Check out my dog’s new skills!

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Check out my dog’s new skills!

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114 Thoughts to “Check out my dog’s new skills!”

  1. Lily Masters

    Are you planning to do any agility with inertia? It would be cool to see more agility episodes in the future.

  2. Silva

    I’M GETTING A PUPPY IN 3 DAYS!! I’m so excited, thank you so much Zak for giving us such informative yet entertaining videos, I’m really excited to start putting your tips into effect.

  3. Lauren L


  4. Mr. Tuckers

    My little 1 yr old 15lb Havanese has a tendency to bark at every dog that passes by our house through the screen door- especially BIG dogs for some reason. I think he doesn’t want other dogs to intrude on his pee/poo spot in front of our townhouse unit. He’s still a puller on walks and this easily tries him and me out. Still got ways to train.

  5. Romaine Lettuce

    I have a question.. what is your advice to get 2 dogs to share food? We are feeding them in separate bowls and one of them still wants all the food. The dog isn’t over weight he just isn’t used to sharing. Please help.

  6. Keller Ayra

    Keller Ayra
    Do you do step by step videos for specific tricks. We are training bored. No classes right now of course!
    I want to train my border collie to dance. He knows picking up front paws individually. By foot one side paw for opposite paw. But to add speed repetition. Maybe pick up his rear feet. Eventually.Also backing up the stairs or fine tune his hind end awareness

  7. Rahs Way

    Its it true that if a border collie doesn’t get the correct amount of excersise they will destroy the house? What would you do on a rainy day?

  8. Albert videos

    Ok 2 dogs no only 30 skils

  9. Shepherd Lover

    This is how many people love zak and Inertia

  10. Tai-tanium !!

    Hey Zak I have two new puppies they are both from a shelter and they both have trouble paying attention and they are little defiant! Any suggestions?

  11. Highley Devine

    How is she doing with her heat?

  12. anna

    Your views have been declining since you stopped making videos about dog training ❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗

  13. Chiara Sacchetti

    She is so well trained, I am so proud of them!!

  14. Husky Fluff753

    Really inspiring video great job Zak

  15. Joshua Linforth

    Love the artwork in the background

  16. Darraghs Daily Dog Blog

    Hi zak here’s a nice healthy treat recipe for inertia cut up some carrots to the size you want the treat cover it in peanut butter and put it in the freezer for 20 minutes and enjoy a nice cold treat for the summer😎❄️

  17. Emily Beaird

    She’s so cute!!!! Are you playing on teaching her foot stall?

  18. Nyla Guzman

    Thank you so much, these videos have been a HUGE help with my new puppy:)

  19. koalaabcs

    I love that mo matter what others have said or how they ridiculed your way of training you have stayed professional and continued training the way you know is right. It has paid off and shows inertia is turning out to be a well behaved lady who is happy and acclimated with the world around her. Keep doing what you do Zak I always loved watching you from the beginning when it was just you and doing Frisbee with Venus, Alpha and Nova and now am so happy to see you raising your own dog once again.

  20. marz1222

    Where can I find the instructions for teaching “switch”? Thanks !

  21. Babygizmoismykitty 37

    Awe! 💗the sit pretty! She is precious! Thanks for another great video, learned so much over the past few months for our 9mth. Chow Chow puppy Krako….keeping him busy is the key. A tired puppy is a happy puppy!😄

  22. ayush

    Please make an episode teaching her the guard trick where she can guard a toy or something like that. I love your videos.

  23. Aleena Skye

    I’m getting a puppy next week and I’ve just been binge watching all your episodes so I’m prepared to train him!

  24. remas Khaled

    Thank you so much for making these videos they really help me since I am getting a dog soon

  25. KellyBell 14

    Thank you 🙏 for all of your guidance. I have a tough standard poodle 🐩. Happy to real trainers get frustrated too ❤️.

  26. Glitch Man

    All the other dogs at the dog park: AaAaAaaAaaAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaa
    Inertia at the dog park: Somersault, back stall, play dead, paws up, switch, sit pretty. 😀

  27. sudhanshu pathak

    Inertia is back and so am I❤️

  28. Wafflecone Nomnom

    Hey Zak! ^^ I just wanna say that I love your videos and they’ve helped me so much so far! I have a few questions for you, if you don’t mind. My senior dog, Ruby, is a rescue dog and since we have had her, she WILL NOT go out of the house/go on walks willingly. Any idea why and how we can change that? Also, we are planning on getting a puppy in a few months, and I was wondering, do you have any preferences as to what fairly cheap healthy food for it would be? I would love it if you could help me! Thank you so much!

