Can dogs eat jackfruit? Is Jackfruit Safe For Dogs?

Jackfruit is a relatively new import here in the west even though it has been eaten in India and sub-Saharan Africa for thousands of years. The interest in the US as a meat substitute is met with great interest and can be found on menus in most cities. You can even spot it at market stalls and supermarkets and be tempted to take it home and try it.

So the next question on your mind is likely, “Can I share jackfruit with my dog?” This question is complicated because of the limited knowledge we have. There are also many different ways to feed your dog jackfruit you might consider.

In order to, Jackfruit is safe for dogs? Is it something that you can freely include in your dog’s diet on a regular basis so that he can enjoy the superfood nutrients and antioxidants like humans? Read on to find out more!

Is Jackfruit / Nangka Safe For Dogs?

We don’t know a ton, but most indications show jackfruit is non-toxic to dogs.

The truth is that We don’t know enough about whether or not jackfruit is safe for dogs. In places where the tree is common, it seems that many mammals and insects are eating jackfruit that fell from the tree with no problem. There are also videos on the Internet of dogs eating jackfruit.

We can probably assume that toxic after-effects would have resulted in the owner removing the videos. Of fruits related to jackfruit, most appear to be edible for dogs. However, there isn’t enough information to make a final decision on jackfruit safe for everything dogs. After all, it wasn’t until the 1990s that grapes were discovered to be poisonous to dogs, and they have been around this country for much longer!

We thought we’d check that jackfruit is safe to feed your dog so that you have all the information you need to make a decision. Evidence that jackfruit is safe for dogs includes:

  • Jackfruit’s closest cousin, the mulberry, is considered safe for dogs to eat.
  • Many wild mammals eat fallen jackfruit, presumably for sure.
  • One study looked in-depth into cooked jackfruit seeds in humans and found that there was nothing toxic.

Evidence for Carefully Feeding Your Dog’s Jackfruit:

  • Another close cousin is the fig, Which can cause mild symptoms in some dogs who appear to be allergic.
  • There is one case where a person dies of anaphylaxis after eating jackfruit – he had a latex allergy.
  • Many seeds are poisonous to dogs – and those seeds are bigger than most!
  • The seeds and skin are hard and can cause blockages.

Could Jackfruit Be Good For Dogs?

Jackfruit cut in half
We don’t know if the jackfruit human benefits apply to dogs.

Jackfruit has a number of purported health benefits for humans – but there are little evidence and no evidence at all in dogs. However, a nutritional analysis has shown that it is high in water and fiber, which has positive effects on intestinal health. It’s also high in sugar from carbohydrates, which can affect weight gain in dogs.

It is believed that vitamin B6 levels in jackfruit are very high, but dogs should get enough B6 through their diet so this is not a problem. All in all, jackfruit is likely to Do a little better than sugar and water with some fiber and a banana has a similar nutritional profile, except with a little less sugar and a lot more fiber.

Can dogs eat jackfruit pulp?

Jackfruit pulp or meat is the part that most people are familiar with. It can be used as a meat substitute when underripe and has a texture similar to that of pulled pork. It can be eaten cooked or raw. There are no scientific toxicity studies to suggest whether jackfruit is safe for dogs. There are also no case reports of toxicity.

However, this does not mean that it is definitely safe as this fruit is only just getting into our stores and homes. As a result, reports are likely to be very rare and veterinarians may not yet have recognized a pattern. There are videos online of dogs eating jackfruit pulp so it seems safe and we know that dogs can eat some closely related fruits.

We know that too other mammals eat jackfruit without problems. Jackfruit is probably fine for feeding dogs – but not definitely, and you need to wonder if it’s really worth the risk.

Can dogs eat jackfruit seeds?

Yak fruit seeds in bowl
Avoid giving jackfruit seeds to your dog.

Contains jackfruit seeds with high levels of trace amounts of thiamine, magnesium, and phosphorus nutrients your dog needs to be healthy. They are known to be non-toxic in humans and have been eaten for centuries, particularly in Brazil where they are an important dietary supplement.

