[Controversial] Watch ‘til the end to see my BIGGEST MISTAKE so far... Reality Dog Training
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[Controversial] Watch ‘til the end to see my BIGGEST MISTAKE so far… Reality Dog Training

Sometimes dog training can be controversial… especially when we make mistakes!

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162 Thoughts to “[Controversial] Watch ‘til the end to see my BIGGEST MISTAKE so far… Reality Dog Training”

  1. ellen riddick

    Because of these videos, my dog no longer tries to eat bicyclists. She is even learning to ignore them. It’s a daily task that we work on, but if i didn’t use this method i would still be frustrated and she would be miserable.

  2. Courtney Cook

    At 11:02 why did you use a leash jerk to get her to sit and then claim that it was a voluntary sit?

  3. Erika Blanco

    Who else loves seeing Zak on a commercial for his own channel? 😂

  4. Toby Havaneese

    You showed real life.

  5. imying72

    So from one trainer to another, I have a question. Putting a dog through that intensive of a training regimin isn’t necessarily a bad thing.. but it presents a very interesting problem… what happens when someone who isn’t nearly as involved with training as you are adopts her? Shes developing a strong work ethic and bond with you. Personally, I think if anyone who adopts her isnt equally as attentive, it could be insanely detrimental to her development. Your thoughts?

  6. Card Master 2.0

    It’s ok this video only shows that we all make mistakes and your really good with Moira Zak.

  7. Jon Russell

    Took me 3 days to train my dog with a correction collar. Now the beep does the trick . 99% he listens to No, because he knows a beep will follow if he doesn’t listen.

    I can take him anywhere off leash now.

  8. Animal Prop

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  9. Deb Kimmel

    Zak, I know you weren’t happy with the last part of the video, but honestly, I’m SO thankful that you put it in! My rescue GSD would act exactly the same when I first got her. It’s nice to know that others have the same issues. We learn from this more than from all of the well behaved dogs! I appreciate you!

  10. Crystal Rodriguez

    My dog needs help with desentisization. She’s very shy and will do the same thing if a dog is up close. I have been told that this can never be corrected because she’s a doberman 🙁 it’s sad but your videos give me hope.

  11. The Girl With The Lighthouse Tattoo

    I rescued a dog-reactive pitbull that would have otherwise been put to sleep. That dog, and the one today are the same, but also so incredibly different. Was it an easy road? Absolutely not. It took years for it to be truly under control, and there are still bad days once in a blue moon. But I’m proud to say that in a decade, a dog everyone convinced me was a biter has never bitten another dog. Even when he got attacked once, he just ran to me instead of retaliating.

    This video made me cry because I have never seen anyone represent those tough moments without making it about correction. I always believed that those moments are not for teaching. That you just have to stay calm and even to help your dog trust in your control of the situation. In my situation, my dog was reactive out of fear. So you wait for the moments to be constructive to do any major training.

    Thank you for making me feel so seen.

  12. kasey magana

    I just rescued a year old German Shepard as well not even 4 days ago and she is exactly the same way. I’m thinking I got myself in a situation I can not handle because this is very overwhelming and exhausting and I have never trained a dog before.

  13. Jack Anthony

    Need some Larry krohn in your life.


    Oohh Zak your are amazing person.. I learn a lot from your video. I apply it to my dog. She’s a bassethound.. Hope u can train a basset hound dog to.. Thank you and keep safe every one..

  15. Kelly R

    I feel like it would be so easy to put a prong or choke collar ( not that that is right, it’s just a way some people choose) on and you could have forced her to do something different in that moment, but you look at it from all viewpoints and the least adverse method & that’s not the quick easy way, but it’s the way that works best and stays & is a challenge for both of you.. great job ..those were definitely real life situations

  16. Kayleigh Essex

    It’s great to see a trainer show their mistakes and take accountability. Whilst I am not a positive reinforcement trainer and instead fall into the balanced trainer category, I still find these videos interesting. No, I don’t dislike purely positive trainers but I do believe that sometimes trainers, training philosophies override what is best for the dog in front of them. One method does not work for every single dog. I was originally training my Border Collie service dog in training with positive reinforcement and her dog reactivity did not improve with that method so I switched to balanced methods where I applied both reinforcement and correction in which she drastically improved and is now the happiest she’s ever been with the help of training tools which she no longer needs.

  17. Margaret Fleming

    Surely you have to assess progress each time you go out. How can you do that if you don’t place her in the situation that allows you to monitor any improvement. Am sure you will come up with a different strategy.

