Can Martingale Collar Hurt the Dog's Trachea - Robert Cabral Dog Training Video

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Can Martingale Collar Hurt the Dog’s Trachea – Robert Cabral Dog Training Video

Can a martingale collar hurt a dog’s neck is a common question and the answer is not that simple. First of all I recommend the gogopet martingale collars, linked here:

This is the one I use on my dogs.

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9 Thoughts to “Can Martingale Collar Hurt the Dog’s Trachea – Robert Cabral Dog Training Video”

  1. Richard Moran

    Any recs for getting my 1.5 yr old mali to out the ball…he’s highly ball driven loves playing ball but have to basically lift him off the ground with his prong collar to out….tried to use the two ball technique but often go with one. Any recs?

  2. Sarang Joshi

    Hey Robert, I just adopted a Rott puppy, she’s 3 months old now. She’s extremely aggresive while eating, finishes a bowl full of food within 4 seconds. I have been hand feeding her for almost 3 weeks now but to no avail. Please help…. Please reply…

  3. Quentin Danielson

    Dm me please! Explain the Art of Success, I haven’t seen any videos on it!!!!

  4. Margaret Meaker

    Love to see you put the collar on yourself for illustration purposes 🤣🤣😃

  5. Birder Collie

    My shelties can easily slip out of their flat collars (even if properly snug), so a constricting collar or harness is a must. What are your thoughts on front clip harnesses? This is a big fad in my area. I like their self-correcting function but think they can do a lot if damage if not fit properly. I appreciate the note on leash pressure. I’ve found training and relationship matters more to my dog than what the leash is attached to.

  6. Shalila Lewis

    🐕💗 Robert Cabral, the link you provided shows a regular collar. It is not a martingale collar. 🤔 🤷

  7. Mister B’s -fish and things

    I use one on my malinoi and find it very effective.

  8. Cheryl Schaeffer

    I love the way you phrased your response. Simple and clear explanation

  9. s rc

    Hey robert! Thanks for your videos. I have a dog with no high drive. I have seen you talk about your dog jimmy which I think is sort of the same. Do you have any videos training with him? or any tips on how to train a dog like this?

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