Cane Corso Dog Names: 600+ Ideas For Your New Giant Pup

The Cane Corso is a big, proud canine. Originally bred as war dogs for ancient Roman armies, these noble canines are loyal, protective, and steadfast guardians. A canine as unique as the mighty Cane Corso needs a name that shows how strong and regal this breed is. A perfect name should represent a dog, encompass who they are, and reflect a bit of the owner’s personality.

Bringing home a new pup is a whirlwind of excitement, the process of picking a name is part of the fun. Some owners may have something special already picked out. Others may have no idea what to call their pups. It is not unusual to need a little help when finding the right moniker for a pup. Owners often look to things in their lives, culture, entertainment, memory, and even the kitchen, to find dog name ideas.

Picking a name for any pup, but especially one as magnificent as this, is a monumental task. We are here to help with our list of over 600 Cane Corso dog name ideas for names for your new stately companion. This breed is also called the Italian Corso, Corso, Cane Corso Italiano, and Italian Mastiff.

Male Names

Something about a big, imposing guardian dog inspires very masculine monikers. From their vigilant and protective personality to their stately appearance, an Italian Mastiff is an immensely powerful dog. This list of male names is strong, just like this breed.

Alfred Carl Fang Hulk Lincoln Rambo Utah
Andreas Champ Forest Hutch Lucky Ranger Valant
Angus Charlie Frank Ice Luke Ray Vector
Arlo Chester Frodo Iceman Mack Rocco Victor
Axel Clyde Gandolf Iggy Maverick Roger Vinnie
Bandit Cody Gilbert Igor Max Ron Vito
Baxter Cooper Goose Ironside Milo Rooster Wallace
Bear Crusher Ghost Ivan Ned Sam Washington
Beast Dallas Gino Jackson Nelson Sampson Watson
Ben Dexter Gordo Jet Neo Sargeant Wyatt
Benny Diesel Gunner Joe Oakley Shadow Xavier
Billy Dude Gucci Julius Orion Sherman Yancy
Bo Duke Gus Kennedy Otis Starsky Yeller
Boomer Earl Hank Kevin Ozzie Steve Yeti
Bones Eddie Harry King Paco Teddy Yukon
Bruce Edison Heath Kirby Peyton Theo Zander
Bruno Edward Hector Kobe Prince Titus Zeke
Bruiser Eliot Henry Kona Quentin Toby Zeus
Buddy Enzo Hooch Kong Quinn Turner Ziggy
Buster Falcon Hugo Lester Ralph Tyson Zorro

Female Names

A strong lady needs a designation that shows just how majestic she is. Her title should let everyone know that she is both bossy and beautiful and that she means business. These monikers can be traditional names, new age, sweet, sassy, and sharp. Pop culture, music, films, and books. All of these are places to find fantastic and fancy feminine names. We came up with a list of fabulous and feminine monikers that fit this elegant breed perfectly.

Abby Brooklyn Gem Izzy Merida Queen Star
Astra Buffy Gemma Ivy Mia Queenie Steph
Anna Candy Gertrude Kendra Mildred Rae Stella
Annie Chloe Grace Keisha Millie Raven Stormy
Angel Comfort Gracie Kitana Missy Reigna Sugar
Angelina Daisy Goddess Lady Misty Rosa Tess
Ariel Dakota Golden Larsa Molly Rosalie Tilly
Artemis Darling Gwendolen Leah Monica Rose Tinkerbell
Aspen Diamond Hannah Leila Natasha Ruby Treasure
Athena Diva Harlow Liberty Nina Sabira Trina
Ava Duchess Harper Lily Nova Sage Trixie
Ayesha Elektra Harriet Lovely Olivia Samantha Trudie
Babe Ember Hazel Lucy Ophelia Sandra Unique
Baby Emma Heidi Mae Pearl Sandy Valentine
Bella Evangeline Hera Mable Pepper Sarah Valeria
Beth Eve Hilda Maggie Petal Sandra Velda
Beloved Faith Holly Maisy Petunia Sasha Venus
Bonnie Fancy Honey (Honie) Matilda Philomena Sassy Vilja
Briella Freya Hope Mattie Poppy Sharla Wei
Bree Gabriela Isabella Maya Princess Shelby Wilma

Big Names

These canines are a large, old canine breed. They can reach 110 pounds or more fully grown and stand 24 to 28 inches tall, paw to shoulder. A big, beautiful canine needs a big, beautiful name. Try these giant-sized monikers on for size.