  18. Pauline Dady

    I think you’re doing well with Moira, I am following your technique with my dog she is a collie cross British bulldog, thank you for sharing.

  19. J Mitch

    Love this series. We have a rescue golden, almost 2, and he is very fearful of almost everything new and fear reacts to everything but especially other dogs. Moira’s behaviour is our dog on a good day 😱 People always approach cause he looks like a sweet friendly golden who of course will want to meet their dog and then are shocked when I’m trying to manage him and quite honestly just get away. I cannot wait to see you work on this dog reactivity issue with Moira so I can copy everything you do!! 👍

  20. bruce peterson

    for the love of christ! GET THAT HARNESS OFF THAT DOG!!!

  21. Donna Miller

    Thank you for showing this! I am looking forward to how to deal with this issue that we share as well

  22. Jeannie Jones

    This morning as I was “walking” my rescue pup and feeling frazzled, I literally heard the part in the intro, “I WILL train this dog”. And I took yet another deep cleansing breathe and went back to working on all the issues we have. I love these videos, they help me so very much. I am grateful for your content!💖🐾

  23. Chris Wong

    Already Looking forward too your next dog too train. (hoping for a huntingbreed)! Keep up the good job!

  24. MadDog Lambert

    Is this positive only training? All i see is you bribing the dog with treats. Luring with a treat to teach a behaviour is one thing, but you’ve stepped over into bribing the dog to do a behaviour. That never works, the dog is only listening because you have treats, and as soon as there is something of higher value, such as other dogs for example, this type of training will show all its flaws. There is nothing wrong with leash pressure in correcting a dog with a behaviour that is not acceptable, but you’re using a harness, another fail.

  25. Angie W

    Outbursts are what some of us deal with all the time. Seeing how you deal with the situation is the training for us and our dogs. It really is training the owner and then the owner can train the dog! Thank you for reality training!

  26. Grace Higgins

    I have a leash reactive dog and live in an urban area so it’s not possible to avoid dogs out on walks. We meet them all the time. What is the best way to manage this?

  27. Grace Zhou

    Is it just me or do other people like watching pupbox, pupford, & barkbox ads?

  28. ZendFx

    Man.. I’ve tried so hard with my border collie x Australian shepherd to pay attention to me outside, doesn’t matter what treats I use or how far away I move away from the distraction he will pull as hard or just lay down until whatever the distraction is gets closer. Watched a lot of these videos and tried to follow what zack does I just cant seem to get him to look my way.

  29. Pack Of Spartans

    Just use an e collar ffs. it isn’t a bout the journey with dogs. It’s about results. I want my dog obedient as soon as possible so I can go and do fun things with him.

  30. Adriana DeLia

    The Reality Dog Training Series puts it all in perspective for those of us who are just ordinary dog owners seeking to train our dogs. A lot of times dog trainers can come off as obnoxious and overbearing because they are trainers and make it look so easy and even effortless even when we know this is all they do…as their profession. Finally, Zak George in THIS series, comes down to our level where we struggle with so many circumstances and feel failure in our training efforts especially if you have a reactive dog (big or small) This is why this series is so well received. Zak is us!

  31. Lacey Dobbs

    Wow big improvement from day one!! You are such a good dog can’t wait till you find your forever home!

  32. basteis

    Please enough of these shitty click-bait-y titles.
    If the content’s good enough, it should stand on its own. This makes your channel look cheap.

  33. Debi Fish

    Thank you Zak for sharing this with us. We all can very easily do the same thing. It’s good to know so we can try not to do this. I wish you and your wife could help me with my Rough Collie 10 month old puppy. I have worked some with him but it’s been challenging and he isn’t high energy like Moira. She’s beautiful and I am sure you helped her find a great home. Blessings

  34. Mrtuky

    Why Moira and your dog are never together?

  35. Megan

    I wonder how Moira’s training would go if the reward she was working for was a toy vs a treat. She clearly likes treats, but I feel like she likes toys even more.

  36. Megan

    I think Moira might need reinforcement after every behavior that’s asked for in such a distracting environment, rather than doing a string of behaviors and then receiving a treat or praise. I think the hardest part here is that Zac is trying to explain stuff as he’s training. When he does that, you can tell he pretty quickly becomes less interesting than the birds and Moira’s attention starts to wander. I would be interested to see a session where Zac completely focuses on training the dog and adds a voice over for the explanation, rather than explaining in the moment. He’s usually really good about being more interesting than the environment, but Moira is definitely pushing new boundaries! She’s a challenging dog for sure! Zac is doing really good with her!

