David Latham IGL Gun Dog Labrador Champion - Podcast Episode 71
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David Latham IGL Gun Dog Labrador Champion

David Latham is a legend in the field of Labrador Retrievers. He has won the I.G.L., International Gundog League Championship on 4 different occasions, something that has been done only 2 other times in the Championships 100+ year history.

In this chat, we talk about his Labrador Retrievers, the champions, the ones he’s training now as well as others. We discuss his strategies, his mindset, and what makes a winner a winner. Dave is a fine gentleman with a great whit. I had an incredible time talking with him and learning more about what makes a champion a champion, and David Latham is a champion. The British Labrador Retrievers are quite different than those here in the USA and the trials are very different. We talk about that and what it takes to compete in the International Gundog League Championships.

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10 Thoughts to “David Latham IGL Gun Dog Labrador Champion”

  1. Lillie Berger

    How do you get the dogs to not react to the loud noise of the guns firing?

  2. terrierized

    Bout time you ad a British guest 😉 Thanks RC and thanks to David !

  3. Jen Wicke

    This is an awesome video about what goes into training a hunting dog. My Dad and I trained our first 2 Labs to hunt. It was an awesome experience! They weren’t competitors but they were definitely driven and good hunters! ❤️🤙🏼

  4. patrick cannon

    great podcast thanks

  5. wowalinbie

    Not sure what the sport is, but seems interesting

  6. Vincent King

    Very interesting, top man Robert 😁🙏

  7. Ameerkat

    Great discussion!

  8. Settings Settings

    great video Rob

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