Catching Child Predators with Digi Dogs - Episode 101 - Shannon Krieger

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Catching Child Predators with Digi Dogs – Episode 101 – Shannon Krieger

Shannon Krieger is an American Hero. From his work in the US Military SOCOMM to his current passion, working with HSI catching child predators he never ceases to amaze me.

If you missed Episode 99 talking about Shannon’s work starting the CAD (combat assault dog) program, be sure to watch it.

In this episode we talk about where Shannon’s work has taken him and that is investigating child predators online. The future of his work is something we hint at in this interview. We talk about the “Digi Dogs” concept and I think that is something that is really exciting.

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14 Thoughts to “Catching Child Predators with Digi Dogs – Episode 101 – Shannon Krieger”

  1. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    Hard watch for me. Wish I had a HERO back as a kid but no one helped only hurt. No internet back then. At least some get help . Thank you.

  2. LittleNinjai

    Another great interview with Shannon. Fascinating stories.

  3. Suzanne Moran

    Operation Underground Railroad [OUR] child rescue use trained dogs for uncovering hidden digital media/thumb drives in their international raids.

  4. Suzanne Moran


  5. cs4895

    Thank you, Shannon for your service, and for your courage. I hope you continue to create and follow up the new endeavor to get Digi-dogs up and running. Thank you Robert for sharing this interview! Powerful stuff!

  6. Brandon Dillon

    this is something I want to do is learn how to do nose work for for digital devices with my Ridgebacks. with Child sex trafficing being the largest crime out there with the USA being the biggest consumers of it, I feel like they will need lots of dogs for this.

  7. Darla Preeper

    Another reason I love dogs. And this channel. Thank you Robert

  8. Getta Gudenhei

    Thank you 💚
    What a beautiful thing ..

  9. Granny Gear

    God given rights, the 4th amendment is pesky? I am all for locking these child predators up for life; but please, it’s a risky slippery slope if you feel 4th amendment rights are somehow “pesky. “ Be safe and God speed. I rescued a ‘husky’ from a puppy farm and come to find out she is 1/2 Malinois. Training and healing (not treated well at puppy farm) was an amazing learning curve (they are so smart) and now I so respect this fantastic breed and am blessed everyday by loving this rescue.

  10. Cillin O'Donnell

    The government is full of pedos, especially in Ireland. 10 years minimum jail sentence for drug possession of €13,500 street value but people caught with 1000’s of images of child abuse get 2 years suspended no actual jail time. The judges, the police called Gardai and politicians are full of pedos. The sad thing about it 90% of hardcore drug addicts were abused as children and look to drugs to escape the emotional pain.

  11. Anna Bell

    Is the hero dog program funded by Animal Farm Foundation? Has anyone heard about the arrest of Bradley Croft who was scamming veterans with his dog training program and also had stolen identities of veterans to scam the government out of veteran money intended for their education?

  12. Anna Bell

    That lobbying group should be lobbying against all the new laws protecting rescue groups that traffic and promote adopting fight bust pit bulls, or “no known history” large bull breeds, as pets. The maulings are daily and the killings are beginning to be, many of them of children. Why aren’t we hearing more about this?

  13. Daemon Rowanchilde

    Thank you for having the courage to do interviews like this on difficult but necessary topics like this

  14. D F

    Didn’t listen to the whole thing but sniffing out specific electronic stuff……. seems a big stretch

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