  37. Elizabeth Heinen

    Hai I’m a big fan! You have taught me so much…I love Interia! Do you own her?

  38. wideopenwilson

    Love your videos, you are our go to guy for dog traing vids. We appreciate all your help. Can’t wait to get started on our standard poodle puppy.

  39. Jules c

    thanks for showing this – I remember an incident that I had like this with my dog when he was 8 months old and I felt like such a failure. He turned into the best dog ever eventually (though sadly he passed away a couple of years ago) but I’ve always felt that he ended up training me in many ways! That incident has stayed with me and I have felt a lot of shame at my incompetence so it’s a big relief to see that it happens as well to far better dog trainers than me so maybe I can stop feeling so bad about it!

  40. Drakeeld Dragonefire

    I would really like to know what treats you use

  41. Hippie Bits

    Smh…THIS DOG is a perfect example of why people need to do their homework before choosing a pet and breeders need to ensure (to the best of their ability) that their puppies are being placed in an environment where they will flourish and ideally able to reach their full potential. I’m not an expert in this area but had she had proper training from the beginning it would seem she would have had real potential as an actual working dog (volunteer SAR ect). I really wish we knew her story. Super cool dog…she’s just still a work in progress.

  42. Mar

    I love your training style

  43. Dummy Still

    Literally the best dog training channel in YouTube!!

  44. Primal Critters

    What Zach does not bother to tell people is that if there was no Escape Route he doesn’t know what to do next time because he never tells the dog no. So disrespectful to a dog. Dogs are intelligent enough to and willing to learn boundaries and No. Stop treating them like trick monkeys and respect the dog for being a dog!

  45. Salma Nassif

    I dont get it.. what is controversial?

  46. Calm Blue Ocean

    Thank you for acknowledging your mistakes when working with a high-prey-drive lunging dog. We have a dog very similar that we adopted from a shelter. A highly intelligent lovely dog, that has one fault, lunging at other dogs. It is training demonstrations like this one that encourages us dog owners to carry on and be patient in our dog training. No dog is perfect, embrace their flaws, keep trying to show them the better way to react, don’t give up on a great dog. Thanks Zak!!!

  47. Christina Matzen

    How can you expect to know if she can handle it or not without trying it? A mistake would have been trying to go to the car with her jumping and barking at those dogs.

  48. Natasha Davy

    I have is a little pocket rocket, terrier mix and has the same reaction to other dogs as Moira…it is quite embarrassing but we are working to over come this.

  49. Marie Mac

    Great session.

  50. Pete Morrissey

    Welcome to my world🤣… our 18mth bull arab girl loses her mind with another dog within 200mtrs .. this vid gives us hope .
    Looking forward to the next episode, I can’t keep going for walks at 0330hrs 🤯🇦🇺👍
    Thanks from Brisbane Australia .

  51. Linda educar

    I appreciate that you share the progress and the set backs. I often find videos that show how training should look and come out feeling like I failed my dog when the training does not go as planned. Showing your real progress helps me be more accepting of the highs and the lows in my personal dog training journey! Thank you!

  52. Saphire023

    Where can I get one of those handles to clip onto the harness? Thanks!

  53. Mirna Mehmedović

    My dog acts like this most of the time,I never thought of it as a huge problem until you pointed it out. I always thought it was a husky thing lol

  54. melissa janik

    Miora “over threshold” is my dog on a good day. Fedex delivered a package this morning, my dog went gonzo lol

  55. Flynn Luka

    Hi Zak……thanks for keeping this real. As owners we have to take responsibility of shaping our dogs behaviour. Its like playing a game of Snakes & Ladders. Some sessions are positively moving ahead, while others we go backwards. Gotta take the good with the not so good. Loving all your experience being shared.

  56. Krishnan MK

    This series is by far the best, most-relevant, real-world-case and step-by-step-guide series that has provided me a ray of hope to right my wrongs. THANK YOU!!!

    Most videos I watched until now started from scratch, training a puppy, or were disjoint ones. So I could never “get started”.

    Also, I am a year too late. I didn’t do my research or preparations at all before adopting a puppy. Fast-forward 14 months, my dog is pulling the leash, chasing pigeons, lunging at other dogs (and people out of excitement to play), knows nothing but “sit”… basically everything Moira does here except play biting.

