too many trainers on the internet want to show the end result instead of the process.

  70. Mariah Walker

    I admire your honesty, and dog training is not a quick fix, which you constantly remind people. One thing I don’t understand is why you are using harness with a dog who can pull you off your feet. A harness just gives dogs far more pulling power. Using a collar, especially up high on the neck, will provide a lot of control. I’m sure you have a reason for using the harness, and I’m curious as to why. Especially given that George is a very strong dog.

  71. Mikael Haraldsson

    You do an absolutely fantastic job even one of my dogs watched when you trained Louie.
    Unfortunately I can not send the picture here but we are big fans.
    Keep up the good work.
    Swedens biggest fans 🙂

  72. Carolyn Folsom

    When I call Amaya I say come here. Should that be 2 separate commands?

  73. Francesca DiBiase

    Thank you for showing the let go! My dog does the same thing, still haven’t figured out how to work on it, please show me how you worked through it!

  74. Valeria Szekula

    Squirrel/cat it’s hunting season in their heads for sure I’m trying to learn my GSD to ignore cats in a cat filled neighborhood…phew…. I must train myself to spot them first before our Arta does so I can distract him from it.

  75. Carolyn Folsom

    I live in a city in Massachusetts. My 5 month old lab woke me up at 2AM. She usually sleeps all night. I took her out. Her hackles were standing up from here to tail. She growled which she never does. I looked behind me. About 6 feet away was a very large RACCOON!!! She didn’t need to potty. She let me know something strange was outside. Thank god we didn’t get attacked. I really wish she could talk lol. I gave her hugs and kiss and chicken.

  76. Susan May

    👍👍👍👍👍👍One of the most important things I’ve taught my dog is “Look at me”. ❤️🐾

  77. Jenna

    My dogs are obsessed with the Lebron toy 😂

  78. Ewa Starosta

    I would recommend finding a better fitting harness. Because, if Zak is concerned about Georges health and neck, the current one is putting pressure in the most vulnerable part of the trachea. At this point, the collar the dog wears would be safer (it’s wide, basically an agitation collar), especially if the dog is a lunger. The center of the “Y” shape should be laying against the top part of the dogs sternum, not above. Otherwise it’s putting pressure on the trachea

  79. melissa janik

    1:50 in lol. Those pretty couches would not last 5 seconds in my house. Literally just got a new couch delivered today because my pets destroyed the old one. Don’t expect the new one to last long either lol

  80. Carolyn Folsom

    How old do you think George is?

  81. Jennie Law

    George is a dog in a million that’s for sure! Now then Zak…..(I have my stern mum face on !) lets talk about the way you and this dog look at each other 🤔….and those little face kisses from you to George which I noticed for the first time in this episode 🤗 Please keep him… he’s meant to be with you and your lovely wife Bree. He would be such a fabulous role model for all the powerful pit like breeds out there who are frequently misunderstood and as a result suffer undeserved ill treatment and downright cruelty 😥

  82. Stuart Warren

    I wish you could figure out our 7 month old rottweiler who pees anywhere he wants, and is earning a reputation of a devil dog.

  83. Larry Johnson

    I wish I could send you a picture of my female Pitt Ash, her and George would make a perfect pair, their colors are almost identical and their attitudes are very similar as well!

  84. VB S

    I LOVE dogs who look intimidating but who are big, sweet marshmallows – just like George!

  85. Chanda Harkins

    I just love George! What a good, smart boy! You’re doing great work, Zak.

  86. Leslie Greene

    This dog, omg he is so so special I can’t even handle it. I am overwhelmed by how much I love him.

  87. Cass

    Your videos are great, and I’ve been watching here and there for years, but the clickbaity and overdramatic titles & thumbnails are really wild.

  88. Marie Thille

    I love these videos so much and George reminds me of the dogs I had growing up! I wonder if you can use affection as a reward though, because every time I see George do really good I just want to pet him and give him lots of scritches

  89. DreamofaHive

    This series is the best content on youtube at the minute. So much so that others are starting to copy the idea. BUT they don’t have a Bree, Zak and George …so no contest 🙂 Dang, George is so loveable

  90. allthecake .

    Zak: “I want his focus on me and not the birds.”
    Also Zak 2 minutes later: “Oh look at that fun bird! What is that?!… Look at these cool birds!”

  91. Christina Hancock

    This is a wonderful series. I have a rescue pitty who started out wild. He is very similar to George. Major progress has been made in so many areas but let go is almost impossible. He’s very much touch / praise responsive but not even high value treats work when he doesn’t want to let go. I am looking forward to learning new techniques that will help improve our training experience.

  92. silk62004

    Bull Terrier love Super Chewer. At least my Bull Terrier Chico does.

  93. Samantha Hu

    I have many training sessions like these but I will say, I am usually mentally exHAUsted after them. It just amazes me every time how much stamina you have in these situations.

  94. BadBlobby

    I wish you would consider keeping George. He is a special dog who needs someone who will continue doing the things you have trained him to do, Like the multiple frisbee game. He is highly intelligent and responds so well to you. You would give him the life he deserves…Mad respect for all you do. ♥️🇨🇦

  95. Jennifer Paredes

    He’s really doing well with not jumping.

