Cana Corso is illegal to use for Hunting!


Cana Corso is illegal to use for Hunting!


Cane Corso can’t be used for big game hunting, it is forbidden with law for this breed to be utilized for this activity.

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9 Thoughts to “Cana Corso is illegal to use for Hunting!”

  1. Christian Schlicht

    In Germany he is Not banned

  2. DescendanceDeNoéFilsD'Adam

    Still use to Hunt the best at it hhhhhh

  3. Dk

    My Corso just chills

  4. KayceeGreer

    Hey Narrator! It’s KHAN•eh Corso. Or , KHAH•neh, or heck, just give it a lazy Connie Corso like a lot of people do. It’s a helluva lot better than calling it a walking stick or peppermint Christmas candy.

    And before I forget,what the hell is Canis Putin Nax, or Putinax? Dontcha mean Canis P U G N A X ?

  5. J haych

    Cane corso aren’t banned in England at all. No place ban them here. We all live under the same rules and legislations in the UK we aren’t like America who have different states and legislations, we all have the same laws etc in each borough, country etc. I have a cane corso X bullmastiff here in England with 0 problems. They’re completely legal.

  6. Melvin Chavers

    Still used in Sardinia Italy to hunt deer⚓⚓⚓

  7. ArtRoblox&Minecraft


  8. nizalia Naveed


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