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DIY Dog Leash

Open me up to see the full list of things you need for this DIY pet project!

I figured if I’m posting (or trying to post) three videos a week; maybe I’ll try to theme it sometimes? So this week I decided to focus on my baby girl and work up some #diypet projects. I showed you some DIY dog treats yesterday so I decided to upgrade her leash to something aesthetically pleasing. Because isn’t that what we all want at the end go the day?

What you’ll need…
Rope – thickness of your choice
E 6000
Thinner rope
Swivel eye bolt snap – the gold hook you see in the vide
Dye – I used Rit Dye “Denim Blue”
Tub-aware you don’t care about (preferably)
A towel you don’t necessarily care about
Some gloves

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69 Thoughts to “DIY Dog Leash”

  1. Novalii Anjevik

    How long is the rope?🤔

  2. michael kadziolka

    would be MUCH MUCH stronger if you spliced it. it is a very simple thing to do and you can look it up on youtube

  3. panic at.the.shasha

    how strong is this rope? some glue and yarn probably won’t stop a lunging dog

  4. Marissa LeJune

    Where did you get your rope from??

  5. RuthAnn Wobschall

    Lol. Your Dog is super cute!

  6. TheTamarolla

    It wouldn’t work for my dog, but it’s super cute

  7. Gaming_potato

    Can you make a leash that’s has four leashes.. lol

  8. Sammy

    I would use a smaller Hook for the leash. It seems way to heavy for the little dog

  9. Jonathan Chark

    What size and type of rope and twine did you use to make the leash? Appears to be 3-strand nylon rope, maybe 1/2″ or 5/8″ inch diameter and nylon twine for the whipping knots at either end.

  10. FortniteAll night G

    That cost more to do then a dog leash cost

  11. H O'Toole

    I don’t even have a dog and I think this is awesome 😅

  12. Easy to tips and tricks ect

    Very good I’m making my own dog leash a little different I was going to use a a latch and if a person doesn’t have one this is a real dirty quick and easy dog leash I’m making thanks for sharing and I like your leash by the way very good job I’m New Year Community keep up the great work I have a how to channel home repair how to woodworking Etc

  13. Maria Narvaez

    People are selling this online on Mercari!! >.>

  14. The Bark Blogger

    I love this! I was just thinking how boring I am because I just have 2 black leashes. I might want to make black ROPE leashes to be cute!!

  15. Reagan Dunn

    Is there any way I could pay you for that leash?

  16. Gina Friend

    Good job!

  17. Ashley. Eventing

    For us at my barn we use lead ropes so we have like 30 of these around

  18. MrFanboy720

    I might do that

  19. MrFanboy720

    Brilliant idea

  20. Worrybear2 Worrybear2

    expensive than buying the ready one😂😂😂😂

  21. D J

    Could you use a marine sealant for extra strength for bigger dogs?

  22. Sadie The Cavalier

    Oh no! NOT DOPE!

  23. Ooof

    It would be cheaper to buy a leash 😂😂

  24. Sofia Dugan

    Copied from the sorry girls

  25. Luka Keinashvili

    what is this?

  26. Faith Elliott

    It goes really well with ur dogs color

  27. Nathalie Grieves

    I would rather bye one

  28. Alphonse Faure

    wouldn’t splicing this be more effective than glue and whipping?

  29. Leanne Sambrano

    Love the pet DIYs! Definitely want more

  30. sixpackbinky

    Beautiful leash, think it will hold a 70 pound aggressive dog? I was thinking about doing this but maybe using a leather piece for added protection to hold ends together , my boy is a puller. You did a fantastic job.

  31. Sadie Hoysa

    I feel like when she put down the dumbbells, at 1:20 , she was just showing off that she lifts weights.

  32. berthas30

    nice. i’d give it a try. i recently bought a set of dog collars from bemix pets…

  33. Ju Lia

    I wonder if I could make a matching harness out of thin rope or would that be too uncomfortable for my dog…

  34. ༫༺ཊZ

    You are a beautiful women are you single

  35. Maria Thelin

    finally a use for my weights

  36. Rakhi Sharma

    amazing 😀

  37. ayoub حمساس


  38. LPS Gold FOX

    I tried it

  39. ashwani Kumar

    I don’t want to dye in the paint

  40. AlwaysPotterhead

    Omg this is so beautiful 😍 I love it 😍

  41. Lolligamer 324

    I made A DIY Ad Just able dog leash and Collar The Leash is attached ON The Collar And is made out of Skechers Water Bottle Leash And i Call it The SKECHERS DOG LEASH COLLAR

  42. lenabobena

    So cute I wish I could try this but my german shepherd would probably break this 😭😭😭 we can only use chain leashes 😤

  43. Brandon Dreher

    For anyone reading comments…use cotton rope instead.  Comes out much better looking.  Especially since this is fabric dye.  Also, use a rope clamp if you think you dog may be stronger than the small bead of glue.

  44. The Smiley Taste

    It came out wonderful! Great job! 🙂

  45. harold 72

    The glue is strong enough to hold?

  46. Shanice Palmer

    I’m going to steal your pup! Shes so freaking cute!!❤❤

  47. Kristi Lopez

    this is what I need for my English bulldog, shes pretty strong and working on leash training, talk about rope burn on your hands. This is exactly what I need!!! thank you

  48. jai jordan

    Is RIT dye non toxic like if the dog got a hold of it ? Or like made toys out of rope and wanted to dye them. Lol

  49. Ashlee Foca-Cunha

    What breed is Cali?

  50. Jaden Ray

    Where can u get the rope ?

  51. Lilia

    I probably wouldn’t trust just glued on loops + whipped cord to be strong enough for a puppy that pulls! I’ll probably use a rope clamp and then thread around it.

  52. Lalchhuana Chhuantea

    it works👍👍

  53. megan

    is the rope a little too heavy? and by the way, i love the gradient affect you put on the rope. <3

  54. Nina Sabado

    Ugh! He is so cute lol!

  55. Aria Parsonson

    Can you please do more dog diy’s? 🙂

  56. JuLies Fischer

    Cali is the cutest 😀

  57. Cody Khaoz

    Between this and the dog summer treats, my dog is about to have the best summer ever! Thank you Rachel!

  58. Wildflower Aquatics

    the final product looks like a cotton horse lead rope

  59. Opa's Workshop

    That dog leash turned out awesome my friend.

  60. Lulu Wonderland

    Oh I love this!! I have a mini dachshund so might make a thinner version✌🏻🤗😘

  61. Benny Chavez

    Thank you Rachel. have a goodweekend. I like the music sounds very inspiring. This is a good idea. Thanks for super sick #DIY much love.

  62. Betti Guerrero

    This is so adorable! Great job!

  63. Get Kitschy with Cherry Lee

    No DIY is successful without the hand weights. e-6000 or glue gun, scissors and hand weights are a must!! LOL XOXO
    PS. That dog is pet goals. She’s aces.


    Can the dog kickflip?

  65. A Hippycat

    This is such a cool DIY. You’re killing it 👍🏽

  66. xtraordinarymachine

    i’m blue a ba di a ba DYE

  67. Rick TheQuick

    Thats so awesome !!!

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