  29. Tarun Shivakumar

    hey he is not quarantined don’t get the nasty virus

  30. Creative Diamond Dogs

    That Fortnite dance at 1:13 has to be the key to dog training 😂😂👍👍! I don’t play the game, but that dance is amazing.

  31. R

    I was wondering what your opinion of those indoor grass pads?

  32. Giovane Boteon

    Lineage is this border collie

  33. Scala

    I have a Shi tzu puppy and he already knows sit, lay down, and aslo play dead becuase of you. it REALY helps alot

  34. muhmmad jawad


  35. bugbug C

    inertia is awesome just awesome

  36. potato gaming

    im alergic to dogs and im really really sad 🙁

  37. Daniella9658

    Aww she is so well behaved. When she finally goes into the dog park and is able to play with other dogs its going to be a really special day 🥰

  38. Lamb sauce

    This series is gonna be so helpful when I get a puppy, thank you zak!!!!! I enjoy your videos! ❤❤❤❤

  39. loyal rott kennel

    New one

  40. Someone murder me

    My puppy is coming in less than a week🥺

  41. that one random swede

    Can you please make more videos with indie

  42. Rainbow Cat25

    Hi, inertia is so cute I love this series

  43. Lilly Jhonn

    In three weeks I was planning on getting a puppy but I’ve now figured out that my cat is pregnant and will give birth in five weeks should I cancel getting my puppy or should I do nothing?

  44. Eyes All Over The World

    It’s a relief that pro dog trainers struggle too! I’m learning a lot with your videos and everything is helpful with how I train my Shih Tzu!

  45. BEAST CLaApZ

    I’m getting a dog in two months so I am happy that I’m watching these videos

  46. Patri y punto

    😍LOVE Inertia🥰 LOVE her somersaults🤩👏👏👏

  47. Dakota&Blessing ServiceTeam

    Check out nate shoemer. He taught an 8 week old GSD all of this plus advanced obedience in a month strictly with using food and praise! This guy is a joke

  48. LaurEquestrian

    Good job 😀
    I love to watch how you train your dogs from day 1!!
    I might be getting the Toy Aussie that I talked about in your last video!
    And your videos REALLY help me convince my parents!
    Thank you👍🏻

    I ride horses too and they shouldn’t be in road ._.

  49. lipschutz

    Cats are disliking this video…

  50. less 2 do

    I’m getting a dog and your videos really help a lot

  51. Lyle Ceniza

    Sometimes we lapse too. Even dogs.

  52. Nischal A

    You seem to love physics!

  53. Jaz Me

    I subscribed just a few days ago, but I already have a request. (:

    She already knows so many tricks. Now you just have to choose the right music. And we’ll see what kind of music taste you have.


  54. Kyle Johnson

    Can you make a video showing us the hand signals you use for tricks? I’m running out of ones to use at a basic level

  55. Troy Winslow

    What do you think about doggy doors?

  56. Christian Channel

    It’s obvious I gotta fully get on this Inertia train, no more checking in. Good work, awesome series

  57. Sachin Rawat

    I wish i have you to train my beagle

  58. luke muscat

    you are such a good dog trainer I wish I was as good as you

  59. GalaxyWolf Playz

    OMG The stall while standing is looking AMAZING

  60. Pet Care Home

    Very very nice 👌 bro

  61. N20 Gtr

    Is there a video where he shows how to train your dog to do a back stall ?

  62. Candy4Life

    That dog is sooooooo cute!!

  63. tiham tasfia gaming

    Why do u always train inertia wherever she is let her enjoy the nature
    I mean no hate but u r being a little bit strict to inertia i mean even in a walk u practice her training ooh come on she is an dog not an robot
    Take her to a dog park and let her enjoy
    Being the best dog doesn’t mean that she have to do all tricks

  64. Margaret Kuhn-Conroy

    I love how you show you and your dog ! I appreciate your showing not always easy even with a trainer! Thankyou for all your videos! They have helped me tremendously!

  65. Michael DeRocco

    I am getting a ouppy

  66. Cristine Montpetit

    Hey! I’d love a list of your puppy/dog favorites like harness, treat pouch, leash ect.

  67. plxsma ClipZy

    Zak, here’s a healthy recipe for dog treats cut up some carrots to the size you want the treat cover it in peanut butter and put it the frewzer for 20 minutes and then enjoy a nice cold treat

  68. Lamb Chop

    That pit wanted to eat her

  69. Ash

    This title ALONE was reassuring. I just got my puppy after years of not having a dog in the house and its been a huge adjustment all around already. Thank you so much for all the tips and the reminders that even the pros have their struggles. Thank you to both you, Zak, and Inertia.

