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Building a Relationship with your Dog Through Training #dogtraining #dogtrainer #germanshepherd

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6 Thoughts to “Building a Relationship with your Dog Through Training #dogtraining #dogtrainer #germanshepherd”

  1. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    Great stuff, thanks.

  2. Adrian Richards

    As always Robert …simple but effective

  3. Cyborg

    Nothing to contribute except that the light colored puppy is super cute 😍

  4. Damain Walker

    Love it so much info in one video

  5. Maligator Nala

    Best dog trainer by far! Nala is trained following Robert’s advices. Best choice ever! 👌 👏

  6. Pimp Juice

    Love the guided heel exercise here.

    Leash in right hand so your left hand can cup the pups muzzle into position. What an awesome way to have clear communication so the dog can succeed!

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