Can Ketogenic Dog Food Cure Cancer? - EP.73
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Can Ketogenic Dog Food Cure Cancer?

Ketogenic or Keto is a diet that removes sugars, including carbohydrates from the dog’s diet.

Dog food is a hot topic and one of the most common questions I get asked. People always ask me what I feed my dog, so in this video podcast, I dedicated the entire show to the effects of diet, in particular, carbs and sugars on the health of our dogs as well as ourselves.

Ron Penna is the founder of Quest Nutrition as well as Legendary Foods and Visionary Pet Foods. His mission in life is to find the secrets to health and longevity. Ron is the founder of The Keto Pet Sanctuary:

an amazing project that put a theory to the test. Can a Keto Diet Cure Cancer? The answer may surprise you. In this chat, I ask some tough questions and get some amazing answers from Ron. Ron is one of the most fascinating people I’ve met and is a treasure chest of knowledge. You’ll probably want to watch this video a few times and get a pen and paper ready, cause you’ll want to take notes.

I would suggest talking with a vet for serious medical advice. In no way am I suggesting that you should not seek medical advice and only change your dog’s diet, but I am a believer that switching your dog to a balanced ketogenic diet will help any medical treatments you’re going through and could help prevent some sicknesses in advance.

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26 Thoughts to “Can Ketogenic Dog Food Cure Cancer?”

  1. Robert Cabral

    check my online training and resources at:

  2. Liesbeth Robison

    I wish he had talked about puppies🐶 maybe next time…….🐺 I’ve had my puppy for a month and am phasing out the food the breeder recommended. (it was good to stay on it for potty training) but now researching lots. my last Lab blew out her doggie ACL at age 10. I didn’t want to do the surgery because she was already 10 and she was incredibley sensitive to any kind of meds. I hobbled her for a season and a half. She hated it but I was strict. We did swim a lot. I started making all her food. Her injury healed (scar tissue forming- she expressed no pain) and she had 3 more solid years of summer hikiing in the high country left in her. she almost made it to age 15. miss that dog. so now I got a stocky 3 month old lab pup and want the best for her.

  3. Robbie Grant

    Excellent Podcast Robert. Have shared widely. Well done, great guest, great info

  4. Andy Blakely

    Amazing content. I feed my Giant Schnauzer primarily turkey necks, chicken backs (sometimes a whole chicken) -chicken necks, tilapia, beef hearts and many other organs along with chicken feet. Once or twice a week I will feed him a bowl of two cans of sardines and olive oil (omega 3 source to the max) with some cottage cheese, spinach, egg yolk (no white) and minced blueberries ——— I may remove the blueberries, spinach, and cottage cheese now. God bless you this content is gold. Sharing with the family and friends. OSS!

  5. Gwen Decker

    I’m carnivorous and that’s how I feed my dogs.

  6. whitefeather featherz

    Where can we buy keto pet food?

  7. whitefeather featherz

    Animals are here for us to eat, they know this and offer them self’s so we can survive they just know

  8. Walid Arnaout

    The 2 thumbs down, one is a hater and the other is a vegan.

  9. Jackie Marshall

    They invented dog food in the ’50s. About the same time they invented brainwashing about “all you add is love.”

  10. whitefeather featherz

    Can I buy keto at pet stores?

  11. Walid Arnaout

    Great podcast and great guest! One of your best podcasts. Keep up the great work brother.

  12. whitefeather featherz

    Where can I buy omega 3 for pets?

  13. aaoo

    Great podcast. Just to be clear, are both of you on a 100% keto diet now?

  14. Angelo Sacino

    Western horrible diet is spilling over into dog food

  15. aaoo

    Very inspirational. Changing my diet as you speak.

  16. Angelo Sacino

    Dogs are naturally keto

  17. BJ Bumblebee

    Mammals heal themselves during states of autophagy. Ketogenice helps with many cancers in humans after allopathic has not worked. Combination of 15 hours between meals, meats and organ meats helped me with MS and slowed down in a pet. Low glycemic worked

  18. Sabrina Rossiter

    i am always searching for ways to improve my dogs health and i am definitely looking into this. if i were to switch to this food, would i have to stol feeding him fruits. he loves apples and blueberries and i can tell that the blueberries (or maybe something else) have helped him with his teary-eyed. did you complety cut out fruits?

  19. Celeste Lovett

    Really great podcast, as always. I’m just beginning (today) switching Halo to the visionary dog food. Halo has several food intolerances that have caused her to have a persistent pink rash on her belly; she’s had to be treated with all kinds of meds for the past few months. After getting a report that details her food intolerances, I realized that she was being fed 4 of them on a daily basis. Visionary dog food is the only food I have found that contains none of these things, and I’m looking forward to her rash clearing up and hair growing back.

  20. gold blueberries

    I’ve been on keto for over 2 years…. I was thinking keto for my dogs… thx

  21. Settings Settings

    frick i missed it. killer one rob

  22. Chow CEO

    Ron Penna is an awesome guest, THANK YOU 🙏🏼

  23. Chow CEO

    Love this episode ❤️❤️❤️ the guest mentioned giving his dogs the Nordic Naturals fish oil in children’s liquid, my concern is that those have flavorings. Is it better to give dogs the Nordic Naturals fish oil Pet formula? Thank you 😊

  24. turbo sam

    Awesome informative video. Thank you ❤️

  25. Cornwall1888

    I give me dog good quality grain free food but it has peas in it which some have claimed can cause heart disease?

  26. The Alchemist

    Rso can 🙏💜

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