  70. Julien

    What a big turnaround! Wonderful job to the both of you. Great diligence Zak! You’re a excellent teacher

  71. spottedhorse7

    Awesome episode.

  72. NYA Cuddles

    Inertia has come such a long way!

  73. Almasa Abu-Hanish

    Thx this helped a lot

  74. Sharon Thomas


  75. Mauricio Velasquez

    Is she the daughter of “Hero”? Is identical

  76. Goodvibes PH

    I click “LIKE” everytime I see INERTIA❤️

  77. Dana Rich

    I get my 1st dog ever Thursday, 8wk Morkie…so nervous. Went to purchase supplies yesterday, not sure i have all I need but I’m subscribed and the videos help a lot! Very nervous about the right high quality food but I’ll see how it goes. I have a crate, 2 carriers one hard the other soft, not sure which to use to pick him up so ill take both. Omg! I’m a wreck🤦🏽‍♀️

  78. Madison Jackson

    Dear Zak, thank you so much for this series! I’ve wanted a dog for a while so I decided to get a border collie this fall. I want to train her to be a therapy dog, and pupford and this app are super super helpful!! Could you do a video on how to teach tricks? Thanks again! 😃😄😊

  79. Brielle Nowicki

    I love your channel soooooo much and I am going to use all your tips and vids when I get my new puppy!

  80. Lola The Rescued Beagle

    Definitely can struggle with dog training but it’s all about persistence but it’s deffo worth it in the end ❤️stay safe guys

  81. Simon The brand

    You have really helped with our training a new Australian Shepard’s puppy

  82. jawad Nayyer

    your dog looks small what happened is your dog new lov the name of your dog

  83. iPhone Gaming

    I thought it was easy but when I tried it
    it was hard

  84. jawad Nayyer

    how to teach dog to stay pls reply say my name in your video please big fan I love your dog which is dog breed

  85. Bruno & Casper

    My dog now can do all the tricks inertia can do thanks Zak 🤩💪🏻

  86. Nada Halawa

    She’s very well trained even if sometimes some mistakes happen

  87. Christelle Debruyn

    Your so good

  88. LOVELYlove GameZ


  89. prddd ac

    Just watched the video when you got her, and this gets uploaded😁

  90. Ashwani Sharma

    I am here since the first episode

  91. Cookie;-;

    Early!!!!! I love watching your videos cause they get me prepared for my new husky puppy I’m getting soon :3

  92. Shepherd Lover


  93. Itz.Ciara.

    I love your videos! They are so helpful since I just got a puppy not to long ago. My puppy is a 6 week old golden retriver, and her name is Bella. Please make more videos. Inertia is adorable too!

  94. Anneliese Foley

    Zak I have a english pointer and he is 7 years old, i used to not be able to walk him or do anythingbut using your methods he is on the way to being fully trained
    Edit: PS Zak i signed up for 30 day perfect pup

  95. Emilia The Husky

    Does anyone just watch these videos for the doggos

  96. Szofi Kónya

    Not even a single soul:
    Not even Zak:
    My dog: Let’s sniff, and pull on the leash😅🐶🐶😏😏😏

  97. Macie Lenhart


  98. Zach Smith

    Wait a minute, this has been out for 2 mins

  99. Macie Lenhart

    tia is sooo helpful!

  100. Haden Waldron

    Love this series!! Thanks Zak! Inertia is so well behaved! can you do a video on how to make your dog switch sides of you? (I saw your Instagram) P.S. you are the best Youtuber. Because of you, I was able to get me a goldendoodle puppy for Easter.

  101. Tala Ashour

    Here before 160 views

  102. jawad Nayyer


  103. Spirit Wolf

    So many people so fast AhH I thought I’d finally be the quickest!

  104. Nadiya Hussain

    Love inertia and your videos I live in middle east and do not know which dog is best for warm weather in here can you pls tell me which dog to choose plsssssssssssssssssss

  105. Freya the uncontrollable sausage Davis


  106. Dash Ripstar

    Hi! Ive been watching since you first got inertia, and I love the series! I finally got two puppies, and I am training them the best I can using info from your vids. Thank you!

  107. franka franka

    hiii ily so so much❤️

  108. Kate Wallace

    I’m so confused 🤷‍♀️ I thought it was EASY!

  109. TedBed Productions


  110. Tiger P

    I’m getting a dog soon so this helps a lot

  111. Allan Tonui

    Heu text me 0792747437

  112. rafia ahmed

    Bro first view+comment

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