However, many things that are okay with humans are not okay with dogs, and seeds generally contain cyanide, which can be a problem for dogs. We don’t know for sure whether jackfruit seeds are poisonous to dogs, but we know they pose other dangers. Jackfruit seeds are very large – similar in size to a grape.

They can pose a choking hazard, just like a grape. They are also very, very heavy and difficult to digest – especially for dogs. It is likely that dogs who eat jackfruit seeds will have difficulty digesting them and develop abdominal pain or even blockages. Despite the wonderful nutrients in jackfruit seeds, it’s probably best not to give them to your dog.

Can dogs eat jackfruit whole?

Jackfruit can be extremely large (up to 100 pounds!) And your dog is unlikely to be able to swallow a whole chunk. But what if you get home and find that your dog is chewing a whole jackfruit – what then? Well, jackfruit peel is very hard and bumpy. It’s not impossible for your dog to think this is a tasty new chew toy with gum massage. The problem occurs when at some point your dog tears something off and swallows it. Jackfruit pods are considered indigestible and this can create a problem for your dog.

When eaten jackfruit peel is likely to irritate the mouth, esophagus, stomach, and intestines due to its thick, fibrous, and pitted surface. While very small pieces of jackfruit can get through the intestines and pass, larger areas of skin can get stuck and form a blockage.

This will make your dog sick quickly by preventing them from digesting food, causing abdominal pain, and causing vomiting. The rough texture of the skin can even see through your dog’s bowels at the site of the blockage, releasing dangerous intestinal contents into the abdomen that can quickly become fatal. If your dog has eaten jackfruit peel, you should ask your veterinarian for advice.

Can dogs eat cooked jackfruit?

Cooked jackfruit on cutting board
Jackfruit can be cooked, but make sure it doesn’t contain any ingredients that are toxic to dogs before testing them on your pup.

Cooking jackfruit doesn’t matter whether it is safe for dogs or not. Hence, we still don’t know if dogs can eat cooked jackfruit. If you want to give your dog a little cooked jackfruit, it is important to double-check what or what jackfruit was cooked in to make sure there are no toxins. Garlic and onions are common cooking ingredients that can be dangerous to dogs.

frequently asked Questions

You may have some additional questions when it comes to jackfruit and your pup. We have compiled some of the most common questions that we answer in the following section.

What should I watch out for when feeding my puppy jackfruit?

As with any new food, it is important to be careful when introducing jackfruit to your dog for the first time. We really don’t know enough about whether dogs can eat jackfruit. Therefore, it makes sense to start with a very small amount (a teaspoon or less) and then monitor closely. Look out for signs of allergy such as stomach pain and diarrhea. If jackfruit irritates your dog’s stomach, vomiting may also occur. If they don’t show any signs after 48 hours, they should be sure to have a little more next time. Remember, half a cup is a serving size for an adult human – so you don’t need much!

While anaphylaxis seems very, very rare, it is worth knowing the signs in dogs so that you can act if necessary. A fast heart rate, explosive vomiting, swollen face or snout, and drooling are all signs that you should see the nearest open vet right away. Difficulty breathing, wheezing, and pale gums are signs that the anaphylaxis is severe.

Can dogs eat jackfruit?

Jackfruit meat should be fine in most cases. The meat is the inside of the jackfruit. It is the skin that is the problem, which is hard and pitted. Too much skin can lead to an intestinal blockage. These are potentially fatal to dogs and are not what your puppy is supposed to experience. The meat should be good for your pup when cut into smaller pieces.

What about jackfruit chips?

Jackfruit chips should be fine too. They are made from the pulp of jackfruit and usually do not contain any harmful ingredients. It’s no different from apple chips, banana chips, or chips of other exotic fruits like kiwi.

Final thoughts

There is no evidence that jackfruit is poisonous to dogs, but this fruit is so new in the US that it is hard to be sure. Risk-averse people may want to try other delicious fruits and vegetables that are known to be safe. There are plenty of other goodies your dog can enjoy, such as pineapple and papaya.


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