    I was starting to feel hopeless. This series saved me. It has given me hope that I can turn this around. Not just hope, I see RESULTS. I was able to do the basic sit, stay, come when called training at home in 1 day! Sit, stay, look at me, down, up n stand in 3 days. Ffffrringgggin genius, Zack!!!

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❤️

  57. Kate Nash

    ZAK! And fans!…any suggestions for a long recall leash that a dog wont chew through and that wont burn and slice my fingers/hands

  58. Casey Jones

    Can’t wait to see how you address her reactivity to dogs. My dog is the same way and have had little success in counter conditioning her. Thanks to binge watching your videos she knows lots of cool tricks though

  59. Lucinda Darby

    Zak the mistakes are helping us too! Anyone can sit there tell us what to do show us with dogs who are already trained and it doesnt help ONE BIT!! As soon as we try the methods and it goes WRONG we dont know what to do….as I said before this iscwhere your videos help us so much!! I dont stand there thinking its not working so what do I do??

  60. Ana Celia Casorso


  61. Maggieroselee

    Herm Stinger collar would really have made the training clearer for her. And you’d be a few weeks further along on her training using all your other amazing skills. 💕👍💕 Great to use treats and positive with any other tools that help our dogs…

  62. Sarah Levering

    Getting the zoomies outside is fine, when bandit gets like that out of the blue in living room not ok how do you stop that, ? have been keeping the gentle leader on him in the house

  63. Jacqueline Chic

    My female Shepard 2 years old just told that stunts on me walking through the parking lot to get to the vet she was using all her strength I was using all of my strength just wanted to get her back in my truck so I could cry

  64. kishore s

    What about food aggression with her,

  65. Gail Jernigan

    Moira was really showing how far she has come since you started training. Although there birds (lots and lots of birds), Moira was able to heel, fetch, sit down, stay, etc. with all the distractions around her in an unfamiliar location. You released so much energy with all of the times she obediently fetched the toy. You were doing everything you have been teaching us about training a puppy. There had to something different about that dog. Was she in heat? Did she smell different in some way from others dogs? Moira was still some distance from the other dog, and you quickly pulled her away, creating even more distance. There was a fence behind you so you couldn’t get further away quicker.
    Don’t give up. Moira has made so much progress in such a small amount of time. (For proof, watch the first video with Moira.) With more training, she will become even better. 😊❤️
    I’ve been watching your videos since I got my own puppy 6 months ago when she was 8 weeks old. Following your methods for training, she can sit, shake “hands,” lie down, look at me, leave it, fetch, and occasionally crawl. She is not nearly as trained as Moira although I have been working with her for months, whereas, you have been working with Moira for just days. I have not been very successful with stay, and I have lots of trouble with distractions just walking in my own neighborhood, which we do 2-3 times a day. People on bikes, people walking, golf carts, other dogs, squirrels, and cars are her main distractions—all things that are moving. I haven’t given up and hopefully, one day, I can break through to get her to focus on me, maybe with the help of my neighbors who are walking, riding bikes, have dogs, cars, and golf carts.
    I’ll keep watching and re-watching your videos until I can get my 14 pound cockapoo, Molly, where I want her to be with her training. Thanks for all of the advice and don’t stop producing your videos with Bree and various dogs. ❤️❤️❤️

  66. Stu Frost

    So far so good Zac I really hope she finds a loving home..

  67. Captin Ash

    After making really good progress on his reactivity around other dogs, my little rescue had a slip up barking and lunging at another dog on his walk this evening. It’s encouraging to come home to see a professional discussing having a bit of an off day too. Helps keep things in perspective 🙂

  68. meliafrancesca

    Don’t worry I don’t really think that the good work you have done it’s forgotten just because she overreacted to other dogs! I actually think that what’s important it’s how you manage those situations and learn from it. Don’t be to harsh on yourself, you are a great dog trainer!!!

  69. Sophia Constance

    I would love a series with a really stubborn dog/puppy, I have a lab terrier mix puppy and when his stubborn streak comes through it’s really difficult to get him to listen he’ll just lay down or sit down and refuse to move

  70. Mini Mutt

    Moira is going to need work even after going to her new home. You know this. How many times have you advised owners that some things may take weeks or months to do? Don’t be hard on yourself. Trying is the only way you’ll know. I think you may have discovered that small dogs trigger her more than dogs her size. She hasn’t had a chance to play with little dogs since she’s been at your place has she?

  71. Sorcha Lanigan

    Is there a way to teach fetch using treats? My dog is super food motivated but loses focus on a toy super quickly.

