Cane Corso X Neo Mastiff Aggressive with Bones

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Cane Corso X Neo Mastiff Aggressive with Bones

If you have a dog like a Cane Corso, Neapolitan Mastiff or worse yet a mix of the two or any other crazy dominant, strong dog mix and you can’t control him or her, even with something like raw bones, you have a big problem on your hands.

In this video I address such a problem.

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19 Thoughts to “Cane Corso X Neo Mastiff Aggressive with Bones”

  1. Sue Fleming

    A couple weeks ago, here in Iowa, a lady was killed by her 5 Great Danes.

  2. Tovya Weissberg

    Kind of frustrating to watch this video, I like your channel but look at some of the extremely rude hateful comments on this one…. Mastiff breeds, larger bully and bull breeds, Boerbels, Dogos, other confident dominant giant breeds like giant schnauzers the giant poodle Etc are magnificent dogs and people who own them are not stupid people who owns stupid breeds of dogs… my bully has shown possessiveness over a few different items usually a toy…. a good example is a Frisbee, he did not want to bring it back to me and when getting it from him I could tell he was getting a little nutty over it… it doesn’t mean that he’s some out of control Beast that can’t be controlled and we’re both stupid….. the solution is simple really we just don’t play Frisbee we can do ball fetch or rope toss/tug… the dude doesn’t have to give his Cane Corso Mastiff mix meaty bones… like you said something not as high value and the trade method to get comfortable with removing anythingfrom the dog’s mouth… could have spared the audience putting the whole emphasis on the stupid people stupid dog spiel…

  3. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    Well said and I totally agree. I see people with dogs that are way to strong and powerful for them all the time here.

  4. Sara Baker

    👏👏👏👏👏👏 preach it, Robert!

  5. Walk Your Dog

    The problem is that dog is the dog that will get out the door or fence and maul some innocent bystander.

  6. Michelle Turner

    I agree. I personally own these types but no way in hell I can’t take or give whatever I choose to the dogs. No way they get to decide what the rules are. Some people are Shih Tzu level only. And many not even that. I’m small. Like 110 lbs. Never have I been afraid of my own damn dogs. Would never allow that behaviour ever.

  7. Shana Karlsen

    Robert, I’m still waiting to hear from Alin about my membership problem!! It’s been over 3 months. I’m very disappointed!!!!!
    I want to buy your new course, but, I won’t do so until my current issue is resolved. I don’t want to spend $1,000, and know that if there’s an issue, I will be ignored. This is NOT what I’ve come to expect from Robert Cabral

  8. sarahcantoo

    I couldn’t agree more. If you’re scared to even get close to your dog there’s just such a big problem. Setting you and your dog especially up for failure.

  9. Kanarks

    Fact!!!!!!!! I feel like his corso will be in a shelter! Not a bad dog, just in the hands of a wrong handler!!

  10. Eddie Regan

    I have a cane corso. Give her raw food. When she is eating my cat will come over. Both of them will eat out of the same bowl. Same time. No food aggression.

  11. Tracey Meek

    Why do people get huge, aggressive dogs they can’t control? Because they can’t afford a fancy car, can’t carry a big gun in public, and can’t think of any other way to show that they are tough, manly-men.

  12. Virginia Pursley

    OMG 6 to 10 feet!
    Was in the hospital for heart issue and the woman next to me got “bit ” by her dog which was 180 pounds. It was a chunk of her arm missing. She was so sad and confused why her dog did this..(She was 5’4″ about 135 my guess). Thank you Robert for your honesty.

  13. Theodore Hyatt

    This crap drives me crazy I have had Alpha dogs my whole life that a child could control because of training. I agree with you 99.9% of the time but your size doesn’t matter if you have made it clear who is in charge . Unfortunately some person or worse child is going to pay the price for his STUPIDITY . He should be the one put down when the SHTF not the dog .

  14. ElainesDomain

    We prefer and own English Mastiffs. We taught them that anything in their mouth isn’t theirs. The small one was 180 lbs and the largest is 235 lbs. One thing to know is that the English Mastiff is known as The Gentle Giant. The Cane Corso and Neapolitan isn’t. Neither is the Bull Mastiff. No matter how large or small an untrained dog an easily become dangerous.
    Watch Mr. Cabral’s videos to live a happy life with your dog.

  15. Anna Bell

    People probably do not believe they will literally be torn to pieces. You should do a show which highlights the people who have been dismembered by their “pet.”

  16. DobermanBailey

    People don’t understand they need to adapt to these dogs, not the other way around.. if you can’t put two hours away in your day to train them then don’t get them..

  17. Catherine Morris

    It is not the dogs fault but the stupid ignorant people who want to own a power breed but have absolutely no training or understanding of that breed. I truly appreciate Robert’s brutal honesty on the subject, it may save some dogs. I don’t really care about the stupid people.

  18. Al Lo

    “That’s stupid, really stupid”. Your brutal honesty has probably saved lives. Appreciate the video!

  19. MrWarlock0

    Malinois for the win!🦮🐕‍🦺

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