Corso Mix Trying to Kill Pit Bull Mix - Robert Cabral Dog Training Video
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Corso Mix Trying to Kill Pit Bull Mix – Robert Cabral Dog Training Video

Cane Corso mix trying to KILL my pitbull mix.

What can this viewer do?

The tough situation in these are very strong and bale dogs to do damage.

In this short video, I give some strong, heartfelt advice.

Please be responsible with your dogs and think about it before you bring another dog into your home if you have a dominant dog.

Share and repost these videos to help your dog-loving friends learn how to give their dogs the best life possible.

Thank you!

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31 Thoughts to “Corso Mix Trying to Kill Pit Bull Mix – Robert Cabral Dog Training Video”

  1. Pomeranian dog Macana

    Nice video 🥰🐶

  2. Hannah Thomson

    I have a question. When my dog was 2 he was attacked on a walk, since then he has been aggressive to other dogs, but I dont know if its anxiety or genuine aggression. I keep him leashed and muzzled and it kills me to see him like this. He is a border collie, what can I do to help him?

  3. TPinesGold

    Good advice, outlining key steps to this problem. Best case would be that the questioner, Rachael, finds qualified trainer (one of the steps identified by Robert) for hands on help.
    Maybe I’m wrong, but I think finding qualified local help is difficult. A desperate dog owner can burn through available funds trying and failing with trainers who claim to have the answers. Even balanced trainers who have had good success with creating very stable companion dogs, but have no experience with serious aggression, can fail with a case like this.

    Where can Rachael get info to find the best trainer in her area for this kind of problem? She may only get one crack at behavior modification before having to make the final, painful decision.

  4. Chris L. Robinson

    Wow. Deep.

  5. J Rashkan

    well said…great advice.

  6. Bobandjeri Shaffer

    A beautiful gray brindle 124 pound Cane Corso scheduled for execution in Southern California’s over crowded shelters was shipped north to my Humane Society a few weeks ago. An untrained 2 yr old puppy, essentially, who uses his strength and weight to try to get what he wants and sometimes does.

    We are working w him but his fate is yet to be determined. God I hate these situations.

    Do not get a big assertive/aggressive breed to validate yourself! Get a 44 magnum (SW Model 29 w a 6” barrel of course) or sports car instead (anything red will do).

  7. David Murphy

    have a happy new year robert thx for all the time and help you put into helping us dog lovers its much appreciated

  8. Marz Capone

    Got a co-worker that’s getting a Cane Corso/Kangal mix, it’s a puppy. I’ve expressed some concern that he could be getting an aggressive dog. He doesn’t seem to think it’s going to be a problem. I mentioned that the genetics are a roll of the dice, and there’s no way to predict the behavior of his individual puppy nor the rest of the litter.
    I hope the best for them, but am concerned.

  9. NeeNee B.

    How do ppl always miss the “introduce them on neutral territory first” part of getting a second dog?? 🤦‍♀️

  10. Mojo Magic

    Getting a dog is not an emotional decision. Sadly, this is another example of not thinking through the consequences of the pairing. And the Corso would be a handful for anyone. I avoid the potential liability of my large dogs by training them well, leaving no doubt who is in charge, me.
    Happy New Year Robert – good health and prosperity to ALL. ✌🖖

  11. Prancey

    I agree. I had to do the same thing. Adopted a 9 month old pit mix and he just kept wanting to attack my 6 year old german shepherd. Had to rehome, unfortunately.

  12. Gary Dedderson

    THANK YOU Robert.

  13. Mary O. Paddock

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for speaking the truth into the situation. This is so, so hard for owners to come to grips with.

  14. Tactical Priority


  15. Jannell Meagher

    Wow Robert. You spoke with such truth and passion.

  16. BeautifulEurope97

    I appreciate how straight to the point you are! Cane Corsos are my “heart” breed. One of the biggest issues in the breed right now is poor temperament. Hopefully she is able to work on some training and get him a little bit better. I worked at a no kill shelter for 2 years and you’re right. Hardly anyone wants to adopt the dogs with the behavioral issues. It’s hard to find homes for them that meet their needs, or just simply someone who is willing to put in the work and be ok with the certain issues

  17. Radu Ardeleanu

    Love your no – bullshit aproach to dogs . Happy New Year , Robert !

  18. Mia Malone

    Gosh that is sad and hard to hear 🙁 BUT, she has to do the right thing. is it impossible for these 2 breeds to EVER get along? I mean if she worked hard on the corso mix with a balanced trainer then on the pit mix THEN on both of them together, would they still not get along due their breed/genetics?

  19. Jeannie patterson

    Thank you for speaking the truth! It’s hard to hear the truth sometimes, people need to see reality! Don’t leave your responsibilities to shelters!!!

  20. Mister B’s -fish and things

    Hard topic. Hard choices but they need to be made , not avoided.

  21. DreamerxOfxThexNight

    That’s such a hard situation. Hopefully she’s able to find the pit a home for it’s own safety. Wishing her luck ♡

  22. יכין ינקלביץ

    Nobody asks the #1 question how much time have passed since you got the new dog. #2 what is your relationship with the male . Only than I would consider of giving up on the new dog. ( if its more than a few weeks).and if her relationship with the male are less than good/perfect.

  23. Gary Dodd

    Stop getting dangerous dogs.. how many kids need to die before you morons stop buying these dogs which are little more than an accessory to try and look ‘cool’ with.. I feel sorry for the poor dogs that are being bred and having to be disposed of

  24. Ann Priddy

    Thank you for telling the hard truth. People need to realize that sometimes you have to love your dog enough to let it go.

  25. Tesla Nick

    I realise people have the best intentions going into these things, but it’s nuts to have two breeds like that together if they’re not 100% balanced. It’s not helping anyone. The bottom line is what quality of life will a dangerous dog who is under constant lock down actually going to have ?

  26. Brooke

    Corso mix and Pitt mix… This is like Holyfield and Lewis. Awesome if they get along. If not… Yeesh.

  27. Celeste Lovett

    Kudos to you Robert for saying the really hard things that people need to hear!

  28. debn n

    Brings tears to my eyes

  29. JSiah

    Should get some rest, good sir.

  30. Chris Needham

    What a way to start a new year

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