  72. Loua

    Trying to take the toy out of her mouth after she returns the fetch only encourages her to tug on it. The best strategy is to grab the toy firmly and stay completely still until the dog lets go.

  73. CJ P

    Hi Zak. I’m pretty sure this comment will get lost but this series has been so helpful. Two weeks ago I adopted a 10 month old rescue dog. He’s heaps of energy and has some of the same habits Moira(excessive barking and biting). I’ve been working with him every day and these videos are keeping me going. I feel like I’m journeying with you we also have our ups and downs.Thank you so much!

  74. TeeyaMareeya

    I have so much respect for the fact that you are openly willing to show when things don’t go to plan, instead of conveniently editing them out, I just love your transparency. You’re doing a great job, i love this series. 🙂

  75. Janni Shilpa Jørgensen

    Can you show a video about mating dogs & how to help them ? 😃🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

  76. PebbleInYo Shoe

    That poor dog.

  77. N7Mith

    I don’t understand why you think it’s so bad to correct this behavior. I know you’re a positive only trainer, and that’s fine. Most things can be taught with treats, play, praise and counter conditioning. But isn’t dog training about communication? We want them to learn to understand us, maybe we should spend more time and energy understanding them, and speaking their language.
    When a dog does something another dog doesn’t like, that dog corrects him. That’s language they understand. Most of the time they don’t hurt them, (provided they’re well socialized) and it’s just a snap out of whatever you’re doing thing. 2 seconds later they may be playing again.
    Look how Moira is _this_ reactive to a dog that’s 50 feet away, completely over threshold as you call it, a correction can literally snap her out of it in an instant and let them know this is inappropriate. Besides that, it’s a level of anxiety that’s very stressful to her, and the longer that goes on the unhealthier it is. Why are corrections such a bad thing to you?

  78. Sofia Nunez

    i want to adopt her

  79. Ambrose P

    I’m about half way through the video at this point but I’m curious as to why you didn’t use an engage/disengage game with Moira here? Look at That or a variation on it?

  80. TheNanaGamer

    Seeing mistakes is honestly one of the best ways to avoid them. Honestly, you’ve made great strides with her. My older dog can be reactive but it depends on the other dog which makes it unpredictable. She’s a bit too eager to make new “friends”. Squirrels on the other hand…… I’ve literally tried everything & although she’s vastly improved over the years…..she will always react to a squirrel. This includes in our own back yard where a family of squirrels have lived for generations. It doesn’t help this particular family of squirrels knows she won’t hurt them & play tag with her.

  81. Oh hxney

    I got a dog during the pandemic and he was not able to socialize so when he sees someone or another dog he flips out and barks and tries to bite.Is there any tips on what to do?

  82. Jennifer Corbett

    Thank you for showing everything the good and bad this is so important!

  83. N7Mith

    18:00 and on: I may have messed that up before.

  84. Amir F

    With all that prelude I thought she almost killed another dog. She just went over her threshold. I’m no pro but there seems too much focus on total prevention. It’s like trying to learn to skate without ever falling down, there’s no way. Why not meet the beast and practice say a hundred reps with a calm dog that’s triggering her?

  85. joyce hooley

    This was an incredibly helpful lesson. 1. our dog also gets the zoomies but it happens spontaneously and I am never really sure what to do- you confirmed that my letting him enjoy the moment is important. 2. Your “mistake” is where I am as well and I get discouraged but I can see that all of this is just more patience…or as a friend would say, “create peace, deal with it in the morning”….Thanks

  86. Beth Gol

    Zak we just got a golden retriever puppy he is 2 months now is he too young to train? If he’s not too young what kind of training would you suggest starting out with we have trained him to go to the door if he needs to go to the bathroom we are training him to sit stay come to walk on a leash

  87. Walter Fulmer

    Thank you

  88. w u

    I realy want to see how you train Moira to be “ok”with other dogs. I have the same problem with my dog. Thank you! You are The Best of The Best!

  89. Avorous

    It may be your biggest mistake with Moira, but for me it gives me hope because my dog is exactly the same way. So being able to see a dog with similar reactivity I can actually watch what you’re doing and apply it to my girl. Seeing that any dog even one with a trainer, reacting like this makes me feel as if I’m not a complete failure with my girl. Keep at it!

  90. koncils

    Great video, really thankful for this amazing content👌

  91. Jamie Guloien

    This video in all it’s truth & honest is exactly why I follow! I am working through this exact reactivity to dogs with my Shepherd mix. I appreciate the reality of training & methods to help me. Keep being truthful- is so helpful!

