Challenges in Dog Training - Not Obeying Commands, Treat Training Issues, Pushy Dog Barks at Owner
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Challenges in Dog Training – Not Obeying Commands, Treat Training Issues, Pushy Dog Barks at Owner

In this QA I address 4 different questions:
1. My dog needs multiple commands to obey.
2. Are high-value treats not good to get your dog used to?
3. My dog is being raised by my sister, will he bond with me?
4. My dog barks and bites at my face to get me to play.

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9 Thoughts to “Challenges in Dog Training – Not Obeying Commands, Treat Training Issues, Pushy Dog Barks at Owner”

  1. Graham Rowland

    Great straight answers

  2. Joshua Hoover

    First question about training a husky. Best advice (from owning multiple huskies and malamute): 🙏 🙏 🙏

  3. Coriv Loy

    Your videos have been really helpful in training our new 8 week old puppy and setting everything up for him. We know his growth plates won’t fully develop until about 18 months. What would be a good way to still provide some exercise for him?

  4. Enrique Santiago

    Poor fellow from the Philippines, so many things can happen in two years. Get a dog where u live my two cents on it

  5. ali renfro

    Mr. Cabral- don’t be so modest. The merchandise I’d purchase from you is with your half face and the half dog face. It’s a great logo. I recommend your site to a lot of dog folks desperate for help.

  6. Jannell Meagher

    Yes, Robert! Agreed! Even give the dog a reward for looking at you or in our case it is called, “checking in.” I agree 💯 on your advice. Your video, spot on!

  7. Ralph Tarraf

    hey robert reallywanted to ask you about my dog he is a 1y/o gsd malinois mix, he has a decent recall just bought an e-collar to work on it more but sometimes at night when we sit outside he would hear foxes howling and go chasing them and not listen to me i am worried of his behaviour once he takes off he takes 5 to 10 minutes to return
    ps:i only put his ecollar on walks
    would love any advice on this matter

  8. Wink TartanBelle

    I’ve trained a deaf Dalmatian in the past. Today I was approached by a friend that has (unintentionally) acquired and bonded with a deaf Dalmatian pup and asked for some help training her to hand/face/body movement commands. My past experience went pretty well, but I did have issues with my off-lead dog literally looking away to avoid seeing commands she didn’t want to acknowledge and “sneaking peeks” to wait for my commands to stop. This was usually when off-lead in the fenced yard, after she’d misbehaved or was being recalled while playing. Can you think of anything I can change to help with this issue? I’m just trying to improve on what I was able to accomplish before and help my good friend enjoy a dog that otherwise might be euthanized. Any help or insight you can offer is appreciated. I don’t often comment, but do enjoy and learn from your content. 👍 Thank you for helping the dogs and dog owners of the world to enjoy more happy and healthy lives.

  9. Connie

    Hi Robert Cabral! My sister is a huge fan of yours. We’ve fostered dogs and puppies, and we use your guide videos all the time! Thank you.

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