Bull Terrier VS Amstaff
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Bull Terrier VS Amstaff

In this episode two of the most muscular dog breeds: BULL TERRIER VS AMERICAN STAFFORDSHIRE TERRIER. Which is more tolerant, stronger, healthier, and more, let’s find out and MAY THE BEST WIN.

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46 Thoughts to “Bull Terrier VS Amstaff”

  1. Марко Емилов

    Cane Corso vs Dogo Argentino/Pitbull 😁

  2. Martin Li

    Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Vs Belgian Malinois

  3. Reyadh El Hajri

    Hi What about Masaba dog and Bulldog American bulldog

  4. Not Good Gamer

    Bull dog Vs pug

  5. Anthony Lirio

    Did you changed your format?

  6. LifeOfSellin2k

    Do American bully vs amstaff

  7. LifeOfSellin2k

    French bulldog vs pug or French bull dog vs Boston terrier

  8. Aman gaming

    Border Collie vs German Shepherd

  9. Munkherdene Munkhuu

    Borzoi vs greyhound or Saluki ViralBe

  10. Munkherdene Munkhuu

    Russian Borzoi vs Saluki !!!! 🙏🙏🙏 ViralBe

  11. Dev surti

    Pitbull vs rottweiler.

  12. poly vitou

    Doberman vs rottweiler please

  13. sriram srikrishna

    Please do German shepherd vs golden retriever or cane cordon vs kangel or Pitbull vs amstaff please I been subbed Since 1million subs

  14. Gian Luiz Diaz

    Request content:siberian husky vs german shepherd

  15. A M

    Rottweiler vs Cane Corso, and no draws!

  16. BC Country Guy

    Beauceron vs German shepherd

  17. JayShon Brown

    Cane corso vs Australian cattle dog

  18. JayShon Brown

    Groenedael vs Great Pyrenees

  19. JayShon Brown

    Great Pyrenees vs German shepherd

  20. JayShon Brown

    Golden retriever vs Labrador retriever

  21. JayShon Brown

    German shepherd vs golden retriever

  22. JayShon Brown

    Groenedael vs German shepherd

  23. JayShon Brown

    Groenedael vs tervuren

  24. Dime Slinger

    I suppose the American Staffordshire Terrier is the closest I can get to having the Staffordshire Bull Terrier matched. Thanks because I had been asking. I’d pick the AmStaff between these two. The Bull Terrier is said to be extremely stubborn to the effect that it doesn’t seem intelligent(responsive) to owner’s commands. Both are great looking dogs and Iove all bully breeds.

  25. Matthew Reyes

    Caucasian Shepherd vs Tibetan Mastiff

  26. Gibril Kamara

    Do the ultimate English mastiff vs Tibetan mastiff that the ultimate fight.

  27. Tommy842

    bullmastiff vs boerboel 😀

  28. Glenn Shark

    Yorkey and Maltease . Great little dogs just curious how they compare to each other.

  29. Marcus Fred

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  30. Muhammad Haris Azeemi

    make a video on Pakistani bully kutta vs kangal

  31. Jenny Sweeney

    You might wanna change your thumbnail. I was literally about to report this vid for animal cruelty…

  32. Kilij Shark

    Siberian Husky vs Rottweiler, dog breeds that my uncle Wayne has, lol

  33. Philip Thompson


  34. Arpit Mishra

    Caucasian shepherd vs fila brasileiro

  35. Animal Movie and show clips

    English bulldog vs Boston terrier next

  36. Damian Gutierrez

    The Bull Terrier was one the breeds that was bred to make the Amstaff.

  37. Rune Marin

    Doberman vs rhodesian ridgeback
    Or rhodesian vs Thai ridgeback

  38. Gene DeFelice

    How about the Boston Terrier vs Th French Bulldog

  39. Ahmed Halilbasic

    American Pitbull Terrier vs Rottweiler

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    Border Collie vs German Shepherd. They are close to each other in intelligence list

  41. Mate Vlahovic

    Kangal VS Cane Corso

  42. robrob robrob

    Shih tzu vs Pomeranian next please

  43. ProGo

    Tibetan mastiff vs Kangal

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    Boxer vs Dalmatian

  45. Cooper Dillhoff

    Megalodon vs Mosasaurus

  46. Tony Stark

    Caucasian shepherd and Iliyrian Sherpred next

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