Build Focus and Connection with Your DOG
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Build Focus and Connection with Your DOG

Build focus and connection with your dog even in a distracting environment. In this video, I demonstrate how to get a great connection with your dog even in a VERY distracting environment with a dog playing FETCH right in front of Goofy. That dog is Goofy’s BEST FRIEND the Duane o Mator.

This can be done with a number of tools including pinch/prong collar, chain collar, or as I demonstrate in this video with the slightest correction from an ecollar. I love the e-collar because, especially in this case, it allows me to give my dog the lightest correction to regain his attention.

No matter how you feel about ecollars, love them or HATE them, you’ll see that this is a very fun experience for Goofy with the BEST RESULTS.

Building and keeping your dog’s focus is not only important for training, but it can save your dog’s life.

In my member’s section.

I have a number of videos of how to properly introduce, use and understand the ecollar for your dog, and that section as well as all my dog training lessons continues to grow.

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23 Thoughts to “Build Focus and Connection with Your DOG”

  1. Robert Cabral

    Check out my online dog training lessons at:

  2. Ward Falkner

    Nice to see you demonstrate using a low-level stimulus. Hopefully, it will change the perception some people have of the use of an e-collar. Good job Robert.

  3. Susan Frye

    Your dog is ALREADY SO TRAINED. I want to see a dog just getting started with focusing while there are distractions! I usually live your videos but it’s hard to learn from you when your dog is far more trained than mine is to begin with.


    (Mr Cabral): “We’ll set the E-collar to a 3. Goofy can take up to a 5” I cringe at the thought of how you found the magic 5 number.


    (Quote Mr Cabral) “There are many ways you can do this. JUST FOR FUN WE’RE GOING TO USE AN E-COLLAR”? Just for fun we’re going to give our dog electric shocks!!!! Please explain how one “gets fun” from electrocuting one’s dog when there are alternative methods (you know of) to gain the same obedience.

  6. Robert Scarborough

    Robert your videos on here are outstanding! I have an amazing one year old gsd now thanks to all your free videos. I will be joining your members section soon to see what else I can teach him. Thanks so much 🙂

  7. Bic narok

    Was thinking of using a shock collar to stop my boxer/mali cross jumping our fence and wandering about in the woods. Anyone think this will work, or whether it´s cruel?

  8. Settings Settings

    using his online vids on his website to train my stubborn standard poodle puppy

  9. Luis Fishing

    en español sería bueno amigo.

  10. Monogamous Bonobo

    Great tutorial! TY!

  11. Blue Dog survive

    I just got a new puppy about 12 was old now but can’t get him to concentrate, can I wait longer for when he’s a little older to
    Start really training him? Thanks❤️

  12. Andrew Vega

    I’m trying to teach my dog to relax around other dogs and to be able to turn on that switch from play to train mode. I want to start doing training sessions using my friends dog as a distraction, do you think it’s best to allow them to play for bit before going into training or should I be going straight into training mode from the get-go?

  13. Joshua

    What do you feed your dog, hes super muscular!

  14. Kaylein Fuller

    AnyOne wondering if the membership section is worth it… IT IS!!! 1,000 times over! Such a small price to pay for so much information!

  15. xxtamgxx

    The best in the game.

  16. Milena Taylor

    Fantastic lesson!!! And Janet’s distractions were right on time and perfect!


    La Sportiva Hyrax? You like them?

  18. Oshi Plays

    This is really good content, want to be youtube friends?

  19. sally turkmen

    love his videos…🤘

  20. Andrew felsted

    Hi Robert,
    This video came out at the perfect time, I have been wondering how to increase my 6 month old GSD’s focus when out on a walk. She is heavily distracted and requires leash pressure to perform commands she has mastered at home. I wonder if she will develop more focus as she matures; am I expecting to much of her at this young age ?
    Thanks a lot.

  21. Eriobunah Idinmachukwu

    How do I teach my dog that yes is his realease word

  22. Texas Shepherd

    Smash that like button y’all

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