  92. Michele Hill

    Upstate Canine Academy completely changed my relationship with my dog. I have a 1yr old HIGHLY REACTIVE gsd… I followed all of Zaks videos right when I got him at 8 weeks… HE TURNED INTO A FREAKING BRAT and reactivity escalated quickly. Cars, people, dogs everything. And he would get mad at me show his teeth, try and bite when I would try and clean his ears, paws, etc… This type of training did not work for my dog, it can work for some but like I said my pup quickly got bratty.
    THANK GOD I found Tom Davis (Upstate Canine Academy). I corrected my dog 1x for trying to bite me, he never did it again. I can now walk my dog around cars and he may get a little anxious but no longer reacts. Still working on people and dogs but for the first time in a year I was able to let a neighbor pet him on our walk. If your dealing with reactivity I highly suggest watching some of Tom’s videos, I wouldn’t have been able to keep my dog if I didn’t find him.

  93. Joan Chiola

    Example of a young dog who doesn’t understand who is in charge.

  94. Henry Lu

    Do u recommend getting a Rottweiler puppy as my first dog? Or is a rotty too hard for a beginner?

  95. Alice Koval

    Thank you for sharing this moment with us.

  96. Amy Kitchens

    Video starts at 2:40

  97. Kaitland922

    Just because least aversive method is recommended doesn’t mean least aversive is working… Food won’t always override natural instincts. Your tension on the leash when she is having an outburst is just making it 10x worse. She needs a leader not a friend.

  98. Karina

    What did Zak do well at the end? He REMAINED CALM. I was expecting a much worse outburst based on the description. Did she get over excited? Yeah, but if he had started getting upset, would have escalated further. I actually think he did a pretty good job not allowing the situation to get further amped up.

  99. Karsten Topp

    I have a crazy intelligent working line Sheepdog – or, as posh people like to say: Border Collie. Did I say “high energy”? Well, she is intelligent. And she has had hip dysplasia, so she had double femur osteopathy – like chopping off both of her femurs. Now, 6 month after the surgery, I can finally ramp up her physical training. She learned frisbee within, literally, 5 minutes, including the understanding that she has to *return* the frisbee to me, to continue the game. Did I say, that she is clever? She still has to learn to concentrate, she is too easily distracted, but we are getting there.

  100. April B

    This is so much more useful than using “good” dogs. I have a gorgeous miniature schnauzer and he has quite the reactive streak and barks a lot! I would love to see you do a barky schnauzer, they don’t seem to have the please my owner gene more I will please myself lol! PS we have had a trainer but he just manipulated the clicker training by realising he could bark then stop then get a treat. So he barks even more! Now with lockdown he’s super reactive on the lead with other dogs on leads! Training has taken a back seat as I’ve just had a baby too! Back to square one! Thanks for the videos ☺️

  101. Stephanie Edwards

    One thing I actually find really useful from my admittedly limited experience with reactive dogs, is to have them as close to you as possible and stroke them on the chest. That way I’m not being pulled off balance as much and it promotes the dog being a little bit more still unless lunging. I’m not intending to be condescending at all here because I don’t train dogs for a living, but it’s just something I’ve picked up myself that might help. It’s a shame these episodes aren’t released in real time because it’s not like you can try it with her.

  102. Sarah-Jane Pringle

    I feel like if you don’t put a prong on her, the person who adopts her will

  103. Miarije

    I know everyone’s gonna be talking about the big oopsie of this video, but I’m just wondering how this guy gets a monthly subscription box literally every day or so 🤔

  104. DatingSeiteOnline com

    This Is NOT A Dating Site! Please be discreet!

  105. Elsie Monreal

    Zak’ can you make a video of things you use while training outdoors at a park. Types of leash, pouch, or anything else.

  106. Lynda Roberts

    Zak, please be assured your training techniques, together with positive strides forward and steps backwards are both needed for people to learn to be the best teachers they can be with their dogs. I am absorbing everything I can from you with videos and your books before I get my first puppy in mid July. My puppy will be a Cavalier King Charles and I am certain training (basics and agility) will not be at the level of our well loved Moira. Your unrelentless determination to rehabilitate her is humbling and Moira’s benefits are priceless to her and her forever home family. You are special!

  107. maxandshoji

    Thanks for sharing the ups and downs. Helps with how real training is.

  108. Jan Hankins

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