Cane Corso isn't a Good Personal Protector!


Cane Corso isn’t a Good Personal Protector!


Cane Corso is a dog with extraordinary capacities and abilities to protect a large property but doesn’t have a clue on how to protect a single person.

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12 Thoughts to “Cane Corso isn’t a Good Personal Protector!”

  1. Daniel

    There not the same anymore plus there’s traditional and non traditional which has been over bred and mixed with newer dog breeds and isn’t the best at protection and they also come with so many health problems. GET A DOGO ARGENTINO!

  2. Dukolli


  3. Melvin Chavers


  4. Maty Vee

    Best breed ever❣️🔥💪

  5. EAO

    Great Pyrenees 2.0

  6. DK

    My Corso protects me from anything

  7. ThisIsGonnaBeGoodIKnowIt

    Are you guys ever gonna go through the trouble of pronouncing Cane Corso correctly?

    At this point it’s getting rather embarrassing that you put out video after video, piggybacking off the breeds recent popularity, and in all of them you mispronounce the name completely.

    You’re past a dozend videos now, that you have out there, all demonstrating that you don’t even know how to say Cane Corso. Think about what that does to your reputation as an „expert“ channel.

  8. Bart Angel

    I never owned Cane Corso but they probably would make a great guard guard dog. their athleticism and bite force alone are impressive and all that I read points that they have instincts and determination to back it up.

  9. HENNESSY_86

    I have a four year old cane corso and he’s the best family/protection dog I’ve had. Very intelligent and observant.


    Hey bro .I was saying in India there is a case in a pitbull bites her owner . So can you tell why pitbull bites her owner?????


    I have a Cane Corso mixed with Blue Nose Pit I’ve had him since he was 8 weeks & when I say his very intelligent man his too smart for his own good ‼️ I love my fat head aka one of his nicknames I have for him 😂 I wouldn’t trade him for the world

  12. Wisdom Ese

    I love cane Corso

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