  96. Tina Nieves

    My dog is exactly like George! Only focuses on the ball! Only he would bite a strangers hand off!

  97. InSpiteOfBecauseOf

    George is my dog to a T.

  98. Interdimensional Steve

    I liked that you cut from the “let go” issue during the initial parts (which I noticed you were doing and said to myself, ‘that probably didn’t go well and he didn’t want to show it’), but then you went back to it and talked about it when in the car. That’s the kind of detail that makes this series pop, well done.

  99. Dra. Neus Biosca

    I have a superfearful dog and not focused on toys at all, so it’s a pleasure watching you guys train and enjoy the ball. You’re the best🤗

  100. Katy Mizer

    I could stare into that face forever, as well. To heck with the naysayers!

  101. Diane Houston

    Oh my goodness! I actually laughed out loud, their you are driving in the car explaining about training early due to the weather and I’m nodding in agreement, I do that check, then you explain about George’s moment regarding birds in the previous episode and again I’m nodding in agreement, yup I saw that, then you say “here we are at a bird sanctuary” nope didn’t see that one coming. For a split second I imagined both of you in the lake, feathers and birds everywhere, I laughed so hard my tea came down my nose. Seriously though excellent session, love how inventive and honest you are. Any dog will chase a squirrel, but dogs like George will be vilified for it. Keep up the good work 👏💕

  102. IYamWhatIYam

    Our Rocky was a replica of George, only a bit larger at 90 lbs. He was the sweetest boy. It made me a lil sad to see how folks crossed the street to avoid him. Balls, sprinklers and tug ropes were only passed by if he could lick our faces. He passed at 10yo (bone cancer) doing his favorite thing, licking our faces. Whoever adopts George, wow! Your in for a decade of ❤️❤️❤️

  103. Hippie Bits

    Very appropriate way to begin the video…we were up at 5:30. Temp around 100 degrees by 9:00 AM. This weather can’t pass fast enough for people with active dogs.

  104. Ryan Moody

    What an absolute gorgeous boy he needs you so much and you need him xxx

  105. Jennifer O

    Please keep both hands on the wheel at all times!! 😱

  106. Judith

    Thanks for another great and fun video! Could you maybe incorporate brushing teeth in one of your videos? I find that really hard to teach.

  107. Lindsey Fanning

    I love George! Pit bull type dogs are so special, they have a way of just stealing your heart. It’s hard to understand until you’ve owned or worked with one

  108. Alan Lutz

    Love this series. This is exactly like my rescued pit. You are proving if a very valuable service. Thank you.

  109. Linda Lloyd

    We just rescued a pitt/am staff/labrador mix. She’s a lot like George. This series has been encouraging for me as we train her.

  110. Aaron Robinson

    Am I the only one who says “good boy” out loud when George does good??

  111. Carolin Coren

    My dog was always chasing critters, especially rabbits. With training, and age she quit it and pretty much ignores them, even in our yard.

  112. Natalie Baldwin

    Great job Zak and Bree, I enjoy the training part with george in the park. (my dog like to chase squirrels too so I need to teach my dog to relax)

  113. Lindsey Fanning

    I, too, am not “stubborn,” but rather, “intelligent and focused.” That’s what I’m going with anyway 😂

  114. suri

    idk if you mentioned but the only way my dog finally leaned impulse control was actually letting his chase it sometimes on a very long lead. but sometimes it can make it worse but helps for most dogs

  115. Nicole Brennan

    I totally get this experience. I have an Am Staff mix who’s a little over a year and we’ve been working on his bird impulse control. He’s super strong and me being a petite 100ish pound woman trying to keep a 80 pound dog controlled and focused and not lunging after birds is super fun. We continue our journey 😉. Keep the faith Zak. George is worth it ❤️

  116. Diana A

    I think we have a new Spokesdog for Barkbox -obviously George is the Happiest Dog On Earth when he has his toy!

  117. L. Lewis

    George’s teeth are sure clean and white.

    I only wish I could get my dog to roll over. I’ve trained a dog to roll over, but my current dog just will NOT cooperate. Frustrating. 😵 I finally gave up and trained the ‘bang, you’re dead’ trick as a substitute.

  118. E Bomb

    We could never make fun of Zack hes too wholesome

  119. the5seasons

    when dog training videos turn into REALITY TV SHOW. i loved all the old content and watched most ur vids. everythings seems click baity recently

  120. carol dahlquist

    I have a new puppy (mix of bernese mountain dog and goldendoodle) and I am using both your book and videos to work with her. Sometimes she gets the “zoomies” and runs around crazy during potty time. Any suggestions on how to calm her when she’s in this state and won’t respond to sit?

  121. Linda S

    I love this series so much.

  122. krysi duda

    Lovely dog, such a Dream of an Dog. 🥰 And super smart

  123. musicxlovex56

    I like when you both talk on camera, great series so far! Can’t wait for more

  124. Apathy Guy

    He’s not intimidating. At least if you’ve ever lived with a pit. I wouldn’t hesitate to greet a pup like George. I will hesitate with a pit when meeting new dogs though. Most pits love and deeply bond with people easily but they seem to be unable to speak dog fluently. Quirk of the breed. One has to take it slowly. But most catch on in a short bit of time.

  125. Pranshi Raj

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