Male Female
Admiral Alaska
Adonis Amazon
Apollo Amber
Bastian Aphrodite
Biggy Aurora
Bubba Avalon
Cesear Bertha
Colossus Brandy
Goliath Cedar
Groot Cersei
Hercules Charlize
Hero Cleopatra
Jabba Denali
Jumbo Diana
Kaine Frigg
Maximus Giantess
Napoleon Gargantua
Odyssius Latto
Orion Legend
Raider Lizzo
River Katsu
Ryder Marge
Saber Olympia
Tonka Pandora
Thunder Petra
Titan Pippi
Trouble Ramona
Vulcan Scout
Woodrow Whiskey
Yeti Xena

Small Names

Cani Corsi are large pups, but sometimes giving a big beastie a small name can be fun and fitting. It adds a bit of humor to the dog park to see one of these big beasties come galloping up for cuddles after being called “Tiny.” Have some fun with these small yet mighty monikers.

Male Female
Almond Amie
Benji Bitsy
Bing Bubbles
Bojo Bug
Boo Buttercup
Hiccup Echo
Imp Elf
Pal Fifi
Petit Fleur
Pinto Kitty
Roo Pebbles
Runt Pixie
Taco Poptart
Squirt Sweet Pea
Tim Trixie


This valiant champion descends from fierce, loyal, rugged warrior dogs. A Roman-inspired title is a nod to the gallant history of this watchful warrior. This breed is bred to be heroes. Our list of Roman-inspired epithets is a wonderful place to look for a unique and brave designation for these natural warriors.

Male Female
Agustus Alba
Antony Albina
Cicero Antonia
Clemens Camilla
Evander Cassia
Flavius Domita
Felix Flavia
Janus Hadriana
Leo Hortensia
Marcus Juno
Octavius Marcella
Remus Mariana
Romulus Serena
Silvius Silvania
Valerius Titiana


Everyone loves a hero. Cani Corsi are guardians and heroes of their homes. Every hero needs a call sign that inspires confidence and makes people feel safe. Your hero pooch might just be one of the names on our list.

Male Female
Akilles Amara
Akin Arwen
Arthur Blink
Aryo Carol
Banner Eclipse
Blade Eden
Blaze Empress
Captain Gamora
Clark Godiva
Clint Helena
Dash Huntress
Falcon Kamala
Flash Kara
Fury Katniss
Grayson Liberty
Hawkeye Lane
Jason Lois
Jax Lyra
Kal-el Mera
Kent Marvel
Krypto Munroe
Lucas Mystique
Odin Nebula
Orin Rogue
Peter Scarlett
Robin Stacey
Stark Storm
Thor Summer
Wade Valkyrie
Wolf Wonder


Villains can be both loved and hated and offer another fantastic place to find inspiration for a dog designation. Most of the time, they are misunderstood or down on their luck souls. While a Corso is no villain, one of these naming ideas might fit them exactly right.

Male Female
Amon Absinthe
Atomic Abyss
Casanova Amora
Deadpool Andromeda
Flex Banshee
Flint Bellatrix
Frenzy Cruella
Hex Darcy
Killian Hela
Malice Hellcat
Parallax Jadis
Rampage Lizza
Ronan Misery
Snake Misfit
Spike Phantom
Thanos Stiletto
Wild Bill Tremaine
Vanko Ursula
Vega Vanity
Zyrian Verity

Cool Names For Your Cane Corso

Some pups need a name that shows exactly what they are, and the Corso is one renegade canine. These big beauties need a designation that lets the world know just how special and regal they are. Try these cool ideas for naming your new pup.

Male Female
Apache Ari
Arne Ase
Bedlam Astra
Beret Avril
Brutus Cardi
Damien Chaka
Dante Comet
Domnic Daenerys
Hades Estrid
Hermes Hermonie
Inferno Inga
Leif Joplin
Magnum Lolita
Mayhem Onyx
Pyro Rebel
Rocky Sierra
Rune Sheena
Sten Sigrid
Spartacus Thora
Vader Yrsa

Unusual Ideas

No one wants to call their pooch the same thing as every other dog on the block. Finding a unique epithet can mean having to get creative. Look outside the box and allow yourself to have some fun. Try out some of these unusual Cane Corso names that are sure to turn heads.

Arrow Moira
Babushka Mulan
Bentley Nightengale
Beowulf Pangea
Bindi Raina
Bjork Ragnar
Chai Roar
Chaos Rollo
Cruz Sune
Dubbins Uhtred
Ermine Van
Frode Vida
Gazpacho Vixen
Grendel Winter
Medusa Zahra

Other Names

If none of the ideas we have presented so far stand out, try this list of other common dog names. These are tried and true monikers that always make a splash.

Male Female
AJ Ivory
Annie Jada
Archer Jazz
Bambi Java
Beau Jethro
Beso Kox
Bella Krishna
Biscuit Kox
Blue Latte
Boxer Logan
Brody Loki
Brownie Lolo
Cane Luna
Cappuccino Marley
Coco Milo
Coffee Monty
Cricket Nala
Cupcake Nico
Dave Night
Dijon Orson
Dory Pablo
Ebonee Peanut
Farley Pumpkin
Faye Ross
Fidget Sawyer
Grady Scar
Gravy Tucker
Grover Willow
Goodie Zane
Hoss Zoey

Naming Tips

Naming a new dog is a big responsibility.

Your puppy may not understand the specific meaning of their name but will understand that this word has a significant meaning. They will understand that this word means that you need them, want to see them, are going to walk them, feed them, etc. There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding on what to call a new pooch.

  • Keep it simple. Dogs are not going to realize that a big, long title refers to them. For example, The Esteemed Lady Petunia Paddington has a regal feel, but no canine will respond to that long of a name. Keep monikers to two syllables if possible. Three syllables can also work, but two seem to be the magic number for canines.
  • Canines respond to strong letter sounds. These include D, M, T, K, P, and CH. Softer sounds like F, S, and soft C are harder for canines to hear. The first sound should alert a pup that her owner, or someone else, is trying to get her attention. Words that end in vowels tend to be easier for dogs to pick up.
    Avoid words that sound like command words. Naming your puppy something that sounds like a command will just confuse her. Avoid things like “Kit,” which sounds like “sit,” and “Koe” or “Roe,” which sounds like “no.”
  • Try out some nicknames. For every idea, you consider trying out a few different nicknames. Owners always end up calling their dogs many different nicknames, so it is good to try out a few and see how they feel before making a final decision.
  • Keep things appropriate and clean. Stay away from ideas that are negative or can be perceived as offensive. You do not want to embarrass yourself, your pup, or anyone who might need to call them, like a trainer, vet, or dog sitter.
  • Avoid words that sound like other pets’ names and the names of family members. This goes for nicknames as well. For example, naming your sweet baby, Ana might confuse her when Nana is around. Calling your pup Brad may confuse everyone when you try to talk to Dad.
  • When teaching a puppy a new name, use the word a lot in a happy, positive tone. When they respond to this word, give them a verbal reward like “good,” “yes,” or “right,” followed by a treat. You can also use a clicker to signal that they did the right thing, then follow with a treat.

Final Thoughts

Naming your puppy is a fun experience but also a big responsibility. It is ok to take some time to try out a few different ideas to see which one fits your puppy’s personality. Get creative, but make sure to stay appropriate and respectful. Cani Corsi are magnificent, large canines. These big beauties were bred as warriors and guardians. They are oversized yet lovable and fiercely loyal to their owners. Owning one of these dogs is a true privilege. This is one breed that will keep your heart forever. Male or female, we have offered a list of over 600 name ideas for the majestic Cane Corso.

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